Today, DJ/producer Bruno Martini has emerged with ‘Youngr’ (feat. Shaun Jacobs), released on Armada Music/Universal. The Brazilian star produced the fresh, upbeat House track in tandem with Timbaland (their second collaboration) and is featured in the song’s video along with Brazilian actor and drift car racer Fiuk. 


Listen to Bruno Martini feat. Shaun Jacobs – Youngr

Watch the official music video of ‘Youngr’


Bruno Martini’s ‘Youngr’ truly is a cross-culture creation. The Brazilian DJ, producer and songwriter co-wrote the track with South Africa native Shaun Jacobs, and recorded it in L.A.’s West Lake Studios with American-born super producer Timbaland. 


The video for ‘Youngr’ was shot in São Paulo, the hometown of 26-year-old Bruno Martini, and tells the  story of a young woman caught between a current (Fiuk) and ex-boyfriend (Martini), all filmed against the backdrop of spectacular drift car stunt performances.


In just a few years, Bruno Martini managed to build a following at some of the world’s biggest festivals and venues, including Creamfields UK, Tomorrowland, Parookaville in Germany and Hi Ibiza in Spain. His international smash called ‘Hear Me Now’ paved the way for the likes of ‘Sun Goes Down’, ‘Never Let Me Go’, ‘Road’, ‘Living on the Outside’, ‘Savages’ and other tracks, and enabled him to generate over 700 million streams along the way. This year, he created an official remix for Zedd’s ‘The Middle’ and worked with Dutch duo Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. In between festivals, Bruno Martini is working on his first album project, due for release next year.



Following a relentless touring schedule, David Gravell, like any true craftsman, took some time out to gather his thoughts and to engage with his work once again.
Fully refreshed, he is almost ready to present a new EP but first, he decided to tease us with something extraordinary!
Let’s take one of the most iconic tunes of the whole trance music history and drop it in the capable hands of our Dutch genius to obtain a nuclear fission of epic proportions!
Admit it, taking the risk to remix a masterpiece like Cafè Del Mar is surely not for the faint of heart, how could you possibly make that perfect tune even better?
Mr.Gravell’s visionary mind has the answer and it’s going to hit you like a tornado!
While mesmerizing vocals add emphasis to the well known dreamy melody, a nervous and acid synth line builds up to the climax exploding in an uber  destructive drop!
David Gravell tailored the perfect rework providing his magic touch to Cafè Del Mar, aiming to unleash a  devastating amount of energy right in your face!
You are warned:This tune won’t take no prisoners!


Free download  HERE :


 If the name Burak Yeter doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve obviously been oblivious to the fact that he just came knocking on the dance music door with a sledgehammer. Off the back of scoring almost 300 million streams on Spotify alone with ‘Tuesday’, the Dutch DJ and producer follows up on the mega smash with ‘Wanna Know U’, his debut single on Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music. 


Listen to Burak Yeter- Wanna Know U


As far as label debuts are concerned, chances are you won’t find any better than this one. A stellar productions from the hand of Amsterdam-born talent Burak Yeter, ‘Wanna Know U’ combines scintillating piano chords with amazing vocals and rapid-fire synth shots that hook a listener from start to finish. If this doesn’t get you to slide into party mode, nothing will.


Burak Yeter: “With the help and the connections of my publisher, I flew to Sweden for a studio session and met the writers, Alexander Tidebrink and Caroline Ljungström, there. When we began working on the song, we made the lyrics first. The first track ID was ‘Don’t Wanna Know You’, but we changed it to ‘Wanna Know U’, matched the lyrics to the new title and gave the entire track a make-over. The sound really matches with Armada Music, so when we met Jeroen, Armada Music’s head of A&R, at Tomorrowland, we told him about the song. We sent the demo and the rest is history. I played this song at some big festivals last summer and the reactions of the crowd were amazing, so I’m really hoping everyone will dig this song as much as I do.”


An all-around, Amsterdam-born musician who’s been rocking the classical piano and guitar since a very young age, Burak Yeter is a pure-bred artist currently riding the waves of his own success. After winning the Burn & MTV Dance Heat DJ Contest in 2004 at age 22, he pushed himself further each time he delved into the music scene, gaining more and more of a foothold at an alarming rate. Now, after winning tons of awards and accolades throughout the years, playing at major festivals and scoring a global smash hit with ‘Tuesday’, Burak Yeter is name to be reckoned with within the dance music scene and beyond, and he proves it by coming up with another song meant for international stardom: ‘Wanna Know U’.