In electronic music, Christian Burns’ collaborative roll call is about as starry as it gets. BT, Tiësto, Armin, PvD, Chicane, Oakenfold, Corsten – just some of the names who, over time, have sought out his unmistakable voice and incisive lyrics.

It is indeed a far greater rarity to see the GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter’s name unlinked to an international superstar and running entirely solo. On his latest work however, it’s with good reason. In virtually every respect, ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a departure from Christian’s best-known-for.

Cool of tempo, but rich in harmony and stylish ether, in its original form the track places yet greater emphasis on penetrating lyrics, affecting emotion and cooler production sophistication.

Through ‘You’re Not Alone’, Christian relates an equal parts uplifting and elegiac tale, instilling an innate balance between its feel & fever. Yearning verses slowly increase its emotional fire, while its quietly wrenching chorus releases the tension cathartically. Musically it draws on analogue-sounding synths, which add an understated 80’s aura to its production. Christian’s voice however keeps it anchored firmly in the contemporary here-&-now.

A song that’ll be stuck in your head for days and a candidate for alt-summer anthem of the season, ‘You’re Not Alone’ burns up the atmosphere from today. Get on the end of it here:



01: Christian Burns – You’re Not Alone



The wonderful and inspiring thing about albums is how it allows artists to become the best version of themselves. Some might stick to a general feel, vibe or even genre as far as singles go, but when the notion of an album enters the equation, all previously self-imposed limitations are thrown overboard in favor of reinventing one’s self, of reshaping the artistic narrative. Though Sultan + Shepard have already been handing out one-hit KOs on pretty much all sides of the dance music spectrum, they’ve let the cascade of creative freedom wash over them once more in preparation of their forthcoming debut album. The result: an exceptionally groovy, and above all trademark infectious first single: ‘Louder’.

Listen to Sultan + Shepard – Louder

A quintessential Sultan + Shepard record in terms of flow, catchiness and versatility, ‘Louder’ is without doubt one of the pillars of their forthcoming album. Featuring a harmonious vocal duet amidst clubby rhythms and beach-ready vibes, this single is poised to rock every nook and cranny of the dance music landscape and will prove a telling precursor of what’s yet to come through Sultan + Shepard’s highly anticipated debut album.


Grammy nominees and frequent Beatport charters, Sultan + Shepard have collaborated with a range of top-tier artists, such as Tiësto, David Guetta, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Coldplay to name a few. As Canada’s well-known dance music force and one of the biggest duos in the industry, they effortlessly bridge the gap between dance music and pop, which landed them the Canadian songwriters SOCAN Music Award for International Song Of The Year in 2013 for ‘Bad’, the multi-platinum single they co-wrote alongside David Guetta, Showtek and VASSY. More recently, they spent six weeks atop the U.S. Mediabase Airplay chart and racked up

a JUNO award nomination and over 20 million streams on Spotify to date for ‘Almost Home’ (with Nadia Ali). Judging by the sheer infectiousness of their new single, the launch of their new, custom-made visuals, and the prospect of so much more through their upcoming debut album, Sultan + Shepard are making every moment count to stay right where they are now: at the very pinnacle of the dance music scene.



Davey Asprey has been DJ’ing tirelessly in the UK underground scene over the last decade, he has built his gig CV up and down the country, developing a great reputation for his diverse range of styles and sets. ‘Azile’ is his new banger and such an energetic track with great melodies. It is just not possible to sit still while listening to this track, let’s grab it here 

The true follow-up to last year’s ‘Fallout’, ‘Azile’ sees Davey Asprey drop another superb tune onto A State Of Trance. Melodically impeccable and super-energetic, this cut will have the entire Trance crowd fist-pumping to the smacking beats until the break of dawn.


Dutch dance music superheroes Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano present something truly special this summer: a superb 4-track EP released over the course of four weeks. The EP titled ‘Affective’ is accompanied by an incredible mini movie music video starring Youtube sensation Twan, co-star Ishhand the music makers themselves.


Listen to Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano feat. Bayku – 5 Minutes Away


One of their most ambitious projects to date, Affective merges several different styles and vibes while the video brings all four tracks together to assemble the narrative of a whirlwind romance that runs throughout the lyrics. Moving from sumptuous deep house to chunky tribal rhythms along the way, the EP and video tell the story of a young man who meets the girl of his dreams only for her to disappear on him. What follows is a story told through music and video, perfectly reinforcing one another.


The first track of the video is also the first track to be released: 5 Minutes Away kicks off with a gentle tropical lilt and soft soulful vocals. Then, Thinking About You – which they opened their Mainstage set at Tomorrowland with – picks up the pace with its thumping kicks, brooding bass and haunting synth sounds. Worst Way channels the duo’s tribal house roots with a little African rhythm, and Coffee Shop continues the theme with its galloping, infectious beat and unforgettable lyrics.


The four tracks will be released in consecutive weeks from the end of July:

July 27: 5 Minutes Away

Aug 3: Thinking About You

Aug 10: Worst Way

Aug 17: Coffee Shop