It doesn’t take long for Francisco Allendes to leave a lasting impression. After debuting on Armada Subjekt with ‘Montana’ earlier this year, the ANTS resident and Tech House icon not only released ‘Superwings’ as his label debut’s groove-led successor but also entered into a full-blown partnership with Armada Subjekt, becoming the label’s ambassador as well as its latest exclusive signing.

Listen to Francisco Allendes – Superwings

A delicious, groove-battered underground treat, Francisco Allendes’ ‘Superwings’ takes fans to greater heights indeed. Becoming stronger, more energetic and definitely more infectious as it progresses, this brand-new addition to Armada Subjekt works like a charm on the dance floor.


Having already hit labels such as Desolat, VIVA Music, Cadenza, Sola and 8Bit with his acclaimed trademark sound, Chilean, Ibiza-based DJ and producer Francisco Allendes has been on a roll since he embarked on the scene in the early 2000s. With a host of successful productions (e.g. ‘Esa Ne Quiere’, ‘El Ladrón de Mails’ and ‘Espíritu’), a huge amount of support from influential figures such as Carl Cox, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot, Josh Wink and Luciano, and many crowd-pleasing gigs at festivals, events and clubs such as ANTS at Ushuaïa, Awakenings, Mysteryland and Love Parade in his home country, and BPM, Creamfields, Hyte Cocoon, Privilege, Space and more across the globe, Francisco Allendes is one of the most flourishing names in the current  Tech House scene and more than ready to retain said spot as the newest signing of Armada Subjekt.

Listen to ‘Superwings’ on Soundcloud:


Getting the airwaves lit, Markus & JES’ original vision for ‘Calling For Love’ proved to be every bit the smash at radio as it was a streaming juggernaut. With it daytime potential more than realised, Markus has retrained the single’s sights on more afterdark areas.

To that end he sought out four of the trance scene’s most skilled & able, specifically Pavel Khvaleev, Hazem Beltagui, Marcus Santoro and DRYM. With all hands to the pump/shoulders to the wheel – from the atmospheric to the elevating – the quartet have ranged ‘Calling’ out across the trance spectrum.


Embarking at the cooler, end, Egyptian-born/Parisian-based Hazem Beltagui’s ‘Deep Extended Mix’ pretty much says it all. Lending next-level lament to JES’ searing, searching song, he establishes its moreethereal side early, calibrating his mix to develop steadily through its prog-trance framework.

For his interpretation, former Moonbeam man Pavel Khvaleev delivers a nothing-less-than exceptional treatment. A master-class in nuance, detail and painstaking production nous, his understated intro belies a floor-rocking heart, whose techier intents have ‘Calling’s mercury rising again.

Next to the mixing desk is Aussie newcomer Marcus Santoro, who’s been making quakes with his of-late releases on F.S.O.E., Wake Your Mind and Statement!. He tweaks the elevation of Markus & JES’ collective debut, angling it distinctly into primetime territory. Turning in a booming, squelch-fuelled floor carnivore, he smartly contrasts it in the drop with a piano-lit spotlighting of JES’ song.

Tying the package off, on their rework DRYM (pka Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight) turn uplift into an artform. Supremely crafted sequences built, layer on layer over running bass, which ultimately sees the mix rise to its zenith and rain a godly synth-storm onto the floor!

Truly a rework for all trance occasions and purposes, you can get equipped with the remixes of ‘Calling For Love’ here:


  1. Markus Schulz & JES – Calling For Love (Hazem Beltagui Deep Extended Mix)
  2. Markus Schulz & JES – Calling For Love (Pavel Khvaleev Extended Mix)
  3. Markus Schulz & JES – Calling For Love (Marcus Santoro Extended Remix)
  4. Markus Schulz & JES – Calling For Love (DRYM Extended Mix)