Autumn… and as Pure Trance’s datebook runs, the end of its seventh year as a scene force. This, like the six before it, comes marked in the time honoured way through ‘Solarstone Presents Pure Trance’.

From within” is where the architect-absolute of the movement, Rich Solarstone believes every Pure Trance-worthy track begins. “When you’re compiling these albums, you know within the first 90 listening-seconds, he says, whether it’s a producer pushing the physical or metaphoric buttons. Or, if it’s a musician truly making music that comes from within”. It’s the acid test each of 50 tracks on ‘Pure Trance VII’ have taken and passed.
Divine intervention perhaps, but latterly, with every 365 that goes by another two new Pure Trance proponents rise to co-mixing prominence, reckoning #7 being no exception. That said, the argument could be made that Kristina Sky’s been in contention far longer. Well-established darling of the US West Coast’s trance scene, she brings 15+ years expertise to her mix. Lostly however is the ne-plus-ultra of the above. Only 12 months ago a ‘one-of-many’, through an unstinting gig & music-making stream, the last 365’s seen Andre Frauenstein’s visibility rise to compilation mixing levels.

Naturally Pure Trance lives and breathes through its ability to discover and supply you with the very finest new audio from the freshest talent. As ever then, don’t expect a run of fare from the mainstream’s usual suspects. For every BT, you’re going to find a Dark Matter, for every Matt Darey, a Vadim Zhukov, or for every Scott Bond, an Everlight, a Sam Mitcham, an Astrosphere, etc, etc. Naturally, there’ is an abundance of newness from Lostly and Solarstone’s studios too, and even the usually DJ-booth-bound Kristina has headed into the studio for the album’s gleaming.

So, strap in, sign off those safety waivers and buckle up your dancefloor-pounding boots: Pure Trance is heading to seventh heaven!!!

Out November 9th  – Order Pure Trance VII Here:

In it’s now destined manner, 2018’s ‘Solarstone Presents Pure Trance’ follows the natural arc of a flawless clubbing night. Someone who’s blazed the opening set trail many times for Solarstone, Kristina Sky’s instincts couldn’t be sharper. Of her 20-strong track set, no less than 16 are drawn from the ranks of Pure Trance Recordings latest & up-comers. Frontend of that train, you’ll find producers like Mike Saint-Jules, Elfsong and Revolution 9 delivering purity in the form of ‘Parachuting’, ‘Crenshinibon’ and ‘Awakening’. Kristina’s Resurrection Mashup of BT vs. Attila Syah ‘Journey To Gravity’ marks the midpoint, while (respectively) New Ordinance, Shacada and Tim Verkruissen bring ‘calm-before-the-storm’ moments ‘Beyond Gravity’, ‘Sunset’ & ‘Radiant’. Carrying her set to its conclusion, she works in the Blizzard’s remix of ‘Like A Waterfall’, Solar Movement (aka Activa)’s newie ‘Where We Dream’ and her own latest stunner (alongside Roger Shah), ‘Ocean Flame’.

Remarking on her participation in the album, Kristina said: “I’m truly honoured to have been invited by Rich to contribute to ‘Pure Trance Vol. 7’. Solarstone’s music was a huge inspiration to me early on, well before I started DJing, and I’ve been so impressed and proud to watch him grow the Pure Trance movement over the years. He’s been a great friend and mentor, so to be able to mix this compilation with him has – hands down – been one of the biggest highlights of my career. I hope you all enjoy the music… and Vive la Trance!”

