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NASH debut single ‘Gods’, a collaboration with Ashley Wallbridge, reached no.8 in the top 100 Beatport.com chart at the end of 2018.

Quickly following on from this, his new releases ‘Momentum’ launched to no.3 in the trance chart and no.88 fro all genres.

NASH also features on the Gareth emery and Ashley Wallbridge album ‘Kingdom United’ with the tracks ‘Vesper’and ‘Kal El’.

The album reached no.1 in the US and no. 3 in the UK Apple iTunes chart for dance music.

Currently signed to Garuda/Armada, NASH music has been featured on stages such as ‘A STATE OF TRANCE’ , Armin van Buuren’s EDC vlog and has been played out by heavy-weight djs such as Gareth Emery and OMNIA.

NASH has perfomed on stages such as ‘THE GALLERY’ at Ministry of Sound 2019.

NASH is also a busy composer, with numerous songs featured on Primetime BBC1 Tv shows and more recently the new formula e soundtrack.

With more releases already inked and live shows booked for across the UK and beyond, 2019 is set to be a very exciting year!

We met the British producer and dj from Manchester for a catch up about his brilliant career and his projects.

“I’m not one for staying in one single place musically, 

for me it’s about the evolution of your own personal

sound that should be like a journey 

that bends and changes as you go” NASH


How did it all start for you?


Well originally it all started with me playing in rock bands from the age of about 13, performing covers of Blink 182and Sum 41 with my friends. That soon evolved into me writing rock and pop songs for my band and for TV shows. It was only when I went to university I started making drum and bass and trance.


What kind of music has had the biggest impact on you and driven you to what you do now?


That’s a very tough question. From growing up on everything from the Beatles to heavy metal to the classic trance sort of stuff I’d say that the main stuff that influences me is the stuff that has a good hook, something catchy that people can sing along to. That kind of transcends genre. One thing you can expect with me is that there is always change around the corner stylistically, my music will always be evolving and my sound will never stay the same for too long and I think thats probably a result of how so many different styles have led me to where I am now. The musical diversity that I’ve always had has played such a huge part in my journey so far.


If you could change something in the music business, what would it be?


Wow too many things… To name one, probably the amount procures and writers get paid. Its really tough to make a living for music because of it.


What was the idea behind Kingdom United?


Well Kingdom United is Gareth and Ash’s baby, I was lucky enough to be asked by those guys to join them in working on a couple of the tracks. I think the message behind is simple. Unity, bringing people together through music. The best message there is! Check out Kal El & Vesper, both very different but tell a good story within themselves.


Can you tell us something about the guest mix you did for Road To Trance?


I had a lot of fun doing that mix, I think it had some really good elements of both the new style trance and a lot of the old. I made some alternate mixes / mashups especially for it that I think turned out really good. Expect to hear them some them at a show !


What can we expect from you in the near future ?


A lot! I’m talking vocal tracks, instrumentals, music videos, remixes, collabs, gigs, interviews, guest mixes, the works! It’s all coming very soon, follow me on my socials @nashmakesmusic to keep in the loop. Stay tuned for a summer of absolute fire !


Any dream collaboration? 


Well to be honest working with Gareth and Ash has been one of my dream collabs that I can tick off the list but if I had to give another then I would have to say the obvious.. The main man Armin van Buuren himself. Just because it’s Armin and he is a god in trance. I have been loving his music for such a long time and he continues to go from strength to strength through different genres and thats exactly what I aspire to do. I think one day if I work hard and am very lucky we will work together, one day…







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