When you put one of Trance’s elite acts into a studio with one of the genre’s most esteemed singer-songwriters of the moment, something magical is bound to ensue. In the case of Australian Trance titan MaRLo and L.A.-based star HALIENE, it all came together in a beautiful, emotion-laden track: ‘Whisper’, released on MaRLo’s Reaching Altitude label. 


Listen to MaRLo & HALIENE – Whisper

Immediately striking a chord in listeners, MaRLo & HALIENE’s ‘Whisper’ is a no-nonsense Trance cut meant to whip up the crowd. Juggling energetic basslines and big-synth melodies with enchanting breakdowns and HALIENE’s emotive vocals, this vocal gem has all the hallmarks of a future classic. 


HALIENE: “‘Whisper’ is the love letter you never got to send to someone you love, but had to leave behind. It’s a story of the cost of freedom and of hard choices. When I wrote this song, I was in a delicate time of transition where I had to sacrifice what I wished I could say and be for someone for my own happiness and the journey ahead. Sometimes the most loving choice is to let go.”


Having released (most of) his music on Armada Music-related labels since 2009 before launching his own label (Reaching Altitude) under the wing of the Amsterdam-based record label two years ago, MaRLo is one of Australia’s most iconic Trance artists. Known for highly-acclaimed singles such as ‘Visions’, ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Darkside’, blistering remixes for the likes of Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery and W&W, and a host of seismic live sets at the world’s biggest festivals, the Dutch-born DJ and producer hosted four fully sold-out ‘Altitude 2017’ shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, and could very well announce a huge string of new shows, festivals and continuation of the Altitude events series soon. In any case, ‘Whispers’ is bound to carry both him and HALIENE into a busy summer season.


Perhaps the most unmistakable voice in EDM today, HALIENE has quickly risen to the top. With over 100 million combined streams, she’s exploded onto the scene with multiple collaborations with the world’s top DJs, including Seven Lions, Illenium, Slander, ATB, Ferry Corsten, Breathe Carolina, Blasterjaxx and Aly & Fila. In 2017, HALIENE won Armin van Buuren’s prestigious ‘Tune of the Year’ title for her international hit ‘Saving Light’ (with Gareth Emery and STANDERWICK). She has followed up her recording success with tours in China and South-East Asia, the U.K., the U.S. and Canada as well as performances at ASOT Live at ADE, and EDC Las Vegas.

Armin van Buuren x Lucas & Steve feat. Josh Cumbee – Don’t Give Up On Me

Armin van Buuren already teamed up with Josh for ‘Sunny days’ which a summer hit! Now they meet again together with Lucas & Steve for this brand-new banger ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’. This track is coming out with a super cool video clip, make sure you watch that video! Don’t miss it and listen to the track here:

A sun-drenched, summer-tinged masterpiece set to shine all throughout the year, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ sees five-time #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren link up with electronic music sensations Lucas & Steve and ‘Sunny Days’ singer Josh Cumbee. From the hooking vocals to the danceable rhythms to the gentle guitar tones, this lovely crossover cut will infect the crowd in no time.


Throughout his career, Mark Sixma has been quite the force to be reckoned with. Having been a part of the Armada Music family since he embarked on the scene, he quickly took his spot alongside Trance’s finest and conjured up some magnificent anthems along the way. Today marks the release of another one of those brilliant productions: ‘X’. Made to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of his partnership with Armada Music, ‘X’ also paves the way for Mark Sixma’s very first (mini) album, which is expected to see release later this year.  


Listen to Mark Sixma – X

A high-magnitude cut that draws inspiration from Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, Mark Sixma’s brand-new release on Armindembodies no less than ten magnificent years for Mark Sixma in one go. Ripe with the captivating melodies, supercharged basslines and entrancing harmonies he’s well known for, ‘X’ marks the sought-after spot at the top of the scene he’s currently holding as well as his journey to get there. 

Mark Sixma: The exciting thing is: when I go into the studio, I never know for sure what’s going to come out. I always aim for new things and at the same time, my tracks will always be energetic and melodic. Those two are the keywords for me. ‘X’ marks my ten years of working with Armada Music and my dedication to music. It is the first single from my first artist mini album and I was blown away by the crowd at ASOT Madrid when I premiered it. It does show that I am headed in the right direction, I hope!”


