June 3, 2023


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Our Italian workhaolic duo, D-Rhapsody is back at it, fully refreshed to engage their audience once again with this new gem.

The duo steps up their game to deliver a magical and amazingly crafted tune, making it crystal clear that they have a voice that needs to be heard!

‘Liquid Ceiling’ is a stellar display of their storytelling prowess where they unravel their mystery while the track unfolds gradually.

Listen to D-Rhapsody ‘Liquid Ceiling’ here


The latest release from Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music finds D-Rhapsody returning for a new EP. Hailing from Italy, Max Orian and Alberto Gasparini aka D-Rhapsody first appeared on the Greek imprint in December of last year with their ‘Rip Current’ EP. A remix for Replicanth’s ‘From Earth to Heaven’ then followed in April along with an EP for Soundteller Records in July. Now as the summer season winds to a close D-Rhapsody finds their way back to Dopamine with a new EP entitled ‘Liquid Ceiling’. The originality of D-Rhapsody’s work has always been revered by both their fans and contemporaries. This latest two track showcase not only continues that trend but stretches the genre confines even further. Beginning with the title piece ‘Liquid Ceiling’ the duo explore techno rhythms and esoteric design. Backed by a fluid, free flowing framework it’s an energetic romp from the outset. Astral effects and waning thematics soon fill the air, ultimately leading to a soulful break where colourful harmonics sets up a quirky finale. The companion piece ‘Floating Point’ comes in a touch deeper and more groove oriented with a well sculpted, character heavy low end leading the charge. Rolling and rhythmic in all the right ways the piece flows through rippling clusters and vibrant chord stabs before a wonky lead motif highlights the break, propelling the track to an exhilarating finale. it rounds out an excellent return to Dopamine Music for D-Rhapsody who continue to impress with fresh and inspired productions. Words by Mitch Alexander (Change Underground). Artwork by Dimitrios Papanikos. Mastered by Dopamine. Distributed by Proton.

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