Solarstone catches the closing flow of Kristina’s disc perfectly and with his own Reconstruction mix of Vadim Zhukov’s ‘Heart Connected’ puts the release onto its main-set footing. Tracks like Dark Matter’s ‘When Faith Fades’, ‘False Memory’ from Finland’s Allende and his Pure Mix bring-back of Pink Bomb’s underground classic ‘Indica’ set the mercury rising. Neil Bamford rewire of ReOrder’s ‘Beyond Time’, Astrosphere (aka Driftmoon & Robert Nickson)’s ‘What Lies Between The Stars’, and Mr. Nickson’s remix of Solarstone’ ‘Motif’ each further its ascendance. That only leaves the likes of ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ from Bryan Kearney, Sam Mitcham’s title-apt ‘Whopper’ and Craig Connelly’s revision of Rich’s own epic ‘Jewel’ to shatter disc 2’s thermometer.
Of his co-mix picks for album #7, Rich said: “I’m delighted to have Kristina and Andre joining me this year. I first met Kristina at my Circus L.A debut some 15 years age. We remained friends ever since & I can’t overstate how much she has done for trance in the USA. I chose Andre aka Lostly for this year’s Disc 3 after he played for us in Thailand at the Unkonscious Festival. His energy blew me away, as did his exacting ‘pünktlichkeit’ during the compilation progress, which was absolute professionalism”.


Lostly currently reigns supreme”; “better with every track and remix”; “every release finds the net”; “yet more brilliance from Lostly” – just some of the plaudits that DJ Mag alone have placed at the German’s door of late. Whilst Andre Frauenstein’s enjoys an all-times-of-the-night DJing ability, for ‘Pure Trance VII’ he’s handling ‘the final set’. He wastes zero time in weighing in with recent voltage from Simon Bostock, Everlight, Sneijder, Liam Wilson, Indecent Noise and others. A man who always has a healthy resource of his own music to work with, he intermixes his disc with his own studio fare. Katherine Amy pairing ‘Forever’, Factor B union ‘Strandloper’ and (in solo-mode) ‘Reflection’ all land early craters. Latterly meanwhile, Scott Bond & Charlie Walker collab ‘Tides’, his own ‘Distant Shores’, and Allen Watts remix’s of ‘Trans Karoo’ likewise prevail.


Having compiled and mixed his disc, Lostly commented: “I wanted to find the right balance between showcasing a number of different artists while still keeping that Lostly sound. By approaching a number of artists to do collaborations, I felt it would be a great solution in yielding as many originals for the album as possible. Not only did I find myself growing personally as an artist but I also found it interesting working with others and seeing their workflow. Alongside these collaborations are originals by other artists of which I enjoy listening to as well as solo album-exclusive originals of mine, which have become near and dear to me”.

‘Solarstone Presents Pure Trance VII’, mixed by Kristina Sky, Solarstone and Lostly is out November 9th.
Make it happen here:

Pure Trance VII Tracklist:

  1. L_DG – Isle of Formentera (Ciree Remix) (3:24)
    10. Revolution 9 – Awakening (4:04)
    11. BT featuring JC Chasez vs. Attila Syah – Journey To Gravity (Kristina Sky’s Resurrection Mashup) (3:23)
    12. New Ordinance – Beyond Gravity (3:26)
    13. Shacada – Sunset (4:00)
    14. Danny Stubbs vs. Kindred Spirits – The View From Apollo D’Antan (Kristina Sky & Randy Boyer’s
    15. David Gradwell – Awakening (4:11)
    16. Tim Verkruissen – Radiant (3:39)
    17. Solarstone & JES – Like A Waterfall (The Blizzard Remix) (4:15)
    18. Solar Movement – Where We Dream (3:37)
    19. Alex Wright – Sueño (3:40)
    20. Roger Shah & Kristina Sky – Ocean Flame (3:49)

