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A few days ago we blogged about the latest banger fresh from the oven of the Dutch talent Mark Sixma, ‘ The Clock’ and let us tell you that we’ve spent the whole weekend blasting it out loud.

Hailing from Breda, the Dutch city that gave birth to scene leaders like Tiesto and Hardwell, he’s responsible for some of the genre’s most revered anthems, as timeless as they are essentials to any trance and EDM enthusiast’s collection.

After attending a few of his spectacular gigs lately, we couldn’t wait to find the right moment to catch up with him.

So….what about now, right in the middle of his re-branding and right after the release of this stunner? 

TBA: Hi Mark, first of all how are you doing?

MS: Doing very well, thank you!

TBA: Congrats on your new release ‘The Clock’ such a banger that made us fall in love in love here at The Backstage Access office, can you tell us something about it?

Listen to Mark Sixma ‘The Clock’ HERE

MS: Glad you like it! With this one I’ve combined elements of Psy with Hardstyle.

TBA:  What was the idea behind it?

MS: Recently I’ve been feeling the urge to come up with something new, something that is pushing boundaries. I felt like taking my shows, branding and of course the music to the next level. This track is just the first page of a new chapter!

TBA: How long did it take you to make this tune?

MS: The main parts of the track actually came to be quite quickly as I already had the idea in my head. It felt like it was missing something though and after trying some different things I came up with the idea to use a ticking clock. That soon became the theme of the song.

TBA: How does your studio set up looks like ?

MS: It’s actually pretty simple. Windows Desktop, Adam A77X speakers, LG Ultra Widescreen, Apollo Twin USB and an Impulse 49 semi weighted Keyboard. I use Beyerdynamics DT 880 as headphones.

TBA: What are you favorite tools to work with?

MS: I like to work ‘in the box’, so that means I hardly use any hardware. I have loads of software, some of my favourite tools are LFOtool, Nerve, Artsacoustic Reverb and lots of the Fabfilter and Native Instruments stuff.

TBA: Any particular synth you could not live without?

MS: Sylenth1 is just so easy to use, after all these years I still use it a lot!

TBA: The latest plug in you purchased?

MA: Manipulator, It’s amazing what it can do with vocals! It’s how I processed all the vocal bits on ‘The Clock’ actually.

TBA: The presentation of ‘The Clock’ was really insane, with all that teasing and videos, can you share some insights about all the work behind it?

MS: Because we wanted to launch the new logo and brand at the same time it required a lot of work and planning from me and my team. We want to show the world that it’s time for the next chapter. We want to create unique moments and a story that all of you can be a part of too! Our own world where music unites us all.

TBA: Wow, we can’t wait to know more asap!Thanks a lot for taking the time and see you soon!

MS: My pleasure, take care!



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