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Wed. Aug 12th, 2020


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‘Roots’ is Faruk Sabanci’s upcoming Friday release. We spoke to him to find out more about the track and here is what Faruk said about his new track:

“‘Roots’ started out as nothing more than a studio experiment at a time I was heavily influenced by alternative electronic acts such as Nathan Fake, Moderat and Stephan Bodzin. The track was not a project I had planned working on however as it all progressed, shaping up into a blend of Techno, Trance and Progressive, I felt an immediate reminiscence to my beginnings, hence the title ‘Roots’. After finishing the track I sent it over to Armin van Buuren who I know has a broad spectrum and an open mind who then instantly felt the vibe and signed it. Out of pure coincidence we ran into each other at a private party in Amsterdam a few days after signing the track and I was rather flattered to see how excited he was about putting this out. To this day I still can’t identify what genre it is, but all I wanted to do was to create something outside the box that is pure, raw and rustic.”
Listen to ‘Roots’ here.






Radiating one of those beloved, old-school Trance vibes while still remaining contemporary, Faruk Sabanci’s debut on Armind is like a piece of music culture sprung back to life. A sterling example of in-studio innovation, “Roots” might just be the foremost precursor of the future of Trance music.

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