Following a relentless touring schedule, David Gravell, like any true craftsman, took some time out to gather his thoughts and to engage with his work once again.
Fully refreshed, he is almost ready to present a new EP but first, he decided to tease us with something extraordinary!
Let’s take one of the most iconic tunes of the whole trance music history and drop it in the capable hands of our Dutch genius to obtain a nuclear fission of epic proportions!
Admit it, taking the risk to remix a masterpiece like Cafè Del Mar is surely not for the faint of heart, how could you possibly make that perfect tune even better?
Mr.Gravell’s visionary mind has the answer and it’s going to hit you like a tornado!
While mesmerizing vocals add emphasis to the well known dreamy melody, a nervous and acid synth line builds up to the climax exploding in an uber  destructive drop!
David Gravell tailored the perfect rework providing his magic touch to Cafè Del Mar, aiming to unleash a  devastating amount of energy right in your face!
You are warned:This tune won’t take no prisoners!


Free download  HERE :

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