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So, here we go, with another interview for you guys, this time we sat down with Chris Schweizer, the young Argentinian talent who has the world at his feet with his trademark big bassline sound fusing the boundaries between the big room sounds and trance.

Signed to the mighty Armada Music label in Holland his releases are getting support from the biggest headliners across the globe including Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten & Gareth Emery.

His latest productions have been getting regular airplays on the worlds biggest trance radio show ‘A State Of Trance’ as well as entering the beatport trance top 5 chart!

We caught up with him just before he closed the main stage at Hï Ibiza right after Armin van Buuren, and asked him about new music, production flow and much more.

Let’s check what he told us!




TBA: Hi this is Jess from The Backstage Access, here at Hi Ibiza with Chris Schweizer

CS: Hello

TBA: How you doin’?

CS: I’m really really good, so excited for tonight

TBA: You’re gonna close the mainstage after Armin van Buuren

CS: Yeah, from 5 to 6

TBA: So how does it feel?

CS: Can’t wait, I am really really excited

TBA: You have an upcoming EP right? Can you tell me something about it ?

CS: Ok, so it’s gonna be 3 tracks , they’re gonna be completely different from each other cause I wanted let the people know what I am really into right now,so one it’s a bit more progressive, the other one it’s more techy, more like my sound and  the third one is gonna be more uplifting for the trance lovers  and it’s coming in August so I am really happy about it.

TBA: Talking about your eclectic sound, what is your inspiration?

CS: Tbh I don’t like to put music into genres,I like all kind of music, you know , I like rock, I like techno, I like trance, progressive, so…to me it’s a shame that people  close their ears to just one style, I think they’re losing a lot of good music because of that, so I don’t  know… I just make the music I want right now, whatever I feel like , I don’t care about the BPM, about the style or whatever , i just do whatever it comes to me because to me it’s art and that’s how it’s supposed to be , it comes natural.

TBA: Can you tell me something about the production flow when you’re in your studio?

CS: I use FL studio, and I’ve been making music for 12/13 years already, I wake up everyday at 6 am and I go straight to the studio with the matè which is an Argentinian drink and I stay there until 11 pm every single day because I love making music,… that’s all I like you know …so, every day in the studio, making music, starting new ideas ,maybe continuing some previous works….

TBA: How do you like to start? From a melody ? a pad?

CS:It really changes every time, sometimes I start with the drop, sometimes I come up with the melody, it really depends on the track, I don’t follow a scheme

TBA: Any collaboration coming up?

CS: We’re going to start a new project with James Dymond, it’s called Pathfinder, and we are gonna  release the first track in October and I think it’s really really good so can’t wait for the people to hear it and we’re gonna debuting the Pathfinder’s duo in November at  Dreamstate South  California so I think it’s gonna be really really good.

TBA: Are you touring a lot now?

CS:I moved to Miami last year, it really helps with the gigs,and yes,  I am travelling a lot right now, just played in Asia, did ASOT Madrid, played in Miami ,England ,Scotland, Ireland, now back to Asia, then Holland, Prague , Las Vegas,’s a busy year.I can’t complain

TBA: Back to the production subject, do you have any favorite plugin or something?

CS: I try to use all the FL studio’s plugins cause it’s easier for me cause the computer runs faster and if I start overloading it with a lot of plug ins it would start crashing, making it hard to produce music, maybe I use Sylenth one, Spyre, the typical you know .,..

TBA: Any new collaboration with Heatbeat ?

CS:Not for now, but maybe later, you know we already did 4 or 5 collaborations, we are good friends, Mathias is a really good producer so eventually we will come up with something

TBA: Ok so for now it’s all, we will be waiting to see you closing the mainstage tonight, think you will showcase something new right?

CS: Yeah loads of new tunes, mash ups and edits and everything

TBA: Cool, excited to hear!! Muchas gracias and see you soon!!

CS: Muchas gracias!!


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