No doubt ADE 2018 has been one for the books with a lot of special things happening; we met tons of artists, attended amazing parties and interesting press meetings.

One of our personal highlights has been for sure our interview with the Belgian talent Stereoclip, fresh from signing exclusively with Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music and dropping first album single ‘Feel The Game’, he has embarked on an exciting new journey dropping his second artist album, ‘Travel’ which he showcased during ADE at Armada’s pop up point.

Stereoclip explained us how this new album is a huge step forward after his first work ‘Hometown’ and got us some interesting insights about his production as well as showing us his point of view about the direction his music is taking, the production flow and so on.

Heralded by the entrancing soundscapes of ‘Day One’ and the aforementioned ‘Feel The Game’, ‘Travel’ sees the Brussels-based artist to open his mind to new musical developments and borderless genres, to improve and mature. Harboring twelve inspiring songs that take fans to places they never even knew existed, the album marks a wonderful body of work poised to exceed any and all expectations.

Stereoclip: “’Travel’ is very important to me as it shows how my sound and influences have evolved over the years, what it took to succeed and what I missed. It’s an exploration in sounds, synthesizers, recording and studio mixing, the first steps in my new artistic landscape. For me, it’s an eclectic electronic album; you can encounter hip-hop, pop, acoustic, techno, house, trance and ‘80s sounds. I have tried to convey what I like in music and turn my hand to it. The album represents interrogations, discovery, improvement and the pleasure to discover a new world after my debut album ‘Hometown’, which I made back when I still created music on instinct alone. I’m sure the ride has only just started and it’s never going to be finished, simply because music is an unlimited world.”


Through his own brand of deep, vocal-oriented and mysterious techno music, Stereoclip has been making big waves in the dance music scene. With the success of his 2016 album ‘Hometown’ as the first crown to his hard work (and the releases of ‘Travel’ as his second), the Belgian has been pulling out all the stops both in the studio and on the live front to further his career and to please the thousands of fans that have been hooked since they first learned of his masterstroke productions or peerless live performances.

Listen to Stereoclip – Travel

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Lost Frequencies is Germany’s most successful Belgian artist

It’s official, according to the gfk, Lost Frequencies is the most successful Belgian artist in the German charts! Six singles, two number one hits and a total of 177 weeks in the charts mean that he has overtaken Milow, Kate Ryan and Technotronic.


His debut single “Are You With Me” not only earned Lost Frequencies – real name Felix da Leat – two prestigious Echo awards, it also saw him triumph over Adele and her uber hit “Hello”. The single has gone on to sell over 1 million copies, earning a Diamond award in the process.


Lost Frequencies has dominated the charts with his music to such an extent, he’s clearly here to stay. German radios, meanwhile, never miss a chance to play his tunes, every single day. He has topped the airplay charts with two different songs and was also #1 in the airplay chart of the year. The 24-year-old Belgian has scored an incredible quarter of a million plays on radio, that adds up to 625,575 minutes on the German airwaves.


2019 promises to be just as exciting. Felix da Laet aka Lost Frequencies plans to release his second artist album and new singles! The success story continues …

Listen to Lost Frequencies feat. The NGHBRS – Like I Love You



Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me

Awards: gold – platinum – triple gold – double platinum – diamond

Chart position: #1 I Weeks: #64

Airplay peak position: #2

Weeks in airplay top 10: 22

Overall airplay position 2015: #1


Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy – Reality

Awards: gold – platinum – triple gold

Chart position: #1 I Weeks: #41

Airplay peak position: #1

Weeks in Top 10: 30

Overall airplay position 2015: #5


Lost Frequencies feat. Sandro Cavazza – Beautiful Life:

Chart position: #50 I Weeks: #14

Airplay peak position: #74


Lost Frequencies – What Is Love 2016

Awards: gold

Chart position: #17 I Weeks: #24

Airplay peak position: #2

Weeks in Top 10: 4

Overall airplay position 2016: #78


Lost Frequencies & Zonderling – Crazy

Awards: gold

Chart position: #17 I Weeks: #22

Airplay peak position: #1

Weeks in Top 10: 13

Overall airplay position 2018: #9


Lost Frequencies feat. James Blunt – Melody

Chart position: #26 I Weeks: #19

Airplay peak position: #2

Weeks in Top 10: 8

Overall airplay position 2018: #22