The closing days of 2018 saw Cosmic Gate break news of sweeping plans to commemorate 20 years of artistic partnership. Now, following Ilan Bluestone’s reworking of the Emma Hewitt-sung classic ‘Be Your Sound’, Cosmic Gate deliver their next LP trailblazer.

Occupying a singular place in the genre’s history, ‘Need To Feel Loved’ is the trance anthem that was never meant to be. Caught between the emphatic prog house intentions of its producers and a trance remix that supercharged it to classic status, it was released on the cusp of an evolutionary moment in Cosmic Gate’s history.

Bossi from the group elaborates: the release of the original ran in almost complete parallel with a time our sound was undergoing its first significant change. During pre-production on ‘Earth Mover’, the depth and emotional complexity of ‘Need To Feel Loved’ was highly influential on Nic & I. For their interpretation Cosmic Gate spent many an hour forensically re-exploring what made ‘Need To Feel Loved’ so unique. “What was most important to us in reinterpreting it, says Nic Chagall, was that we didn’t retrace any musical ground already covered. What we’ve come up with gives us the perfect new version to play on the 20 years tour!

Their mix brings drum, percussion & depth charge bass, which prefaces its deliberately elegiac pianoforte and Thomas Newman’s almost impossibly moving Road To Perdition strings. Break-side it equalises with trance synth shimmer, LFO-generated sub riffs and the heartfelt chime of its mainline.  To do full and complete justice to their version, an extraordinary vocal from a singer of singular and very specific tone was required. The search ended in Holland at the door of Forêt. The very epitome of ‘bittersweet’, her quiet implore, mixed with the unending reach of her delivery swings an emotional wrecking ball through the track’s heart.

The next piece of Cosmic Gate’s 20 years celebrations (more info on which here is in place and ready to stream/purchase here Having already touched Australia, phase-2 dates for the 20 Years tour, which continues through to the early summer, have just been announced. They’ll see Cosmic Gate make a return to Ultra in Miami, alongside much requested dates in New York, London, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Full details and tickets available here (


1) Cosmic Gate & Forêt – Need To Feel Loved
2) Cosmic Gate & Forêt – Need To Feel Loved (Extended Mix)



Berlin-based artist and bandleader Jan Blomqvist releases the next track in the remix series from his ‘Disconnected’ album. Focusing on the meaning of being ‘Disconnected’ in the present social media age, Jan drew on themes of incoherent, broken narratives and escaping from reality throughout the LP.

Listen to Jan Blomqvist – Maybe Not (Budakid Remix)

Receiving its second remix, album track ‘Maybe Not’ is given a futuristic rework by Tilburg-based DJ/producer Budakid. A rising star, his music has already been supported by the likes of Tensnake, Oliver Schories and Guy J. His version features a trance-inspired beat injected with metallic sounding synths, a looping glitch effect and chopped-up vocals to create a wholly robotic feel.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Jan will embark on part two of his ‘Disconnected’ album tour, kicking off in Germany on February 14th. In the next two months, he will play venues such as Amsterdam’s De Marktkantine, Pavillon Cambon in Paris and EGG, London.


Considering their differences in terms of sound and fan base, it’s no wonder Ben Nicky and Mark Sixma’s team-up might come as a surprise. But when they do join forces, you can be sure that there’s something big coming your way. Today, both heavy hitters deliver on that promise by coming up with a gargantuan speaker buster made to crush mainstages and souls alike: ‘The Bass’.

Listen to the track here.

Drawing inspiration from electronic music’s harder styles, Ben Nicky and Mark Sixma link up for a sonic bulldozer of epic proportions that came to fruition toward the end of 2018. Alternating between aggressive synths and soft flute tones to create a supercharged contrast meant for the mainstage, this monster cut truly is all about ‘The Bass’ and the madness it brings.