Disc 2 – Mixed by Solarstone

  1. Vadim Zhukov featuring Megan Sampson – Heart Connected (Solarstone Reconstruction) (4:04)
    02. Ibizarre – Underwater World (John O’Callaghan Remix) (3:39)
    03. Effen – Sinners [Aren’t We All?] (3:45)
    04. Allende – False Memory (4:08)
    05. Pink Bomb – Indica (Solarstone Pure Mix) (3:44)
    06. EDU – Turbulence (4:00)
    07. Dark Matter – When Faith Fades (Solarstone Pure Mix) (3:32)
    08. Matt Darey featuring Jonatan Bäckelie – Step Outside (Matt Darey Trance Mix) (4:04)
    09.ReOrder – Beyond Time (Neil Bamford Remix) (3:38)
    10.Astrosphere – What Lies Between The Stars (3:55)
    11. Solarstone – Motif (Robert Nickson Remix) (3:54)
    12. ReOrder – All Comes Back To You (Solarstone Pure Mix) (3:57)
    13. Bryan Kearney – Something Out Of Nothing (3:26)
    14. Sam Mitcham – Whopper (Solarstone Edit) (3:47)
    15. Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Craig Connelly Remix) (3:48)

Disc 3 – Mixed by Lostly

  1. Lostly & Katherine Amy – Forever (3:33)
  2. Simon Bostock featuring Fisher – Without You (Instrumental Mix) (4:03)
  3. Leroy Moreno – Paradigm Shift (4:07)
  4. Factor B & Lostly – Strandloper (4:21)
  5. Lostly – Reflection (4:32)
    06. Everlight – Voyager (4:17)
  6. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Carbon Paper (3:43)
  7. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs. Lostly – Tides (4:45)
  8. Sneijder – Back Home (4:29)
  9. Liam Wilson – Remember Me (Allan Morrow Remix) (3:46)
    11. Indecent Noise – One Step Back (3:57)
  10. Lostly – Distant Shores (3:57)
  11. Tempo Giusto pres. ToneArts – Together As One (3:23)
  12. Lostly – Trans Karoo (Allen Watts Remix) (3:34)
    15.  Lost In Noise – Cosmic Spirit (3:52)


MAY 22nd – 24th

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The 12th edition of the summit reveals its cornerstone theme; building on its existing successful wellness agenda with a focus on igniting and optimizing potential in the electronic music industry 

International Music Summit (IMS), the premier global platform for business, culture and education within the electronic music industry, returns in 2019 to the dance music capital of the world for its annual three-day educational, inspirational and motivational thought-leadership forum.

As an incredibly powerful and poignant year draws nearer to a close, today IMS announce its cornerstone theme for its 12th summit on May 22-24th 2019. The platform, once described as “the TED of music conferences”, has been responsible for leading initiatives that have resulted in positive change within the electronic music industry and it continues to set the agenda for the genre across the world in Europe, North America and Asia.

Focused on evolving and elevating the potential of both the individual and organisations in order to unlock success, IMS Ibiza 2019 will assemble industry leaders and artists from the international electronic music sector and beyond, to inspire and be inspired, throwing a spotlight on the most crucial business challenges and opportunities we face today. Special emphasis on health and wellness for mind and body will also continue to be a summit focus, with daily yoga, meditation and reflection sessions offered to all delegates.

REMEDY STATE, the first wellness, creativity and performance retreat aimed at the Arts & Entertainment industry, will also return to the serene Sa Talaia for IMS Ibiza 2019, building on the critical momentum generated during its 2018 sold out debut and continue supporting the health and wellbeing of our industry. Aligned with IMS 2019 conference agenda Remedy State will also be increasing its focus on self-actualization, personal development and human potential. 

Participants in the fully immersive 2-day retreat will experience one-on-one consultations with doctors, coaches, and nutritionists, lectures from world leaders in the fields of mental health, mindfulness, fitness, and performance coaching, hands-on workshops from cutting-edge practitioners in the fields of sleep, sound healing, breath work, yoga, fully inclusive organic & paleo meals and more. 

IMS Co-Founder Ben Turner states “We are still feeling the energy that came from IMS Ibiza 2018. From the glow of those who attended Remedy State, to the Pete Tong Keynote Introduction on Avicii passing, through to the emotional SheSaidSo gathering on Friday to the incredible energy of Dalt Vila… It was truly the most inspiring event we’ve created, with an open, honest, heartfelt summit which seems to have given many a refreshed outlook for the months ahead. We aim to build on this new-found positive perspective and take it a step further with a focus on reaching the Flow State, and harnessing creativity and productivity in our work and daily lives.”