During his time with Armada Music, Mark Sixma managed to turn heads quickly with some of Trance’s most iconic tracks to date. The Dutch DJ and producer made name for himself through tracks such as ‘Requiem’, ‘Adagio For Strings’ and ‘Restless Hearts’, linked up with the likes of Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, Emma Hewitt and more, and turned in some rather tempestuous remixes of tracks from bigshots such as Andrew Rayel & David Gravell, Armin van Buuren, Binary Finary, Cosmic Gate, Sultan + Shepard, W&W and more. All considered, it’s safe to say that even though ten wonderful years are now behind us, even greater stuff is yet to come from Mark Sixma, ‘X’ being proof of just that.


 For many consecutive years, Billboard has been compiling its own annual list of highly influential figures in the dance music industry, honoring those whose efforts helped their respective brands, labels or businesses stay ahead of the curve. Last year’s inclusion of Armada Music CEO Maykel Piron already signified the seven-mile steps Armada Music has been taking as the world’s biggest independent dance music label, and it didn’t stop there.


In the wake of an enormous expansion that saw the Amsterdam-based record label amplify its global presence with new offices and bigger strike teams in some of the biggest dance music territories in the world (e.g. the U.S., the U.K.), no less than three of Armada Music’s main figures made it into Billboard’s Dance Power Players list this year: CEO Maykel Piron, COO Nadine van Bodegraven and U.S. Radio Promoter George Hess.


When asked about their thoughts on their inclusion in the Dance Power Players list, Maykel Piron, Nadine van Bodegraven and George Hess added: “Though it’s amazing for us personally to be among Billboard’s Dance Power Players this year, our inclusion in the list is actually testament to the incredible efforts of the entire team. With their help and that of our artists and partners, we’ve been able to not only cement our position as the world’s biggest independent dance music label, but also to ensure growth across the board, from signing incredible acts and labels to building out our brand across the globe. The future is looking especially bright for us at the moment, and we’ve got a whole bunch of amazing individuals to thank for that.”


In conjunction with the launch of their new Dance Power Players list, Billboard also revealed the results of the second annual Billboard Dance 100, their own artist rankings. This year, nearly a quarter million of votes put six Armada Music artists in the list: Armin van Buuren(#16), Afrojack (#31), W&W (#52), 3LAU (#72), Loud Luxury (#78) and Lost Frequencies (#86). 



About Armada Music:

Armada Music is the biggest independent dance music label in the world, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (HQ), London and New York (satellite offices). Founded in 2003, Armada Music represents labels and artists across the electronic music spectrum, including Afrojack, Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren, Erick Morillo, Fedde Le Grand, Gareth Emery, Kevin Saunderson, Lost Frequencies, Loud Luxury, Morgan Page and W&W.


As one of the most esteemed dance music duos of their time, W&W are looked up to by many up-and-coming acts and promising talents. In turn, the Dutchmen always seem to be willing to support fresh talent wherever they go, and their new release on their Rave Culture label fits the same bill. A collaboration with rising star Maurice West, who had already turned into a regular on W&W’s label, ‘Matrix’ is a perfect example of the quality stuff you get when established names team up with exciting prospects. 


Listen to W&W x Maurice West – Matrix


Easily as sensational as slow-mo bullet dodging, ‘Matrix’ is the first collaboration between W&W and Maurice West, and a monster tune like no other. Engineered for back-to-back floor cracking, this mainstage-ready banger truly is the chosen one.

W&W: “We’ve been touring with Maurice for a while now and we became really good friends along the way.While we were on the road, we started working on the track together, and we’re happy to support an upcoming talent like Maurice this way.” 

Maurice West: “I’ve been friends with Ward & Willem for a long time and I’m super proud that we finally have a track together.”



After conquering the world on so many different fronts, Italian celebrity Gianluca Vacchi decided to follow his dreams in music, and it seems he couldn’t have made a better decision. After releasing his music on a variety of other labels, the Instagram star and emerging musician made his debut on Armada Deep today with a track that’s as colorful, vibrant and extravagant as his lifestyle and personality: ‘Come On And Show ‘Em’.


Listen to Gianluca Vacchi – Come On And Show ‘Em


Setting the vibe just right with hypnotic vocals and punchy kick drums on a backdrop of evolving pads, ‘Come On And Show ‘Em’ serves as a testament to Gianluca Vacchi’s musical potential. Built on intriguing melodies and inspiring chord progressions, this track is bound to wow the crowd and take them on a delightful journey.


