Hot on the heels of summer anthem ‘Still Think About It’, Y.V.E. 48 churns out another in tandem with Johnny Manuel. Laden with dreamy vocals, intoxicating chord progressions and swell rhythms, ‘Overnight’ retains that summer feel all year round.


Listen here:

Y.V.E 48 feat. Johnny Manuel – Overnight


Growing up in Düsseldorf, Germany playing the piano, Y.V.E 48 (Leonard and Rafael) both got into producing in their early teens. With the piano and guitar as their biggest inspiration; they started the Y.V.E 48 project to be able to make music that people can connect with and take them away from their daily lives for a bit. When making music they like to incorporate a lot of melodic elements and keep the overall vibe playful, uplifting and positive.

When Johnny approached them to work together they instantly fell in love with Johnny’s voice and thought the song was really strong. When they started working on the song together the ideas just came very quickly and both Y.V.E 48 and Johnny are really happy with how the final version turned out. 

With songs streamed over 60 million times on Spotify only, The first Y.V.E. 48 song ‘On The Road’ being #1 on the DMC Buzz Charts and ’Nothing To Say’ premiered on Sirius XM Chill as ’Chill Trending Track powered by Youtube’;  Y.V.E 48 is definitely an act to keep an eye on! They already received support from the major tastemakers in the scene such as ChillNation and MrRevillz, next to other established acts like Lost Frequencies, Lucas & Steve, Oliver Heldens and more.

 Fancy to sing along with us?

Here’s the lyrics for you to go wild:

You want what I got

Jealous I know

You’re holding your heart

Afraid to end up alone

It’s a deep dark ocean

But these tidal waves don’t last

It’ll make you stronger

Don’t give up so fast

This kinda love

This kinda love

This kinda love

Doesn’t happen Overnight

Look deep in my eyes

You can see all the years

No it wasn’t always good times

I never ran and through it all I made it here

(Feel free to send us your vocal messages…. we’d love to hear you singing) 😜

Bjarki Announces New Album ‘Happy Earthday’ (!K7) With New Track | STREAM

AND NEW TRACK ‘( . )_( . )’




An expressive electronic album with the kind of positive, stirring resolve that leaves you feeling utterly comforted, Bjarki’s new album ‘Happy Earthday’ is influenced by his home country Iceland as well as environmental issues.

Having released bodies of work on трип and his own label bbbbbb, Bjarki views ‘Happy Earthday’ as his proper debut album; he feels it’s a more coherent and conceptual body of work that finds him offering up music he never thought he would release. The album contains very personal material written over the last decade during fragile moments of introspection.

Says Bjarki on the album:

“You can consider this album as a window into my head and even my soul. It reflects my thoughts at the time I made this music. For me it is a bit odd, sharing it like this with the world. As a very private person I am not used to open my door so completely, it can be a little scary for me. What if … I tend to think, expecting all kinds of everything.

Releasing this album is also a kind of a farewell to music I made in a certain period in my life. It’s like I’m saying farewell to a grown-up child which is now ready to leave. 

When facing the world, the music undergoes many changes from my point of view. It becomes global, ceased to be obeyed by my thoughts. Now it’s yours, the folks that listens, thinks, speculates about it, consumes and develops a private opinion. Not one, or two, but many, even thousands. And your opinion is equally as ‘right’ as mine, or maybe more.

That’s how art is. When published, the understanding or opinion is even more of the consumers than the artist. He has lost his control over it and for me that is the scary part. Again, what if …

My music is under a heave influence from my inheritance as an Icelander, my upbringing, my family, surroundings and of course the music and artists I have listened to all my life. That’s how things are. 

Maybe you can feel the melancholy of my life, the nature overall. Volcanos and the lava flowing down the slopes, the frightening noise of the ocean beating the land, the strong wind in the mountain passes and a glimpse of the first ray of the rising sun over the glacier. Now that is the dawn of a new day.”

Bjarki also announces a host of new dates in the new year, including shows in France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Netherlands and UK.

24 Nov – FR Nancy @ L’ostra Club
30 Nov – FR Brest @ Le Vauban
1 Dec – IT Polo Fieristico @ International Talent 20th Anniversary
8 Dec – PL Wroclaw @ Ciało
14 Dec – FR Paris @ La Machine
31 Dec – DE Berlin @ Supermarkt
4 Jan – NL Amsterdam @ De School
1 Feb – CH Geneva @ Le Zoo
9 Feb – ES Barcelona @ Nitsa
15 Feb – AU Victoria @ Babylon Festival
16 Feb – AU Sydney @ Hordern Pavilion
23 Feb – NL Maastricht @ Muziekgieterij
2 Mar – AT Graz @ Elevate Festival
23 Mar – DE Berlin @ Trauma Bar und Kino
30 Mar – CH Delemont @ Yes To All festival
21-22 Jun- PL Katowice @ Tauron Nowa Muzyka