June 26, 2022


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Coming off a terrific 2018, Statement label’s honcho Ruben de Ronde did it again, tailoring a blistering track that the crowd will love right of the bat;
taken from the upcoming album ‘Different’,
‘Games’ is a song sure to withstand the test of time; Louise Rademaker’s emotion-laden vocals will leave you mesmerized, her stunning voice  blends amazingly with the high-impact sizzling melody;
when it comes to hooking listeners with exciting synth plucks and dreamy vocals we know that Ruben and Louise are a top-notch team that never fails to provide us a nice trip on cloud nine.


Built around guiding piano chords and Louise Rademakers’ fragile vocals, ‘Games’ sees Ruben de Ronde emerge with a true masterpiece. Emotional, captivating and dreamy, this gorgeous new single is so enchanting it can only be magic, especially when you add Giuseppe Ottaviani’s thoroughly uplifting rendition to the equation.

We can’t help but singing along:

Can you give me something
I won’t regret taking
Cause If I could ask you one thing
Can you keep my mind from playing

Playing all these games on me
My mind keeps playing games on me
Just like you

Games on me
My mind keeps playing games on me
Just like you

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