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Purple Haze x KhoMdha teamed up together to create this fantastic track. They offer a massive display of power with ‘We Come In Peace’. The crowd will go crazy by hearing this banger!

Trance luminary Sander van Doorn is back with a brand-new single via his Purple Haze alter ego. ‘We Come In Peace’, his sensational collaboration with Colombian producer KhoMha, is out now via Armind.

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Landing on Armind with an otherworldly Trance production, Purple Haze and KhoMha offer a massive display of power with ‘We Come In Peace’. With staccato-like melody builds and pulse leads that take over for extra impact, this cut is meant to make any crowd go ecstatic.

Reinforcing the darker side of Sander van Doorn’s and KhoMha’s combined production prowess, ‘We Come In Peace’ is a deliciously dark piece that gradually builds momentum over its near six-minute duration. After setting the tone with a heavy bassline and sparse synths, the duo pick up the pace and lead the listeners into a colossal drop. Brimming with progressive and trance elements, this powerful musical concoction begs to be blasted from the best and biggest speakers on the planet.


Hot off the back of his Miami Music Week event, Sander van Doorn Presents 15 Years Identity, and his mini Asia tour, Sander van Doorn has well and truly kept the pedal to the floor this year. Gearing up to present Purple Haze to EDC Las Vegas, and with plenty of new music ready for release, Sander is making every moment count in 2019.


Meanwhile, KhoMha hasn’t been sitting still either. The Colombian Trance star, who’s already been a valued part of Armada Music’s artist roster for years, has been turning quite a few heads as a producer with powerful originals, new takes of Trance classics such as Veracocha’s ‘Carte Blanche’ and Vincent de Moor’s ‘Fly Away’, and a big remix for Morgan Page’s new single ‘Gone My Way’. On the live front, KhoMha also wrecked the Road To 1000 stage at A State Of Trance 900 Utrecht earlier this year, in addition to playing at several other big events.

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