A few days ago we blogged about the latest banger fresh from the oven of the Dutch talent Mark Sixma, ‘ The Clock’ and let us tell you that we’ve spent the whole weekend blasting it out loud.

Hailing from Breda, the Dutch city that gave birth to scene leaders like Tiesto and Hardwell, he’s responsible for some of the genre’s most revered anthems, as timeless as they are essentials to any trance and EDM enthusiast’s collection.

After attending a few of his spectacular gigs lately, we couldn’t wait to find the right moment to catch up with him.

So….what about now, right in the middle of his re-branding and right after the release of this stunner? 

TBA: Hi Mark, first of all how are you doing?

MS: Doing very well, thank you!

TBA: Congrats on your new release ‘The Clock’ such a banger that made us fall in love in love here at The Backstage Access office, can you tell us something about it?

Listen to Mark Sixma ‘The Clock’ HERE

MS: Glad you like it! With this one I’ve combined elements of Psy with Hardstyle.

TBA:  What was the idea behind it?

MS: Recently I’ve been feeling the urge to come up with something new, something that is pushing boundaries. I felt like taking my shows, branding and of course the music to the next level. This track is just the first page of a new chapter!

TBA: How long did it take you to make this tune?

MS: The main parts of the track actually came to be quite quickly as I already had the idea in my head. It felt like it was missing something though and after trying some different things I came up with the idea to use a ticking clock. That soon became the theme of the song.

TBA: How does your studio set up looks like ?

MS: It’s actually pretty simple. Windows Desktop, Adam A77X speakers, LG Ultra Widescreen, Apollo Twin USB and an Impulse 49 semi weighted Keyboard. I use Beyerdynamics DT 880 as headphones.

TBA: What are you favorite tools to work with?

MS: I like to work ‘in the box’, so that means I hardly use any hardware. I have loads of software, some of my favourite tools are LFOtool, Nerve, Artsacoustic Reverb and lots of the Fabfilter and Native Instruments stuff.

TBA: Any particular synth you could not live without?

MS: Sylenth1 is just so easy to use, after all these years I still use it a lot!

TBA: The latest plug in you purchased?

MA: Manipulator, It’s amazing what it can do with vocals! It’s how I processed all the vocal bits on ‘The Clock’ actually.

TBA: The presentation of ‘The Clock’ was really insane, with all that teasing and videos, can you share some insights about all the work behind it?

MS: Because we wanted to launch the new logo and brand at the same time it required a lot of work and planning from me and my team. We want to show the world that it’s time for the next chapter. We want to create unique moments and a story that all of you can be a part of too! Our own world where music unites us all.

TBA: Wow, we can’t wait to know more asap!Thanks a lot for taking the time and see you soon!

MS: My pleasure, take care!



Bjarki Gives In-Depth Insight Into His Field Recording Techniques With Waveshaper TV | WATCH NOW





Bjarki is the musical alias of Icelandic techno/electronic producer Bjarki R Sigurdarson. Founder of the bbbbbb recors label, he is best known as one of the key artists on Nina Kraviz трип (Trip) imprint; scoring a monster techno anthem right out of the gate, with “I Wanna Go Bang” from his debut 12-inch. Since then, Bjarki has developed a more diverse and experimental sound.

Waveshaper TV recently caught up with Bjarki on the outskirts of Reykjavik, to capture the process behind his music making. Joining him and a friend sound hunting in Icelandic nature, they follow them back to the famous Sýrland Studio, to see how those field recordings are processed and incorporated into his new “Happy Earthday” LP, forthcoming on !K7 Records.

Waveshaper TV is a new YouTube channel dedicated to high-quality interview and feature videos, with a diverse array of electronic music producers, inventors, manufacturers, and visionaries. With the same team behind the hugely successful modular synth documentary I Dream Of Wires — seen widely on Netflix — they have forthcoming electronic music documentaries Electronic Voyager (about Bob Moog) and Subotnick (about Morton Subotnick). Passionate about electronic music, they have made it their mission to document its story, from iconic figures to lesser-known yet compelling outsiders. What unites all subjects is an obsession with the sound of music made with machines.

‘Happy Earthday’ will be released via !K7 Records on 15 February 2019.


It’s on!! ‘Be Your Sound’ – one of Cosmic Gate’s most fan (not-to-mention personally!) cherished tracks’ is back amongst us this month. 3million Spotify streams & 15mil in YouTube views into its release history, the one that lit the path to 2011’s ‘Wake Your Mind’ has passed into the ever-dependable remix hands of ilan Bluestone. 