Ben Nicky: “I remixed Mark’s track ‘Restless Hearts’ a few years ago now, so the natural progression was to make a track together. We had a few different names for the track initially, but as soon as ‘The Bass’ was mentioned, we both knew that was it, simple and to the point as there’s no denying the bass in this track! We both have very different fan bases, yet both have been very receptive to the track so far, so it’s definitely crossing genres for both of us. I play everything from 128-180BPM during my sets at the moment, so ‘The Bass’ fits perfectly in my live shows. We both know this is going to be a banger throughout 2019 and it was great fun making this track together, so there may be more from the both of us in the future.”

Mark Sixma: “Ben and I had been talking about doing a collab for ages. We wanted to create something that combined both our styles and could fit in both of our live sets. With ‘The Bass’, we found that common ground by bringing back that oldschool rave sound and incorporating sounds ranging from big room to hardstyle. I have been playing it a lot and the reaction of the people is exactly what we were looking for. It sets firm grounds for a lot more collaborative work with Ben coming forward; the versatility of sounds in both our sets and productions turns out to be a good mixture for what will be 2019’s rave.”

MaRLo – Space Journey / Thumper

These amazing tunes ‘Space Journey’ and ‘Thumper’ will show you how powerful and intense music can be. MaRLo will surprise you with these amazing tracks.

Listen to  MaRLo – Space Journey / Thumper HERE

Turning in his next high-octane two pack, MaRLo shifts it into a gear so high you never even knew it existed. Through monster tunes ‘Space Journey’ and ‘Thumper’, the Australian Trance legend shows you just how powerful and intense music can be.


Shortly after accepting the invitation to represent Finland at Eurovision Song Contest 2019, multi-platinum-selling, award-winning DJ/producer Darude has launched the first of three possible entries for the globally renowned song contest. Together with the other two tracks, ‘Release Me’ will compete in UMK, Finland’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest entry. All three tracks will be released on Armada Music, the biggest independent dance music label in the world, with whom Darude is enjoying quite the fruitful partnership as of late.

Listen to Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman – Release Me

Darude“I’m super excited to be partnering with Armada for Eurovision. I cannot think of a better label to work with to bring dance music and a slice of club culture to the Eurovision fans. This first track, ‘Release Me’, is close to my heart as it reveals some of the trials and tribulations that come with being a touring DJ and family man. Find me on my socials and let me know what you think, and I’ll be seeing you on the dance floor soon!”

Sebastian Rejman, who will perform the chosen song alongside Darude at Eurovision Song Contest 2019, adds: “It’s so great to do this thing with Darude and Armada. It’s an honor to be a part of this project and get the opportunity to rock the Eurovision stage with all of you!”

Darude remains one of dance music’s most influential artists, with his seminal release ‘Sandstorm’ clocking up 115 million streams (and counting) on Spotify, plus over 140 million plays on YouTube. Since his arrival on the world stage back in 1999, his iconic musical workings having been utilized by globally recognized events such as Euro 2000, Wimbledon, The Olympics, NFL, NBA and the UFC, on top of making appearances everywhere from Hollywood movies to advertising videos for Nike and PlayStation and video games such as DJ Hero and Angry Birds. Now his music’s reach is extending to new ground as he’s set to represent his country in the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is bound to become one of the stand-out musical moments of the year for the creator of one of the most iconic hits in electronic music history.

I know you fancy a little Karaoke moment with us…come on and sing along!! (Send us your vids while you are rocking this tune and we will blog them 😉 )


The more I go, the less it seems to make sense
Not sleeping in my bed, I can really feel the distance

How can we fix what’s already been stolen

When the emptiness inside is eating us alive
I don’t want to waste our precious time
‘Cause we’re not getting any younger now
We’re not getting any closer to the truth
And there’s nothing left to figure out
So wo-o-oo, so why don’t you…

Release Me
Release Me

Release Me
I see the light on and I’m soon coming home
Release Me
’Cause you love me, you let me go

