With September-end seeing the second edition of his concept album ‘Grotesque – Reworked & Remixed’ hit shelves & stores, into the autumn RAM turns up the release heat again. 

This time it’s single business that’s at hand and ‘Northern Star’ represents the Dutchman’s third union with Susana – the singer behind both ‘Someone Like You’ and the unforgettable ‘RAMelia’. 

When it comes to bringing ‘Northern Star’ its emotional heft, studio-wise RAM takes zero chances. He loads its production deck with a near limitless array of striking elements. Elevating key changes, chord progressions and savant-like techniques all play their part. Bass roll and percussive spur catalyse its purposeful tempo, while epic, reverb-heavy guitar riffs and luminous sub-melodies establish yet greater ether.

With her dazzling vocal performance, Susana catches the emotional current of RAM’s production perfectly. As ‘Northern Star’ flows into its drop, his production elements draw down, ultimately setting her voice against beat-free pianoforte and majestic orchestral strings. Susana bares her soul as never before with from-within lyrics and a delivery that’ll pull you in a thousand different ways… before sending you to the stars. 

‘Northern Star’ is out now and stream/purchase through this link: https://blackhole.choons.at/northernstar 


BT & MATT FAX – The Noetic

‘The Noetic’ from BT & Matt Fax is a track that will have you lose yourself on the dance floor. This little piece of paradise is something no dance music fan wants to miss!

Listen to BT & MATT FAX ‘The Noetic’ HERE



A sonic journey tailor-made for the mind and soul, ‘The Noetic’ is a piece of paradise every dance music fan wants to lose himself in. Filled to the brim with the tender synth plucks and breathtaking atmospheres that epitomize the sounds of BT and Matt Fax, this song is flawless progressive Trance with a touch of magic.


When three musicians come together to make music, there are three perspectives, ideologies and agendas to balance. That may prove difficult for some, but for South African electronic band GoodLuck, it only rounds out their already broad-spectrum skill set and allows them to cook up tracks that strike a chord with fans from all over the world. Off the back of their nine #1 charting hits on national radio, they’ve gone for the double digits with the empowering ‘Chasing Dreams’, released on Armada Music.


Listen to GoodLuck – Chasing Dreams


Sporting an uplifting message that pairs well with the luscious vocals and amazing grooves, ‘Chasing Dreams’ sees GoodLuck conjure up something truly magical. Upbeat, uplifting and even a tad funky, this song helps fans become the dance floor maniac they always wanted to be.


Juliet Harding, lead vocalist GoodLuck: “When I wrote ‘Chasing Dreams’, I had this overwhelming feeling, one that we needed to share with the world. At the time, it felt like everything was working against me, and trying to stay positive and motivated was becoming harder and harder. There was a person who came into my life who really helped me see that freedom was the only thing I actually needed and that everything else was a choice. I also realised that true freedom was found in the journey and I really wanted to share this message with our fans. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, you always have a choice to keep following your dreams with an open heart and love in your bones. That’s the story of ‘Chasing Dreams’.”


Award-winning electronic band GoodLuck consists of Juliet Harding (vocals), Matthew O’Connell (sax, keys and backing vocals) and Ben Peters (the band’s producer and founder). With their internationally acclaimed release ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’, they held their own in the Top 5 of ‘Most Shazammed Songs’ for over two months, hit #1 on various radio charts and snatched up the accolade for most played song across all South African radio stations for the month of June in 2016. Having shared the stage with artists such as Bakermat, Basement Jaxx, Groove Armada, Lost Frequencies, Pharrell Williams and Robin Schulz, they are now globally recognized for their high-energy live shows as well as their distinct approach to electronic music, which shines through splendidly in their new single, ‘Chasing Dreams’.

WARP BROTHERS – Time & Space

If you’re looking for a strong Trance track that will make you forget about ‘Time & Space’ this is the track for you! Filled with a hard bassline, pulsating synth blasts and huge energy spikes this track will be adored by the rave fans.

Listen to the track HERE

Bringing back the Hard Trance sound with a modern twist, Warp Brothers add another fireproof layer to their sonic foundation that’s been standing tall since they emerged with their classic ‘Phatt Bass’ in 2000. Once again dealing in high-octane basslines, pulsating synth blasts and huge energy spikes, this cut will make fans rave so hard it may disrupt the ‘Time & Space’ continuum.


Richard Durand, that masterful DJ, relentless globe-circler and Level 5 caffeine enthusiast, is delighted to present the handshake single for his new long-player. A joint release between Holland’s Magik Muzik and the UK’s Outburst Records, Richard’s ‘The Air I Breathe’ also serves as his striking first time pairing with Ms. Christina Novelli. 

If you want a first taste of what the Amsterdamer’s first album in six years will look & sound like, here’s where you’re gonna get it!

From ‘The Air’s outset, Richard sets the most evocative of scenes, carving it deep with rolling bass concentration, echoic & deeper-timbered percussion and quick-release snares bursts. Moving from background to fore, its pads well up and Richard’s synths start their sweep, while Christina’s harmonic refrains begin to establish their presence.


Come the drop, Richard brings all the studio’s spotlights to bear on ‘The Air’s song. Christina burns up the room with a performance that lyrically is as emotionally searching as it is relatable, while its delivery is nothing less than heartrending. Supporting the chorus’ poignancies, one by one Richard reintroduces his production elements, ultimately tying them together to pull off the track’s final altitude-grabbing rapture.


New album account opened, ‘The Air I Breathe’ is available to stream/purchase here, now: https://magikmuzik.choons.at/theair




01: Richard Durand & Christina Novelli – The Air I Breathe (Club Mix)
02: Richard Durand & Christina Novelli – The Air I Breathe (Radio Mix)








‘Wild Wild Son’ is the newest track from Armin van Buuren with vocals from Sam Martin. With this calm and freeing track Armin van Buuren again shows a totally different side of himself and it is great! ‘Wild Wild Son’ is a refreshing masterpiece. The music video will premiere in the ASOT radio show.

Listen to Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin ‘Wild wild Son’ HERE

Helmed by sublime piano chords and Sam Martin’s guiding vocals, ‘Wild Wild Son’ sees Armin van Buuren go down the cross-genre road to come up with an absolute masterpiece. Moving, hopeful and honest, it’s a song you just have to let run free.