His work a mainstay of CG’ sets for many years, ilan’s mix brilliantly gets under the skin of the Emma Hewitt written-&-sung gem. He’s forged a 2018 reimagining that shifts ‘Be Your Sound’ ten degrees deeper, reframing its vocally emotional sear in a whole new light. 

Fresh from the release of the Englishman’s own debut LP, ilan, rallies that unique sonic genetic to BYS’s cause. Through low-slung, ether-steeped bass, compelling, complex drum & perc patterns and imaginatively fashioned FX, he recasts ‘BYS’ in a moodier-broodier-still manner. Emma’s haunting refrains and lament-tinged song cut every bit as quick as her lyrics do deep. Spotlighting her song, lavish pads and highly developed synth movements sweep the mix’s midpoint, before ilan brings the drums back to pull off its urgent, emotionally charged final act.

The keenest-eyed among you will have spotted that ilan’s ‘BYS’ retell is no isolated happening. It is the starting shot that’ll lead us somewhere milestone-monumental. T
his picture’s going to get a whole lot bigger and in no time at all. For today though get your Cosmic x Bluestone on and pick up ilan’s treatment of ‘Be Your Sound’ here:

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound (
ilan Bluestone Remix)





Giorgia Angiuli’s debut album In a Pink Bubble channels the artist’s effervescent persona and own bubbly style in a 12 track-long, honest musical expression. Drawing inspiration from her first worldwide tour, where life on the road was impacted by personal loss, the album title In a Pink Bubble captures the essence of the artist’s mindset, caught in between the artistic world and real life: “I felt like in a pink bubble, between memories and new experiences, between darkness and colours”. Brandishing an immersive sonic sphere, the classically trained musician played and recorded all instruments throughout the album, including her favourite weapons of choice, from her beloved 60’s guitar to vintage analog synths like the Moog Sub37, Juno 106, the infamous O-B-6 synth and more.

The synesthesia of dark and colourful with new and old memories stands at the core of the album, as introspective airy tracks intertwine with more dynamic, bass-heavy constructions.

On its luminous side, we see cuts radiating with crystalline, microscoping sounds with sweeping ambience like the opener A Perfect Day in Tulum, leading the listener on a nervous path towards more obscure tracks such as Copenhagen and Nothing to Lose, until bringing the atmosphere to a boiling point. Music is Lifeencapsulates Giorgia’s passion for her craft, an intrinsic part of her life that brings peace and inspiration: “Music is life with wings, sit in the warm water, just reflecting, being”. Creation and being inspired represent another major theme present throughout the album, both in the eponymous track Inspiration, as well as A Temple Made by Air, where the artist can be heard singing: “Passion means satisfaction, wrong emotions create distortion, come with me to enjoy the green, stop losing time on your screen”. Channeling an overflow of emotions, a return to humanity comes as a resolution for the artist, the central idea in The Contact is a Cure. Giorgia feels that, although useful, “technology is the big nightmare of our society, and we are all missing the contact with nature and human beings”. Rounding off the last part of the release, the sun-drenched Pink Bubble stands as reflective and intense, managing to transfuse the same magnetism that is quintessential to Giorgia’s live performances.

With ‘In a Pink Bubble’, Giorgia Angiuli refines her signature sound across a range of tempos, in a project that can be appreciated both for its intricate groundings and beautiful simplicity.


  1. A Perfect Day in Tulum
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Nothing to Lose
  4. Music is Life
  5. The Contact is a Cure
  6. I Shall Never Ever Forget You
  7. Last Kiss in Norway
  8. Inspiration
  9. Pink Bubble
  10. Behind the Walls
  11. A Temple Made by Air
  12. Hidden Rain

Giorgia Angiuli ‘In A Pink Bubble’ is OUT NOW via Stil vor Talent

Giorgia Angiuli – Biography & Discography 

Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Very early on she developed a strong interest for electronic music and started to experiment with new live techniques. The solo project of Giorgia Angiuli stylistically moves between pop, techno and house. She uses her voice to create a dreamy dimension intensified by the use of unique toy instruments. During her set she combines keyboards, drum pad and theremin with the sounds of a toy flute, sax, trumpets and many other toys. Mixing all of these samples and loops she shapes a vibrating and energetic groove that sets the dance floor on fire.