You said be myself, well, careful what you wish for
It’s a cloudy day in hell, and here comes the downpour

We’ll save some sunshine, it’s banging on the front door
What’s on the other side, it’s just another lie
Tell me why we’re wasting both our time

‘Cause we’re not getting any younger now
We’re not getting any closer to the truth
And there’s nothing left to figure out
So wo-o-oo, so why don’t you…

Release Me
I see the light on and I’m soon coming home
Release Me
’Cause you love me, you let me go

Release Me
I see the light on but I’m not coming home
Release Me
’Cause you love me, let me go

Release Me
I see the light on but I’m not coming home
Release Me
’Cause you love me, let me go

Release Me

OUT NOW: Lumïsade – Ride 80X0

Lumïsade is coming with a masterpiece of a track! ‘Ride 80X0’ is making the crowd dance all night long.

Listen HERE 

Raising the Statement! bar with a masterpiece of their own, Lumïsade push their progressive sound into the outer reaches of the spectrum to come up with an acid-infused crowd favorite set to wreak havoc in the most popular venues. With ‘Ride 80X0’, you know you’re in it for a super-crazy all-nighter on the dance floor.


As the resident DJ of the global Formula E event season, EJ has been churning out a range of impressive anthems. Seeing that, it was only a matter of time before he would come up with an entire album worth of Formula E soundtrack goodness and that moment has arrived today with the launch of ‘Formula E: The Soundtrack – Vol. 1 (Mixed by EJ)’.

Listen to Formula E: The Soundtrack – Vol. 1 (Mixed by EJ)

Taking it upon himself to create the perfect sonic backdrop for the 2018/2019 Formula E racing season, EJ goes full throttle with a nineteen-piece soundtrack that will take center stage at the global street racing championship. Offering up a seamless, self-amplifying mix that ties in Garuda’s avant-garde sound with the cutting-edge Formula E racing world, the Trance & Progressive persona fuels the madness with staple records from artists such as Alex Sonata, Ashley Wallbridge, Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross, Darude, Estiva, and Gareth Emery, as well as three cuts from EJ himself and exclusives such as Alex Sonata’s ‘S.O.S.’

Poised to take over the gamut of prestigious clubs and race circuits at popular destinations such as Monaco, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Berlin, Santiago de Chile and more, ‘Formula E: The Soundtrack Volume One – Mixed by EJ’ distills the essence of this fast-paced racing world and brings fans to the center of the action.

EJ: “With this compilation, I wanted to capture the energy and excitement that is Formula E and showcase what I get to play at the races all over the world.  I have been lucky enough to perform at some amazing cities on all four corners of the planet, and now I have the pleasure of presenting it all in this mix. Enjoy!”


1. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Jan Burton - Underwater (Tinlicker Extended Remix)
2. Funkagenda presents DGTVL & JVMIE - High When I'm Sober (Flynthe Club Mix)
3. Rolo Green & Dezza - Six Degrees (Extended Mix)
4. Kolonie feat. Konnie - One Last Try (Club Mix)
5. Fatum - Petra (Extended Mix)
6. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab - Noom (Estiva Extended Remix)
7. Estiva - Alive
8. Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross - Awaken (Extended Mix)
9. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Farius Remix)
10. Marcus Santoro - Polaroid (Extended Mix)
11. Alex Sonata & TheRio feat. Dean Chalmers - S.O.S. (Extended Mix)
12. Protoculture - Sanctuary (Extended Mix)
13. Ashley Wallbridge feat. NASH - GODS (Extended Mix)
14. EJ - Slipstream (Extended Mix)
15. Gareth Emery feat. Evan Henzi - Call To Arms (Club Mix) 
16. First State & Sunny Lax feat. Paul Aiden - Underneath My Skin (Extended Mix)
17. EJ - Follow Me (Extended Mix)
18. Darude & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Foux - Surrender (Extended Mix)
19. EJ - No More Chances (Extended Mix)


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