December 9, 2021


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Ok let’s face it, Summer season went by so fast it looks like from June to the end of September there were only 2 weeks!

And so I’ve found myself suddenly sneezing and coughing in the middle of September, looking back to the amazing memories I made in Ibiza during June and July….oh how I missed that warm sun on my skin, those chilling waves and crystal clear waters of the White Isle and most of all my favorite places Hï Ibiza and  Ushuaïa Ibiza with all their fantabulous parties….We’ve all been there right? It’s called IBIZA BLUES…plus… A major flu (in my case)!!

Feeling so depressed and so not ready at all to face the upcoming fall…stuck in between taking an aspirine and going to bed watching Netflix and ….booking a flight to Ibiza for a last crazy party raid!!

But, you know, work is in full swing again and unfortunately I have no more days off to use and the cold is making me feel a bit under the weather so…

Yeah, you’re right, I booked that flight!!

The flight was full of enthusiastic young people who couldn’t wait to party, wish I could tell you I was that excited too but flying with a flu is always unpleasant and this time I felt really ill and just before landing the pressure made my ears hurt so bad I was just thinking of checking in at the hotel and go straight to bed…but it was 11.30 pm IBIZA!!!!!! And then it happened..The island made its miracle, its energy just infected me with a massive fix of good vibes and I felt suddenly ready to party.

Being it a Thursday night, the choice was a no brainer and after a quick check in at the hotel I found my way to Hï Ibiza to join Afterlife party.

Met some friends, had a few drinks, danced a lot with Tale of Us and the night just went by so quickly …it was time to rest a few hours before hitting the beach!

My flu was still quite bad and my ears were blocked so taking a good swim in the sea was absolutely the best option to feel better…before I reached out to Ushuaia for a massive 6 hours of Armin van Buuren solo set!! Oh yes, you heard it well,  cause After an epic joint-headline session with Above & Beyond at the legendary open-air venue earlier this summer, Dutch legend Armin van Buuren decided to return to the stunning Ushuaïa Ibiza for a very special set on Friday, September 20th.


Armin’s weekly residency at Ushuaïa’s neighbouring venue Hï Ibiza has been giving his fans stunning dark room, laser-filled experiences all summer, but his return to the island’s biggest outdoor venue gives him a chance to present his music in a different light altogether. The reason why I literally adore this kind of event is because playing an all-day solo set, he has the chance to dig deeper into his record collection and present a set that reflects multiple sides of his musical personality.

With his immense catalogue of productions that now includes six studio albums ( and a new one called BALANCE has been announced and will see the release on October 25th)  plus countless other anthems and remixes plus his years of DJing, there’s plenty I was looking forward to,  both in terms of unreleased gems and classic material.

You know how much I love  Ushuaïa Ibiza and Armin van Buuren, I mean, this is a match made in heaven for me!

Once again the king of trance went beyond my expectations, he built up a majestic set that literally made me forget about the cold! 6 hours of pure magic, lost the count on how many videos of the night I took for my socials and my (jealous) friends at home!

Have to thank the Night League  for always being so lovely and for giving me the chance to close my summer with an epic party that was the best med I could ever take to cure my cold!

Taking the time to meet some friends front row and enjoying the glamorous location for the last time this season recharged me completely and if you ever experienced a solo set by Armin at Ushuaïa Ibiza you know what I am talking about, the energy he unleashes is unbelievable!! I left the party like ” Welcome back Mr.Navigator. To rule your life and be the moderator. Live it up, let it flow, lose it up, let it go.Be the miracle, your own commando!”


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