From 2013 to the present Giorgia has had success releasing on some of the biggest labels, Stil vor Talent, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch, Kevin Saunderson’s legendary techno KMS, Harry Klein, Einmusika, Systematic and Suara to name few. In 2018 her new EP “No Body No Pain” released on Stil Vor Talent. Previously, Giorgia Angiuli released an album with her project, ‘We Love’ in 2010 on Bpitch Control and featured remixes from Tale Of Us and label head Ellen Allien

When it comes to touring the globe, Giorgia is no stranger to the club scene. In 2013 when she began her solo project she started her residency at Tenax Club in Florence, Italy. Since then she has played at some of the most renown clubs in the world including Berghain in Berlin, Output in New York, Rex in Paris, Hive in Zürich, The Egg in London, Harry Klein in Munich, Decadence in Kiev, Studio in Essen, Nox in Madrid, Le Showcase in Paris, Metro in Alicante, Paradiso in Amsterdam, Privilege Ibiza, KaterBlau in Berlin, Sisyphos in Berlin, Watergate in Berlin, Wilde Renate in Berlin, Warung + D-Edge + Beehive + Club 88 in Brazil, Tenax in Florence, Le Bataclan in Paris, Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt, Artel Bessonnica in Moscow and many more.

Oasis in Marrakech, Extrema Outdoor in Belgium, Fort Festival in Tossa/Barcelona, Altavoz in Venice, Elita in Milan, Electrowave in Florence, Fusion in Lärz Germany, Paradise City Festival in Belgium are just some of the festivals she has played over the years.

The start of 2018 saw Giorgia tour in Europe, Australia, South America and United States. She hit the European summer festival circuit playing at Aquasella in Asturias Spain, Kappa FuturFestival in Italy, Fusion in Germany, Pleinvrees in Amsterdam, Rock’n Solex Festival in Rennes, Audioriver in Plock, Sueno Open Air in Aix En Provence, Zurich Open Air in Zurich, Plages Electroniques in Cannes and Amnesia in Ibiza.

As the years have passed Giorgia has increased her profile and visibility with her engaging online presence, it is not wonder every video she posts goes viral receiving thousands or millions of plays. For a small town girl from Puglia, now residing in Florence, this classically trained musician turned live electronic act is just getting started, so sit back and enjoy what’s to come!

June 2014 Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Magic Circle’ – Burlesque Music
July 2014 Giorgia Angiuli & Jacopo Vana –’Fairy Place EP’- Homecoming Recording
July 2014 Dantiez Saunderson feat. Giorgia Angiuli – ‘ Lucid Ethics’ – KMS Records
August 2014 Raw District feat. Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Turn Away’ – Crosstown Rebels
August 2014 Marco Dassi & Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Dopamine’ – Hysterical
August 2014 KPD – ‘Deep In My Soul ‘ (Giorgia Angiuli remix) – KMS Records
September 2014 Raw District feat. Giorgia Angiuli –‘Not Lost’ – Souvenir Music
October 2014 Giorgia Angiuli & Filippo del moro – ‘South EP ‘- Nordik Net Records
November 2014 Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Desires EP ‘ – KMS records
December 2014 Giorgia Angiuli, Savvas K – ‘Nebula EP’ – Harry Klein Records
February 2015 Mutism feat. Giorgia Angiuli –’Echo Cave EP ‘, Faceless Recordings
April 2015 Giorgia Angiuli & Luca Bear  –’New Mission EP ‘ , WOW Recordings
July 2015 Giorgia Angiuli & Michele Pinna –’Pray for patience EP’ –  KMS records
May 2015 Raw District feat. Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Gravity’ –  Labyrinth Music 
June 2015 Marian Mueller – ‘And Only That’ (Giorgia Angiuli Remix), Wir
August 2015 Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Harmony Underskin EP’ –  Einmusika Records
July 2016 Giorgia Angiuli & Luca Bear – ‘New Skin EP ‘ – Moan
August 2016 Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Quintessenza EP’ – 3000° Grad
September 2016 Giorgia Angiuli feat. Fabio Sedda –’Deep Moan EP ‘ – Constant Circles
November 2016 Giorgia Angiuli, ‘ Everything Changes’ – Stil Vor Talent
December 2016 GIorgia Angiuli – ‘ Get Slow‘ – Mood Music rec
January 2017 Marius Lehnert, Arno Mueller – ‘Dagoo’ (Giorgia Angiuli Remix) – Parquet Recordings
January 2017 Giorgia Angiuli & Philipp Kempnich – ‘ Fluid’ – Einmusika Recordings
January 2017 Giorgia Angiuli– ‘Pureness EP’ – Click Records
April 2017 – Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Over the Clouds’ EP – Suara
July 2017 – Giorgia Angiuli – ‘You Are my Religion’ EP – Kindish
October 2017 – Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Around Your Space’EP – Systematic Recordings
November 2017 Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Touch Your Ghost’ EP – Suara
November 2017 – Booka Shade feat. Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Aftermath’ – Blaufield Music
April 2018 – Giorgia Angiuli – ‘No Body No Pain’ EP – Stil Vor Talent