Along with the carefully curated three-day summit of inspiring keynotes and workshops, delegates will experience powerful networking sessions, Ibiza opening parties, the IMS Legends Dinner and the annual IMS Dalt Vila closing celebration.

For the second year IMS Ibiza offers delegates the opportunity to choose their summit experience from three tailored badge tiers as well as the option to bundle Remedy State packages. Special discounts for students, Under 25’s and Ibiza Residents are also available providing full summit access as well as entrance to selected Ibiza clubs and opening parties over the duration of IMS week. Early Bird badges will be available for just 36 hours before regular pricing commences.

Boiler Plate: 

The Mission

International Music Summit is an educational, inspirational and motivational thought leadership platform dedicated to creating and encouraging the awareness of, and appreciation for, electronic music, and the artistry related to DJing and related art forms – primarily through the presentation of summits and events that celebrate both the historic and ongoing contribution of the genre to culture worldwide. IMS annually hosts major events globally in Ibiza, Los Angeles, China and Malta. IMS was created by Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, Pete Tong & Simeon Friend.


Now that dust has just settled on a spectacular edition of Amsterdam Dance Event, we are proud to share with you our interview with the legendary Markus Schulz; a really interesting chat about all the insights of the new album ‘We Are The Light’, with some juicy info about the collaborations, the stories behind some of the tunes and much more.

Curious yet? Let’s check it all out HERE:

Listening, it’s hard to envisage, but Markus Schulz’s most “up” album to date – originated from a remarkably dark place. With his seventh long-player on full release this week, the DJ / Producer / Songwriter took the opportunity to share insights into the album’s production path and what lay in its bedrock.

I’m a believer in having to hit bottom first before climbing back up Markus says. It’s a truism, but it’s also, I find, generally the case. It was around the time of the tragic events that unfolded in Las Vegas last October that Markus felt that nadir had finally been reached. 

I’ve always been very upfront about how mood influences the direction my music. In that respect it’s both a resource and outlet. I’m incredibly lucky that, over many a year now, the audience has come, not only anticipate this, but – as often – to embrace it.

So really “We Are The Light’ is equal parts rally cry to them and myself.”


In this respect Las Vegas proved again to be the backdrop for another pivotal moment for Markus. This time though it was 2018’s EDC. This year there was a sense of resilience and defiance there. Absolutely you could feel it. A real air of determination amongst EDC’s audience, he says; people feeling that they weren’t going to be cowed or made to feel afraid, you know’. That was an incredibly transitional set and experience for me. And that’s where the direction of this album really took its biggest cue from”. 

My state of mind now is that we have to believe we’re starting to turn a corner in order to actually get into the turn. We should be the ones that make the changes first. We (the electronic music community) are the light that the world needs right now. I think it’s time we – for lack of a better expression – ‘stepped up’. It’s time we showed the world how it could all be”.

“The last Dakota album was written from the standpoint of how I saw things at the time. ‘Watch The World’, in hindsight, was more observatory and third person. This one though is written from what I see as a shared collective perspective & experience between the fans and myself. We are the positivity that the world needs. Ultimately what I want is for people to feel good after listening to this album. To spark a greater sense of positivity; to empower in someway. I really see our community as a microcosm of what could ‘be’ with the world. In a way we are a poster child for a better way of being. If we could in some way harness the sense of community & its positivity and catalyse it beyond our bounds, it would give electronic music a legacy so, so much bigger than it even is now.”

