Thu. May 28th, 2020


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Vibrant and upbeat, De Hofnar’s ‘Restart’ radiates positivism like no other. Empowered by Nathan Nicholson’s unique vocals and joyful melodies, this tune is the silver lining to every cloud.

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De Hofnar: Nathan and I met each other in Amsterdam for a creative studio session in the Armada Studios. We shared a lot of music and immediately had the right connection for a collaboration. I scrolled through some beats I was working at that moment and Nathan was super surprised to hear this project with a more discoish feel. He showed me some small lyrics he wrote the other day about restarting your life after a breakup. He told more about the personal background story and we found out that I had experienced the same thing. We dove right back into the project to merge these 2 ideas into 1 unique track, after 1 day “Restart” was born.“


Nathan Nicholson“This song is about moving on and looking to the future, that with every end there’s a new beginning and a chance at starting over. It was really great to work with De Hofnar over at Armada HQ in Amsterdam, especially on something so upbeat and joyful – it sounds like the summer!”

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