Now that dance music is gaining more and more of a foothold in the Asian market, it opens up a world of opportunities for many exceedingly gifted music producers who would’ve remained fairly unknown otherwise. A sterling example of the enormous talent that has remained hidden until now, Chinese producer Luminn has taken the leap and now finds himself releasing his debut single ‘Phosphene’ on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance label.

Listen to Luminn ‘ Phosphene’ HERE

Empowering and inspiring like a full spectrum of light, Luminn’s debut on A State Of Trance is a sublime Trance cut able to win anyone over. Armed with strong melodies, thumping kick-bass combos and a serene, pluck-driven breakdown, ‘Phosphene’ is that shimmer of hope that gets dance music lovers from all over the world through the darkest of days.


Luminn: “It’s hard to put this moment into words. The first time I saw Armin Van Buuren perform in a small club in Beijing, China back in 2009, I was utterly entranced. I didn’t understand the music, I didn’t know what trance or electronic music was, but my entire body felt electrified. The music was pulsing with energy. Nothing I’d ever heard before resonated with my soul the way this music did, and since then, it’s no exaggeration to say I’ve fallen deeply in love with everything trance. Trance, to me, is a language. It’s the one language that I know speaks from and to the soul, the one language that speaks from mine. ‘Phosphene’ is the culmination of all the work I’ve put in to learn this language. It’s me uttering my first words, my first resounding statement to the world. I hope this song brings to my listeners a beaming light of hope in their time of need.”


The first and only Chinese artist to have performed at a special edition of Transmission Festival in China, Ultra Music Festival and EDC, Luminn – whose name derives from the latin term “Lumen” (a measure of light) – has been electrifying fans with his own blend of Psy-Trance, Tech-Trance and Uplifting Trance since embarking on the scene. Awarded with a GFA (Golden Flower Award) at one of China’s most prestigious arts, film and culture award ceremonies for his contribution to the scene, he has shared the stage with many of the world’s most prominent electronic music artists, including Armin van Buuren, whose A State Of Trance imprint he now lands on with debut single ‘Phosphene’.

Moscoman serve up two versions of Three Drives On A Vinyl’s timeless masterpiece ‘Greece 2000’

Armada Music’s next release sees contemporary tastemaker Moscoman serve up two versions of Three Drives On A Vinyl’s timeless masterpiece ‘Greece 2000’.

Israel’s Moscoman runs the Disco Halal label and has shown an original left of centre approach to acid, disco and techno for a few years now. He recently showcased his knack for exquisite melody in a new EP for Diynamic and now veers into brilliant progressive territory. The huge edit has already received strong support from the likes of Solomun, Âme, and Pete Tong amongst others.

Listen to Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000 (Moscoman Remix)


Laden with deliberate rhythms, phasing percussion loops and sparkling melodies, this excellent take on the wonderful ‘Greece 2000’ marks a sweet trip down memory lane for all kinds of dance music lovers. It’s a track that will build the pressure on the floor and tease it before sending it into raptures, and also comes with a fantastic extended edit.

This is sure to become an anthem once again many years after it was first released thanks to this stylish remix.


Listen to Greece 2000 (Moscoman Remix) on Soundcloud:



You can buy a vinyl record here:



It’s been a while since Feenixpawl and Georgi Kay struck gold with their single ‘In My Mind’ and Axwell’s super popular edit, but the trail of the Grammy-nominated, award-winning single hasn’t gone cold at all. Now over 70 million streams later, the Australian duo and L.A.-based singer-songwriter have linked up again, adding Mexican DJ/producer talent Sheco to the team for the song’s successor: ‘Dreams’.


Listen to Feenixpawl & Sheco feat. Georgi Kay – Dreams


A flawless follow-up to hit record ‘In My Mind’, ‘Dreams’ sees the Aussie dance music stars knock another one out of the ballpark in tandem with Sheco and Georgi Kay. With a strong focus on the sincere beauty of the mesmerizing chords and heavenly vocals, ‘Dreams’ is one of those songs that has fans closing their eyes and reaching for the sky to take in every inch of the Progressive House-scented wonder.