You watch the new single’s official video here ( and pre-order Markus Schulz’s luminously produced new artist album ‘We Are The Light’ here (

01: Markus Schulz – The Awakening
02: Markus Schulz & Omnia featuring Seri – Road Of No Return
03: Markus Schulz & Alina Eremia – You Light Up The Night
04: Markus Schulz featuring Nikki Flores – We Are The Light
05: Markus Schulz – Heaven
06: Markus Schulz & Lachi – Far
07: Markus Schulz & Jared Lee – Together
08: Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers
09: Markus Schulz – Flight of the Phoenix
10: Markus Schulz & Soundland – 51°11′17″N 10°3′10″E  (We Haven’t Lost Our Way)
11: Markus Schulz & JES – Calling For Love
12: Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Breathe Me To Life
13: Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt – Safe From Harm
14: Markus Schulz & Christina Novelli – Symphony of Stars
15: Markus Schulz & Jared Lee – Utopia
16: Markus Schulz featuring Sebu (Capital Cities) – Upon My Shoulders

More info available on Markus Schulz through the resources below:


No doubt ADE 2018 has been one for the books with a lot of special things happening; we met tons of artists, attended amazing parties and interesting press meetings.

One of our personal highlights has been for sure our interview with the Belgian talent Stereoclip, fresh from signing exclusively with Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music and dropping first album single ‘Feel The Game’, he has embarked on an exciting new journey dropping his second artist album, ‘Travel’ which he showcased during ADE at Armada’s pop up point.

Stereoclip explained us how this new album is a huge step forward after his first work ‘Hometown’ and got us some interesting insights about his production as well as showing us his point of view about the direction his music is taking, the production flow and so on.

Heralded by the entrancing soundscapes of ‘Day One’ and the aforementioned ‘Feel The Game’, ‘Travel’ sees the Brussels-based artist to open his mind to new musical developments and borderless genres, to improve and mature. Harboring twelve inspiring songs that take fans to places they never even knew existed, the album marks a wonderful body of work poised to exceed any and all expectations.

Stereoclip: “’Travel’ is very important to me as it shows how my sound and influences have evolved over the years, what it took to succeed and what I missed. It’s an exploration in sounds, synthesizers, recording and studio mixing, the first steps in my new artistic landscape. For me, it’s an eclectic electronic album; you can encounter hip-hop, pop, acoustic, techno, house, trance and ‘80s sounds. I have tried to convey what I like in music and turn my hand to it. The album represents interrogations, discovery, improvement and the pleasure to discover a new world after my debut album ‘Hometown’, which I made back when I still created music on instinct alone. I’m sure the ride has only just started and it’s never going to be finished, simply because music is an unlimited world.”


Through his own brand of deep, vocal-oriented and mysterious techno music, Stereoclip has been making big waves in the dance music scene. With the success of his 2016 album ‘Hometown’ as the first crown to his hard work (and the releases of ‘Travel’ as his second), the Belgian has been pulling out all the stops both in the studio and on the live front to further his career and to please the thousands of fans that have been hooked since they first learned of his masterstroke productions or peerless live performances.

Listen to Stereoclip – Travel

Please find the whole chat here:




Lost Frequencies is Germany’s most successful Belgian artist

It’s official, according to the gfk, Lost Frequencies is the most successful Belgian artist in the German charts! Six singles, two number one hits and a total of 177 weeks in the charts mean that he has overtaken Milow, Kate Ryan and Technotronic.


His debut single “Are You With Me” not only earned Lost Frequencies – real name Felix da Leat – two prestigious Echo awards, it also saw him triumph over Adele and her uber hit “Hello”. The single has gone on to sell over 1 million copies, earning a Diamond award in the process.


Lost Frequencies has dominated the charts with his music to such an extent, he’s clearly here to stay. German radios, meanwhile, never miss a chance to play his tunes, every single day. He has topped the airplay charts with two different songs and was also #1 in the airplay chart of the year. The 24-year-old Belgian has scored an incredible quarter of a million plays on radio, that adds up to 625,575 minutes on the German airwaves.


