There’s little Markus Schulz likes more than a challenge and little the musicmaker, DJ & of-late songwriter likes less than a comfort zone! In keeping, for his next single he’s connected with a vocalist far removed from the electronic music quarter. Originally seeing the light on ‘We Are The Light’ – Markus’s fall-2018-released LP, ‘The Dreamers’ is a production that finds Schulz establishing an alchemic connection with singer/songwriter Smiley. Bringing fresh house & trance takes from Paul Damixie & Schulz himself, alongside a premiering-today reality-escaping official video,‘The Dreamers’ is a flyaway classic-in-the-making for the committedly carefree!

Now when we say Smiley’s a “singer/songwriter”, we might not be giving the Romanian hyperstar quite his due. He is after all a man you could call – without much fear of argument – the leading light of the Romanian music scene. Smiley’s the longest serving coach on Romania’s The Voice; co-presents Romania’s Got Talent; wakes up to a wall full of platinum (discs) and – deep breath – his most recent album, ‘#Confession’, hit 175 million YouTube views the other week. An entertainment polymath of 20 years standing, with charisma to burn (and whose artist name pretty much says it all), his artistic connection with Schulz was instantaneous.

For ‘The Dreamers’ single package, Markus brings a suite of new interpretations to its April 12 release. On his Extended Mix, he gathers all the elements that ignited the album version and takes them to their natural conclusion. Smiley’s longing verses assume an even more reflective tone, while the Romanian’s elevating chorus – backed by Markus’s strummed, acoustically-flecked guitars and rousing key changes, stamp it ‘S’ for Summer.

Assuming evermore-clubby forms, through its new Festival and In Bloom reworks, Markus brilliantly ushers his ‘Dreamers’ into the night. Across the two mixes he loads the dice with freighted bass, undulating chords & electro-like accents before trancey synths & chords serve the mixes’ their primetime soar.

Tying up the package, through his rework Paul Damixie swings ‘The Dreamers’ back around to their origin point. Giving it all-day-play appeal, he cools its tempo, applies some trop house sway and, with his breezy harmonicas, sends Markus & Smiley’s ‘Dreamers’ to the beach.

For those that like to fly, ‘The Dreamers’ is out now – listen/download/dream here ( ‘The Dreamers’ official vid also premieres today. You can a catch Markus, Smiley & Co dreaming their way into the desert in, really, the coolest bus of year here (


  1. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Extended Mix)

  2. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Paul Damixie Remix)

  3. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Festival Mix)

  4. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (In Bloom Mix)

  5. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Album Mix)


Tracks? He’s released a few (fifty or so). Music comps? He’s put a few of those together too. He’s also launched one of the genre’s most successful label houses of recent times, spun in an A-to-Z of club capitals and generally has more strings to his bow than Robin Hood. To date however there’s been one significant exception to the Outburst supremo’s otherwise all eclipsing deliverance. It’s a big one too, as an album collection from the Scotsman has been MIA for the entire run of his storied, solo career.

Breaking news that his debut assembly lives and breathes, 2019 however is the year that Mark makes that course correction. Better yet even, it has a release date locked! May 17 will see it drop, and along with it will arrive an eighteen strong collection of purpose-built, album-reserved and floor-weaponized tracks. With ‘Confirm Humanity’s origins rooted in the world’s heightened times, (and reportedly weaving some pretty serious themes into its trance fabric), the release will give Mark’s fan legion the album they’ve long sought.


Talk, as they say, though is cheap (especially after time elapsed!), so without further ado Mark delivers ‘Confirm Humanity’s title single today.

As flag-bearing release for the album, ‘Confirm Humanity’ sets a mighty precedent. Mounted on a frame of drum-thump, bass run, and ripping perc loops, its spoken vocal elements begin to hint at the bigger-picture matters the album’s set to explore. Fully conditioned sub-melodies & chord-soar spike the merc, before its big filmic synths and galactic mainline take it past the outer rim.

‘Confirm Humanity’ – the single – is out to stream/purchase today, ahead of the album’s release, 17.05.
Click this link ( to Confirm your Humanity !





As a woman internationally renowned for her unique and adept creative vision, London-based Maya Jane Coles and her moniker, Nocturnal Sunshine walk parallel paths. Delivering productions across both aliases, the sound of both Maya and Nocturnal Sunshine is built upon foundations of restless finesse, packed with corporeal drama. Dropping an unannounced joint EP in late 2018, the release continued with exhilaration where her critically acclaimed self-titled 2015 album left off. Maya and Nocturnal Sunshine asserted not only their ability to impact the industry, but their ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, carrying uniform importance. Edging into the festival packed summer of 2019, Maya drops fresh new music accompanied by her own distinctive illustrative artwork from the depths of her Nocturnal Sunshine chamber, signalling a full studio album is set to follow.

As a precursor to the forthcoming LP, ‘U&ME’ EP reopens the realm of Nocturnal Sunshine as new territory to be fully explored across the year, both tracks wrapped in a cohesive and uncompromising framework. Having stood as an outlet for Maya to channel the experimental areas of her sound, Nocturnal Sunshine is now brought to the fore with yet more bass heavy influences. Taking on a remarkably high pace with the inclusion of hip-hop infused breaks, this new material from Nocturnal Sunshine, melodically remains Maya with lashings of eerie dub laced in for good measure. The rave weighted “Radiate” particularly captures the spontaneity and resourcefulness of Maya’s formative urban influences, in a way that her previous output has only insinuated.

As the story of Nocturnal Sunshine unfolds and the global festival season draws ever closer, she can be found at a number of notable international events. With live performances locked in at CoachellaSonar Barcelona and London’s Field Day, the deep and dark breadth of Nocturnal Sunshine’s power takes centre stage.


  1. U&ME
  2. Radiate