Mon. Jul 6th, 2020


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It’s FriYAY….which means: Statement! release whoop whoop!!!

A very special tune is blasting from our speakers today, because Elevven are back with a banger!!

My head says work…but my heart says…Ibiza!!

This is exactly the kind of vibe this stunner giving! Close your eyes and you can catch yourself dancing in the white island, salt in your hair, sun in your eyes and soft fine sand between your toes….


Let’s listen to Isla Vista HERE 



Immersed in Balearic melodies, soaring tones and sun-laden vibes, Elevven’s ‘Isla Vista’ is Progressive Trance at its finest. From the shimmering breakdown to the full-power drop and everything in between and around, this cut is perfect for both in-club fist-pumping and chilling at beach side.

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