Entrepreneur. Social media star. DJ. Producer. Gianluca Vacchi is a man who triumphs whatever he puts his hands to. His athletic, hedonistic, daredevil playboy antics on social media made him a star whose charisma people were naturally drawn to, and after amassing an enormous following, he decided to follow his dreams in music. Having made his passion and commitment for music clear by announcing the launch of his DJ and production career, he has quickly become a major force in the music industry —and he’s only just getting started

Verachoca – Carte Blanche (KhoMha Remix)

Carte Blanche is a release from 1999 in a brand new scene. This remix mixed by KhoMha is a fire starter on the dance floor. A track that will never make you stop dancing!

Enjoy it and listen to this track here.

Colombian star KhoMha injects his signature sound into one of the most beloved Trance classics of all time and the result is undeniably impactful. As iconic as Veracocha’s ‘Carte Blanche’ has been since its release in 1999, this remix is a fire starter on the dance floor.


Chris Schweizer – Like This

The talented Chris Schweizer turns to Who’s Afraid Of 138?! with his mainstage track ´Like This´. This track will make the crowd going wild!

Listen to this banger here.

Gearing fans up for a round of floor cracking, Chris Schweizer turns to Who’s Afraid Of 138?! with a sonic firestorm. Alternating between tempestuous basslines and big synth blasts, this cut is set to blow the mainstage apart and it goes something ‘Like This’.


The second track from his forthcoming EP, ‘Ksamil’ sees Dave Winnel come up with something different and unique, but equally enticing. These banger will run the dance world. Every dance music fan can´t resist this fantastic track from Dave Winnel.

Listen to this track here.

The second track from his forthcoming EP, ‘Ksamil’ sees Dave Winnel come up with something different and unique, but equally enticing. Drawing from the Progressive genre for an atmosphere no dance music fan can resist, this sublime cut offers the best of many different worlds.

OUT NOW: ANDREW RAYEL, “ORIGINEM” (FYH 150 Anthem) (inHarmony Music)

“Originem” is the mainstage dancefloor destroyer that’s the official anthem for Andrew Rayel’s ‘Find Your Harmony’ radio show’s 150th episode.


Heroic. Dynamic. Modern. Andrew Rayel knows what trance-music fans want and he delivers every time. Today he sits atop the global trance music stage following years of hard work. With the enormous popularity of his weekly radio mixshow, “Find Your Harmony,” Andrew Rayel is ready to mark the milestone of the 150th episode. To celebrate, Andrew Rayel’s inHarmony Music record label releases “Originem” (FYH 150 Anthem).


There’s no doubt, “Originem” is wholly epic. Kicking-off with a heavy 4/4 beat, “Originem” is trance music in the modern EDM era; it’s dramatic, melodic, full of swooning lows where Rayel so masterfully strips-out the beat while building the energy back up with angelic vocals. An important element to “Originem” is Rayel’s signature piano-playing, a delicate delight for the emotions that feel like sunlight entering the soul. Lest the listener drift into an irreversible state of bliss, boom! A murderous 4/4 beat comes crashing down again accompanied by vast, harmonic synths. For the many fans of Andrew Rayel’s sound the world over, the music has never been better.

About Andrew Rayel


Hailed by Armin van Buuren as “the future of trance music,” Andrew Rayel (real name: Andrei Rata) is a classically trained electronic dance music DJ and producer from Moldova often referred to as the “modern-day Mozart.” As a DJ, Rayel exudes an unbridled enthusiasm for the music he plays and his onstage performances are electric and filled with physical energy. Drenched in a well-earned sweat after every set, Rayel earns his position as a bandleader, stirring up his crowds’ passion as much with his music selection as with his bodily vigor. He has DJ’d the world’s biggest festivals, including: Ultra Music Festival in Miami, TomorrowLand in Belgium and TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, Stereosonic in Australia, Global Gathering in the UK and other countries, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York, Transmission Festival in various countries, Ministry of Sound in the UK, Dreamstate in San Bernardino, Electronic Family in Amsterdam, Zoukout in Singapore and Together Festival in Thailand. Rayel is a regular on the lineup at various ASOT stages around the world. Nightclub performances include: Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas, Marquee and LAVO in New York, Academy in Los Angeles, Schimanski in Brooklyn, Ushuaïa Beach Club in Ibiza, Zouk in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Escape in Amsterdam, New City Gas in Montreal, Ministry of Sound in London and countless others.


Listen to Andrew Rayel’s “Originem” (FYH150 Anthem), here: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­