Andrew Rayel & David Gravell – Trance Reborn (Mark Sixma Remix)

‘Trance Reborn’ is the anthem of FYH100 celebrations. These celebrations have already taken place in Moldova, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Armin also played this remix at many big festivals. Are you excited?! We are! Listen it here.

Turning his hand to Andrew Rayel and David Gravell’s blistering anthem for Find Your Harmony 100, Mark Sixma once again cements his position amongst the big blokes of Trance. Merging the uplifting melody with pounding kick drums and piercing synth strikes, he makes sure ‘Trance Reborn’ is more than ready for another round of dance floor cracking


STANDERWICK & HALIENE – Deep End (Shinovi Remix)

Shinovi turned STANDERWICK & HALIENE’s ‘Deep end’ into a definite power track. You can listen to ‘Deep end’ here


Whenever Shinovi step up to the plate, you know you’ll be smacked in the face with devastating basslines shortly after. Adding loads of power to the original without abandoning its core atmosphere, the Dutch Psytrance duo turns STANDERWICK & HALIENE’s ‘Deep End’ into a speaker-busting firestorm meant to conjure up a wave of mainstage madness


It’s been around four years since debut single ‘Are You With Me’ catapulted Lost Frequencies onto the top of the scene and he has been continuing that astronomical rise to stardom without relent. Now looking back on an impressive discography that includes global hit songs such as the aforementioned ‘Are You With Me’, ‘Reality’, ‘Beautiful Life’, ‘Here With You’ (with Netsky) and more recently, ‘Melody’ (with James Blunt), the Belgian superstar adds another ridiculously catchy single to the list: ‘Like I Love You’ featuring L.A.-based act The NGHBRS, released on Lost Frequencies’ Found Frequencies label.

Listen to Lost Frequencies feat. The NGHBRS – Like I Love You

Starting off with the signature plucked guitar and smooth vocals, ‘Like I Love You’ once again sees Lost Frequencies score a perfect ten on the catchiness scale. A perfect merger of the Belgian hit machine’s world-renowned sound and The NGHBRS’ velvet vocals, this sublime crossover record is poised to take over the world’s most popular playlists, the airwaves and everything in between.


Premiered on this year’s edition of Electric Zoo by Lost Frequencies himself, ‘Like I Love You’ shows just how versatile the Belgian’s signature sound truly is. All major hits on the most popular streaming services and beyond, each Lost Frequencies single has something unique to it, a wisp of magic that makes it stand out from the rest while remaining as least as addictive. ‘Like I Love You’ fits that bill to the letter and proves that this is only the beginning of the superstar’s extraordinary journey.

Rodg – Ticket To Jupiter

You will understand where the name of this track is coming from after hearing Rodg,  his Quote:

‘How awesome would that be.. That you could buy a ticket to Jupiter one day. Instead of a ticket to JFK, Dubai or Madrid ;-)’. Maybe we could buy that one day, how awesome.

But for now, just listen to ‘Ticket To Jupiter’ here.

Statement! regular Rodg is at it again. Translating his galactic production abilities to a record that draws even those “out there” to our earthly dance floor, he offers fans a ‘Ticket To Jupiter’ for the sonic ride of their lives through a tune that’s truly out of this world.

Maor Levi – Light Years

From Tel Aviv to New York City, London to Los Angeles. The whole world is embracing the sound of young Israeli producer, Maor Levi. He is getting support from the biggest names in the music industry, like Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Austin Kramer. His new track ‘Light Years’ is on the ASOT Ibiza 2018 mix album. Go check ‘Light Years’ out here.


Touching down on Armind at long last, Maor Levi conjured up a tidal wave of sonic magic for his label debut. Immersed in addictive chords and breezy vocals, ‘Light Years’ once again demonstrates the talented composer’s production skill and will prove essential to any dance music lover’s festival season.

Morgan Page – Let You Go (Luke Bond Remix)

Luke Bond, the DJ from the UK, just signed an exclusive deal with Armada Music and Armada Publishment. As we told you before, we have to keep an eye on him.. His remix of ‘Let You Go’ will be released coming Friday and it is amazing. As Luke Bond explains: “I love taking music that was intended for one genre and completely changing things up into another. This remix has Pop, Trance, Big Room and PSY all mixed into one!” Listen to the track here