2019 promises to be just as exciting. Felix da Laet aka Lost Frequencies plans to release his second artist album and new singles! The success story continues …

Listen to Lost Frequencies feat. The NGHBRS – Like I Love You



Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me

Awards: gold – platinum – triple gold – double platinum – diamond

Chart position: #1 I Weeks: #64

Airplay peak position: #2

Weeks in airplay top 10: 22

Overall airplay position 2015: #1


Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy – Reality

Awards: gold – platinum – triple gold

Chart position: #1 I Weeks: #41

Airplay peak position: #1

Weeks in Top 10: 30

Overall airplay position 2015: #5


Lost Frequencies feat. Sandro Cavazza – Beautiful Life:

Chart position: #50 I Weeks: #14

Airplay peak position: #74


Lost Frequencies – What Is Love 2016

Awards: gold

Chart position: #17 I Weeks: #24

Airplay peak position: #2

Weeks in Top 10: 4

Overall airplay position 2016: #78


Lost Frequencies & Zonderling – Crazy

Awards: gold

Chart position: #17 I Weeks: #22

Airplay peak position: #1

Weeks in Top 10: 13

Overall airplay position 2018: #9


Lost Frequencies feat. James Blunt – Melody

Chart position: #26 I Weeks: #19

Airplay peak position: #2

Weeks in Top 10: 8

Overall airplay position 2018: #22


Adriatique Release Their Debut Album ‘Nude’ On Afterlife Recordings With Worldwide Album Tour | OUT NOW | STREAM





Swiss duo Adriatique deliver their debut album on Afterlife Recordings – ‘Nude’. Their most personal artistic statement yet, the album captures their feelings and memories. Effortlessly switching between slick, downtempo electronica and driving club fare, this full-length album, allows listeners to hear another side of Adriatique.
The two Adrians’ close friendship and complementary skill sets have helped develop Adriatique into one of the most esteemed acts on the house and techno circuit. Their releases since 2011 have come through leading labels such as Diynamic, Cityfox alongside their own imprint, Siamese. Signing to Afterlife early in 2018, the pair released club-ready single ‘Ray’, it followed their remix of Tale Of Us & Vaal’s anthemic ‘Monument’ and cemented Adriatique as a core artist both on Afterlife Recordings and at their events in Ibiza as well as the rest of the globe. Forthcoming LP ‘Nude’ is the most diverse and adventurous record in the catalogues of both artist and label.
The album writing process coincided with some personally challenging times for Adrian Schweizer in particular. Writing the music became a way for him to express this rollercoaster of emotions. The Sporadic drumming and eerie melody of ‘Dawning’ opens the album, juxtaposing emotions with a bright yet melancholic feel – setting the scene for a tale of twists and turns. This theme continues with the spirited bassline of ‘Awakening Machines’and the striking angular cuts of title track ‘Nude’reflecting Schweizer’s contemplation and raging emotions in the rawest sense. Adriatique introduces a softer side, with vocoder-laden synth lines and the angelic vocals of Delhia De France in ‘Tachykardia’.
Fully immersed in Shala and Schweizer’s world of sound, you reach the ‘Point Of No Return’, together with ‘Studies In Dance Theory’ – two of the albums quirky and idiosyncratic club tracks. From there, it’s a soothing descent through the breath-taking collaboration ‘Mystery’ with vocalist Jono McCleery, into the ultrasonic heartbeats of Schweizer’s son on ‘Ultraschall’.
Finally, triumph can be felt through closing track ‘Ray (Re-incarnation)’; a downtempo, orchestral version of the single track ‘Ray’ that is named after Schweizer’s son.
With the presentation of the ‘Nude’ LP, Adriatique prove themselves to be as adept at creating beautiful, melodic songs as they are driving club beats; the two worlds merging on this refined and truly singular album.

