December 9, 2021


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We’ve been blessed to catch up with Reaching Altitude’s label boss right before his massive Tech Energy set at ASOT900.
MaRLo explained us this is a very special kind of set he only plays twice a year, and it’s something that brings him back to his origin and gives him the opportunity to express himself in the most powerful way. We were sold at his first words to be honest, and ready to get dirty on the dance floor.
Check out what he told us!

TBA: Hi this is Jess from The Backstage Access, here with MaRLo

M: Hello!

TBA: How you doin’?

M: I am really good and how are you?

TBA: Doing good, it’s very nice to be here! How is it to play at ASOT900

M: It’s amazing, I’ve been playing at A State Of Trance a lot of times already I played a lot at their events and to be honest to me it’s like the pinnacle, when you play here, I always call it like the Superbowl  because it feels like there is so much excitment and so many people listening on line, so many people streaming the event, that people play these sets for years afer that, like people are still playing set of mine from 4 years ago so it’s a really important event and it’s amazing to see all the different camps, all the different types of trance coming together in one place.

TBA: I’ve seen in your social that you have been in Europe for quite a few days , how was it to be here with the family?

M: Yes, I’ve played in Moscow and St.Petersburg last week and last night I played in Prague; it’s amazing to bring the family with me this time; I basically have a one month tour of Europe and U.S.A. they are staying with me for 2 weeks then I am doing the U.S.A. tour on myself

TBA: How is Reaching Altitude doing?

M: It’s so exciting to watch new artists grow to watch them get better and to watch them get the opportunities that they deserve

TBA: Well, coming from Italy I know an italian artist signed to your label, Millennial, right?

M: He’s a great talent, he is still a young guy, I see a very bright future for him, he has an amazing talent.

TBA: Music wise what do you have in store for us ?

M: I am playing a special Tech Energy set tonight so it’s a lot harder, a lot techier it’s a lot faster than my standard, my usual set that you might be used to; basically when I first started making music,when I first started djing I used to play a recovery party that’s the only gig I could get which was like from 5 am till 10 am and at those parties they played hardstyle, hard trance hard techno, everything was really fast to keep people awake basically you didn’t matter what genre you played you just had to keep people on the dance floor even if they wanted to go home or were tired, you had to keep them awake so for me to do a Tech Energy set is kinda like a nod  back to my origins where I started it’s about a musical expression, it’s not about playing the biggest songs or anthems or having everybody with their hands up the whole time it’s about expressing yourself and getting dirty and energetic and powerful and it’s not genre specific so it gives me the freedom to play whatever I want and not worry and because of the late set time it’s the perfect event to showcase something like this. I only do this like twice  a year.

TBA: Any new release coming up?

M: Yes of course, I’ve got about 1 release every month for the whole year.

TBA: And could you just spill the bean on something new?

M: Well there’s a few collaborations with some new artists on my label; there’s a few vocal tracks but I won’t be playing them just yest, I’ll save them for a few other shows coming up.

TBA: Going back to Tech Energy…I saw in Jano’s profile there is some merch already

M: Yes Yes my wife is already wearing some, she already got the jacket on and the shirt , actually tonight after my set, the merchandise will be on line.

TBA: Ok so good luck for tonight and thank you very much for your time and see you very soon.

M: Thank you! See you soon.

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