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TRIP the long awaited debut album from FESS arrives on Luzztro Records on 16.09.2019. Drawing on industrial, dystopian Soundscapes for influence, TRIP offers up 10 Tracks of abstract Techno which takes the listener on a sonic journey with lush syncopated rhythms and mechanical synths. Mastered by fast rising Polish talent DEAS, this album showcases the exciting sounds emerging from this country.


Distance doesn’t inhibit a musical connection. Damian Szkatulski and Maciek Kosmalski AKA FESS grew up living in different Polish cities some 400KM apart. Since first meeting in 2008 they refined their approach to production over countless hours online sending half finished tracks to each other into the early hours of the morning honing their sound. Its distance, space and the journey which is an overriding theme on TRIP.


Throughout the album you can hear the dusty hum of their hardware set up, starting with the opening punches of soundscapey ‘Revive’, where you are immediately locked into the pacey rhythm from the off. The wobbling kick drums are off set by shuffling hi hats on ‘Unnecessary Problems’ which further adds to the sense of foreboding motion that TRIP creates. ‘Travels’ finds the apex between emotional tinged pads and an off kilter beat which only truly kicks when it reaches peak break down.’Tales From The Dance Floor’ shows the pairs dynamic understanding and skilled arrangement, delicately placed sounds weave together. The following track ‘Molly’ captures their deep atmospheric techno sound as the album draws breath before the pulsating crescendo that follows with ‘Fear’ a track which has clearly been tried and tested at the raves and after parties FESS host on the Polish seaside where Maciek is based. Album ender ‘Nonsense’ see these master craftsmen bring ‘TRIP’ to a thumping close.


TRIP shows the journey is as important as the destination

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