2018/19 ‘Nude’ Album Tour Dates:
26/10 – Nordik Impakt Festival, Caen 
27/10 – Le Diskret, Lyon
31/10 – Badaboum, Paris
02/11 – Gewoelbe, Cologne 
03/11 – Volt, Milano
08/11 – Lux Fragil, Lisbon
09/11 – Panorama Bar, Berlin
10/11 – Shelter, Amsterdam
16/11 – El Chiringuito, Dubai
17/11 – Akvarium, Budapest
23/11 – Spazio Intolab, Naples 

24/11 – Printworks, London (Afterlife) 
29/11 – Sub Club, Glasgow
30/11 – Das Zimmer, Mannheim 

01/12 – Steam, Athens
07/12 – Klogkebouw, Eindhoven (StrafWerk Festival)
08/12 – Smolna, Warsaw

14/12 – Gazgolder, Moscow
15/12 – Nitsa, Barcelona

21/12 – The Block, Tel Aviv
22/12 – Kompass, Ghent
28/12 – The Great Nothern, San Francisco 

29/12 – Lot 613, Los Angeles
30/12 – Spybar, Chicago
31/12 – TBA, New York City

03/01 – Sacbe Lagoon, Tulum
09/01 – Cenote Tortuga, Tulum (Afterlife) 

12/01 – Space Miami
17/01 – Zukunft, Zurich
18/01 – Blitz, Munich
19/01  Secret Location, Wroclaw

26/01 – Fuse, Brussels
31/01 – Casa Piedra, Santiago de Chile

01/02 – La Fabrica, Cordoba
02/02 – TBA, Sao Paulo

03/02 – Rio Electronic Music, Buenos Aires 
08/02 – Grelle Forelle, Vienna
14/02 – Mondo, Madrid 
15/02 – Isolate, Istanbul 
16/02 – Uberhaus, Beirut 
Adriatique ‘Nude’ LP is OUT NOW via Afterlife Recordings






Since day one, DJ and production duo Catz ‘N Dogz, have prided themselves on their appreciation for life. Well known for their serious production-style, they return with their final transmission of 2018. This time, it’s all about the core fundamentals that have brought them so far; Friendship, trust and love. Without them they wouldn’t thrive. Channeling this, new EP ‘The Choice’ sends out the message of how we live is ‘The Choice’ we all have to make; Take what you do seriously but don’t take life too seriously. A bold statement against insular club culture, closed minds and lack of innovation.

‘The Choice’ continues Catz ‘N Dogz positive broadcasts with the help of Miss Bunty and three great friends on remix duties. Bunty instantly flips us back 25 years to a warehouse in New Jersey, with a soulful, provocative sermon about the best things in life; people and places. She wraps her vocals tightly around a thumping, grainy jacking acid beat, creating instant uplift and focus.

Her powerful delivery works just as effectively over all remixes. Belgian Beton returns to PETS with a darker, rippling rhythm that drops its anchor in the timeless techno abyss. While Bawrut continues the rich vein of form he’s developed on Ransom Note, with a caustic frenzy of breaks, acid and raw, gut-wrenching sirens. Finally, we have Soul Notes and Shall Not Fade affiliate, Adryiano, close the case. Laying down a bed of peppy organs, he creates a fittingly classic garage vibe, for Bunty to sign out to. Open your eyes, open your ears. “The Choice” is yours!


  1. Catz ‘N Dogz – The Choice (Miss Bunty Vocal)
  2. Catz ‘N Dogz – The Choice (BETON Tribute to the Classics Mix)
  3. Catz ‘N Dogz – The Choice (Bawrut Remix)
  4. Catz ‘N Dogz – The Choice (Adryiano Super Relaks Remix)

Catz ‘N Dogz ‘The Choice’ EP is OUT NOW via PETS Recordings





Copenhagen’s Nandu is one of the most sought-after electronic acts from Scandinavia at present. An artist unrestrained by genre barriers and a name who is no stranger to performing alongside the industry’s key players, Nandu’s forthcoming body of work seeks to explore new grooves and compelling melodies delivered in the form of a full eight track album.

‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’draws inspiration from Nandu’s roots in Jazz, Rock, Pop and even Salsa. A natural musician, and one who is never bound by creative restraints, he seeks to inspire and draw on the imagination with his compositions. Creating sounds that take you from South American beaches to bitter Nordic winters; from the theatrical deep jungle to sparse and unsympathetic urban ambiances, Nandu creates unparalleled soundscapes within his music.

Over the last three years Nandu has built a key following and glowing reputation for himself with a line of cutting-edge releases on labels such as Constant Circles, Azzur and Rebirth, as well as forming his own imprint entitled Calypso Chili in 2017. He also holds down a residency at the Culture Box club in the Danish capital, running his own party titled ‘Into The Wild’ which hosts the likes of Manu Le Tough and Re.You. Now he takes to Connected to house his next album which is a project from the heart.

Built around the concept of Yin and Yang and the idea of duality, Nandu contemplates the idea that on one hand a choice in life may pull you in a certain direction, but then you live with the consequences of that action. Similarly, an uncontrollable power can switch up the poles between high and low. You learn to absorb and adapt without looking back, and do better the next time

“Sometimes in life you make a choice that you regret but which will always will follow you.
When uncontrollable powers force you into another direction, it can easily switch the poles
between high and low” – 

Consisting of eight tracks, the collection of music is an expedition into Nandu’s world with youthful tendencies transforming and maturing. ‘What You Have To Do’ is a calm embrace, furnished with a soothing female vocal and percussive stems. It sets the temperate tone to great effect, preceding the gorgeous ‘Calling’ featuring Vâlva as her shrill voice soars over the top of definitive bleeps and echoes, before distorted symbols and static bass takes hold and the listener is utterly hypnotized.

The title track is definitively engaging and contorted as you would expect, a person battling with inner emotions. A knotted build up and shallow drop, conjuring an otherworldly and melodic feeling.  Nandu’s collaboration with Oluhle with ‘Isibane’embodies a tribal-esque sound. The vocal is mesmerisingly emotive, intensely euphoric and uplifting as the track progresses and would fit just as well in a dimly lit club as it would for calming home listening.

As the album draws to a close, ‘When They Call’flourishes with heavier and moody textures taking precedence before ‘The Cost Of My Childish Dreams’, bringing a meditative bearing on the final minutes.

A true composition by a true musician. An emotional trip; an intricately crafted soundscape that makes just as well for bedroom listening as it does on a big sound system. Nandu has created an intelligent journey of music that’s is not to be missed.

Track List:

A1 – What You Have To Do
A2 – Calling Feat. Vâlva
B1 – One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety
B2 – You Will See Feat. Apoke
C1 – While You Wait
C2 – Isibane
D1 – When They Call
D2 – The Cost Of My Childish Dream

Nandu ‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’ will be released OUT NOW via Connected

ALPHA 9 – Azzura

‘ALPHA 9’ also known as ‘ARTY’ is far in the lead with most released records in the EDM / Progressive scene this year. With this new track ‘Azzura’ he shows us why. This track will have the trance fans longing for more.

Listen to the track here.

Once again conjuring up magical chord progressions to go with the subtle beats, ALPHA 9 unleashes his latest masterpiece onto Armind. Easily as beautiful as a cloudless sky, ‘Azzura’ is a piece of sonic magic no Trance fan can resist.


ANDREW RAYEL & FERNANDO GARIBAY feat. JAKE TORREY – Last Summer (Andrew Rayel & DRYM Club Mix)

‘Last Summer’ from Andrew Rayel & Fernando Garibay feat. Jake Torrey is a track that leans more towards the ‘pop’ spectrum. Andrew Rayel & DRYM turned it into a smashing club remix that will definitely get you longing for the club.

Listen to the track here.

From smooth summer smash to bulldozing floor-cracker, Andrew Rayel and Fernando Garibay’s ‘Last Summer’ is back to hit a whole other side of the electronic music spectrum. Taken to the maximum intensity level by Andrew Rayel and DRYM, this Club Mix holds all the power you wanted and more.