Sydney’s hardest-working electronic pairing Set Mo (Nick Drabble & Stu Turner) return with the ninth instalment of their one track a month series. ‘Stuck’ is out now.

Written at Tileyards in London, where their now gold-certified single “White Dress” was written 3 years earlier, “Stuck” fuses together Set Mo’s addictive pool of signature summer house sound designs, delivering a mammoth testament to the glorious catalogue of quintessential dance tracks enjoyed thus far throughout the series. Maintaining shaking beats to get you warmed up and featuring the signature bass sounds of Australian disco-funk hero Touch Sensitive, the track warps between pitched vocals that inject a delicious dose of groove into the body, before a chorus of signature keys takes the reigns for the classic 90s house revisit you’ve been waiting for.

“Stuck was written last year in London. We’d forgotten just how prevalent house music is in the UK until we arrived and were pleasantly reminded of this everywhere we went. When we jumped in the studio at Tileyard, we had no choice but to lay down a house groove. Drawing on the classic sounds of our earliest electronic inspirations, some of whom even have studios at Tileyards themselves i.e. The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx, we quickly crafted the framework of Stuck and laid down the vocals all in time for a cheeky pint at lunch. On returning to an Australian summer, we finished it in Sydney channelling the heat from our poorly ventilated studio. We wanted to do our version of a vocal house anthem that we could rinse at the awesome summer festivals we’ve been lucky enough to play over the years and couldn’t be prouder of this finished product”
Set Mo

“Stuck” arrives to amplify the success of previous singles “Down The Line” feat Cloud Control’s AJ Wright, “Wish You Were Here” (co-written with Julian Hamilton from The Presets) and “See The Light”, that have amassed support from Triple J Radio, whilst collectively procuring over 2 million streams. Set Mo’s monthly release campaign has already presented a collection of certifiable dance floor burners, including “Fault Lines” which premiered on triple J Good Nights, added to Apple Music’s A List and a whopping 11 New Music Friday Spotify playlists globally. “Communicate” premiered by Magnetic Magazine. 

Having spent 2017 focused heavily on writing and recording, Nick and Stu are excited to share their abundance of new music, created in studios across London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Australia. With an enduring ability to repeatedly outdo themselves with each monthly track, don’t miss your chance to lose yourself to the glorious grooves laid down by Set Mo’s newest track “Stuck” at your nearest Stamina Session this Spring.

Set Mo’s new single ‘Stuck’ is OUT NOW via Set Mo Records.


– New long-player from the electronic music maven released Oct 12
– ‘We Are The Light’ single out today
– ‘We Are The Light’s official video online now


The seventh artist album from musician, DJ and – most recently – songwriter, Markus Schulz has confirmed its release spot. October 12 will see the German-born/US-based artist place sixteen tracks within the album frame of ‘We Are The Light’.

‘We Are The Light’ is a release that draws on musical areas Markus has been long recognized/venerated for, as well as ones more recently ventured into. Given the two albums that immediately precede it, it’s also a release he’s aware that’ll come with a degree of predetermination.

“Yeah, I know!” Markus says wryly: Dakota: ‘dark’, Markus Schulz: ‘not dark’. It’s an easy expedient way of looking at it. Personally though, with this album, I feel we’re transcending that. We’re moving beyond it and into a third band. If anything, this is ‘Markus Schulz: ‘positive’”.

Whilst doubtless sharing some sonic genetics with both ‘Watch The World’ and last year’s Dakota LP, it is too neat to peg ‘WATL’ as either straight successor to the former, nor clear-cut yin to ‘The Nine Skies’ yang. Something indeed more conversional and epochal took place at the start of its production. A shift in outlook that had a decisive effect upon its make-up. This album is in fact a result to both releases and marks an expressional ascension for Markus.

It is – to put it in a one word – “up”.


This is something that its track titles swiftly underscore. Numbers like ‘The Awakening’, ‘You Light Up The Night’, ‘Heaven’, ‘We Haven’t Lost Our Way’, ‘Safe From Harm’, ‘The Dreamers’, ‘Together’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘We Are The Light’s title single all telegraph its standpoint clear as day.

The album features a company of singers and fellow co-songwriters that – even by the gilt standards of Schulz’s previous LP releases – are an unparalleled assembly. Markus has consciously (as he puts it) “mixed up the pack” on the album. For every familiar name, there’s a co-writer making their debut. For every neophyte, there’s an established artist from another style-space being introduced to the electronic music realm.

From the already-acquainted side, ‘Scream 2’s Seri is back collaborating, as are ‘Watch The World’ alumni Nikki Flores, Adina Butar and Soundland. As expected the album houses the 2018 Schulz singles ‘Safe From Harm’, ‘Calling For Love’ and ‘Upon My Shoulders’. (Those respectively marked Markus’ debut collaborations with Emma Hewitt, JES and Sebu of Capital Cities fame). On the spellbinding ‘Symphony of Stars’, Christina Novelli also makes a first time appearance, while the album seeks and finds talent from other European quarters too. Alina Eremia and Smiley – already immensely successful household names inside their native Romania – make dazzling first time musical debuts outside their home country.

‘We Are The Light’s has also afforded Markus the much desired opportunity to resume the song-writing that first manifested on ‘Watch The World’. For each album track, almost without exception, Markus sat down with singers and songwriters to contribute thoughts, angles and individual insights, as well as lyrical lines, verses & choruses.

Marking its final pre-release milestone, ‘We Are The Light’ namesake single drops today, and along with it, its astonishing, nothing-less-then mesmerising official video. Shot amongst the Californian redwoods during the snowy frontend months of 2018, the Nikki Flores-sung title track is in itself an embodiment of the newly found positivity that’s the primary driving force behind the album.

You watch the new single’s official video here ( and pre-order Markus Schulz’s luminously produced artist album ‘We Are The Light’ here (

Released through Black Hole Recordings/Coldharbour Recordings October 12 2018

01: Markus Schulz – The Awakening
02: Markus Schulz & Omnia featuring Seri – Road Of No Return
03: Markus Schulz & Alina Eremia – You Light Up The Night
04: Markus Schulz featuring Nikki Flores – We Are The Light
05: Markus Schulz – Heaven
06: Markus Schulz & Lachi – Far
07: Markus Schulz & Jared Lee – Together
08: Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers
09: Markus Schulz – Flight of the Phoenix
10: Markus Schulz & Soundland – 51°11′17″N 10°3′10″E (We Haven’t Lost Our Way)
11: Markus Schulz & JES – Calling For Love
12: Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Breathe Me To Life
13: Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt – Safe From Harm
14: Markus Schulz & Christina Novelli – Symphony of Stars
15: Markus Schulz & Jared Lee – Utopia
16: Markus Schulz featuring Sebu (Capital Cities) – Upon My Shoulders

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