Feenixpawl: “We’ve been looking for something to work on with Georgi ever since ‘In My Mind’, but of course there is pressure to recreate the magic of that song. We first met Sheco at a gig we played in Mexico, where we instantly hit it off. He’s a young, super-talented producer and we had already discussed doing a collab. Once we got rolling on the track with him and felt the energy in the studio, we immediately knew this tune would be perfect for Georgi’s voice. So we arranged a session with her in L.A. and ‘Dreams’ was born! We are super excited for this tune and we really feel it does the reuniting of Feenixpawl and Georgi Kay justice, almost 7 years after we first collaborated!”


Georgi Kay: “It’s crazy to think that ‘In My Mind’ was the first dance song I ever wrote. Working with Josh and Aden was an absolute dream back then, and working with them now, nearly 7 years later – is nothing short of magical. I think there is a reason we work together when we do. It’s not just to collaborate and pump out song after song, but rather to reunite when the stars align and the timing is right, when all the pieces seem to fit together. After countless collaborations over the years, I have learnt that the songs Feenixpawl and Georgi Kay create together aren’t just timeless anthems. They’re living, breathing entities that not only effect our own lives, but change and impact the world. And to be able to join forces with Sheco just goes to show that Josh and Aden are more than ready to give fresh talent a chance at making magic, just like they did with me back in 2011.”


Sheco: “When I heard ‘In My Mind’ for the first time, I felt something unique, something that made me want to make music with that same feeling and emotion. It made me want to produce progressive house at 15 years old. I was finally able to meet Feenixpawl at a gig in my city (Monterrey, Mexico), where I had the pleasure of warming up for them. Years later, we started to discuss a collaboration with the same feeling and impact as ‘In My Mind’. As we were working on the tune, we discussed sending it to Georgi Kay, who’s a super-talented singer with such an impressive voice. And that’s when ‘Dreams’ was born, a fitting title because that’s exactly what the song is to me. It is simply a dream come true for an unknown boy from Mexico. ‘Dreams’ is a song made with a lot of love and a great message. I hope we can all share that love with ‘Dreams’.”


Grammy nominees, DJ globetrotters and remixers to the likes of Jess Glynne, Kaskade, NERVO, Nicky Romero and Rihanna, Feenixpawl are two of Australia’s most prominent export products. With numerous worlds tours, hundreds of millions of streams and a truckload of awards under their belt, they have secured themselves a spot alongside electronic music’s most prominent tastemakers and show that they have what it takes to keep delivering the very best on every occasion. They did so with ‘In My Mind’ in 2012 and with buzzing singles such as ‘Find A Way’ and ‘Neon Sky’ more recently, and they’ve obviously done so now in collaboration with Sheco and Georgi Kay.


Mark Sixma is showing a different side of himself with his new track ‘The Clock’. The fast-paced track will give you enough energy to dance all night!

Listen to Mark Sixma ‘The Clock’ HERE

Faster than a speeding bullet, Mark Sixma’s ‘The Clock’ is about to stake its claim as one of this year’s foremost speaker-busters. Slamming down hard with its devastating bassline and accelerating synths, this cut is meant to defy time itself.


Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee – Sunny Days (Ryan Riback Remix)

Are you missing the summer already? Ryan Riback decided it was finally time to give his own spin to the Armin van Buuren and Josh Cumbee hit ‘Sunny Days’. ‘Sunny Days’ is also part of the Armada 15 years Deluxe album that will be released next week.

Listen to the track HERE

Especially now that the summer season is nearing its end, fans can’t stop longing for the welcoming vibes of Armin van Buuren’s collaboration with Josh Cumbee. Now given that nostalgic yet modern twist by Australian DJ/producer Ryan Riback, ‘Sunny Days’ is back and ready to shine.

ALLEN WATTS – Algorithm

Allen Watts’ track ‘Algorithm’ came to be after he combined multiple old projects together into one track. The result is a pure trance masterpiece!

Listen to Allen Watts’ ‘Algorithm’ HERE

Tried, tested and perfected, Allen Watts’ ‘Algorithm’ is the secret formula to Trance that cracks dance floors and evokes moments of bliss. Uplifting to the bone and melodically irresistible to boot, this brand-new release on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! simply scores a perfect ten in terms of high-quality Trance music.