Andrew Rayel, “Dark Resistance” (inHarmony Music)

“Dark Resistance” evokes majestic ebony-colored horses of the night galloping into the darkness, their manes
ablaze in glory. Andrew Rayel delivers his latest big club hit with “Dark Resistance.”

Cosmic. Hurtling. Enigmatic. Like the mysterious yet critically  important dark matter of the cosmos and the even more outlandish dark energy, Andrew Rayel’s music has an inexplicable pull on all who perceive it. Andrew Rayel’s “Dark Resistance” (inHarmony Music) is out now.
The Radio Edit evokes an army of galloping horses with its formidable beat. As the ground shakes, the bassline rumbles and quakes under the weight of sonic Spartans set off to do battle. The minor-key of this track suspends tension in the air as the mood
conjures visions of riding out into the dark night. Imagine mysterious, ebony-colored horses, their manes of fury ablaze against a black night sky. Like wild forest-fires of the mind, the horns are insistent and commanding. The energy builds as Rayel drives the
beat forward. “Dark Resistance” is a triumph of will and a victory for music-lovers throughout the galaxy. The Original Mix adds
militant drums to the intro, but it’s the propulsive rhythm that lends the track its weight. With “Dark Resistance,” Andrew Rayel
seems to be telling listeners, “Get up! Let’s go! It’s time to move out!” It becomes physically impossible to lay back and relax if this
track is being played, such is its careening momentum.
“Dark Resistance” is a joy-ride of a tune with a sinister twist.

About Andrew Rayel
Hailed by Armin van Buuren as “the future of trance music,” Andrew Rayel (real name: Andrei Rata) is a classically trained
electronic dance music DJ and producer from Moldova often referred to as the “modern-day Mozart.” As a DJ, Rayel exudes an
unbridled enthusiasm for the music he plays and his onstage performances are electric and filled with physical energy. Drenched in a well-earned sweat after every set, Rayel earns his position as a bandleader, stirring up his crowds’ passion as much with his music
selection as with his bodily vigor. He has DJ’d the world’s biggest festivals, including: Ultra Music Festival in Miami, TomorrowLand
in Belgium and TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, Stereosonic in Australia, Global Gathering in the UK and other countries, Electric Daisy
Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York, Transmission Festival in various countries, Ministry of Sound in the UK, Dreamstate in San Bernardino, Electronic Family in Amsterdam, Zoukout in Singapore and Together Festival in Thailand. Rayel is a regular on the lineup at various ASOT stages around the world. Nightclub residencies have him performing onstage at super-clubs, including:
Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas, Marquee and LAVO in New York, Ushuaïa Beach Club in Ibiza, Zouk in Singapore and
Kuala Lumpur, Escape in Amsterdam and Ministry of Sound in London.
Listen to Andrew Rayel’s “Dark Resistance,” here:


Super8 & Tab feat. Hero Baldwin – Burn

‘Burn’ by Super8 & Tab featuring Hero Bladwin already gained support from Armin van Buuren by getting a feature on the ASOT 2018 compilation. The track contains huge synths, a happy break and a catchy vocal. In summary: ‘Burn’ sounds destined to be successful.


Taken from the second part of Super8 & Tab’s album ‘Reformation’, ‘Burn’ sees the Finnish duo team with HERO for a truly magical production. Striking just the right note with everything from the angelic vocals to the underlying atmosphere and big synth melody, this record is the spark that sets your heart aflame.

Let’s grab it here :


Orjan Nilsen – In A Thousand Ways (feat. Rykka)

The long expected album ‘Prism’ by Orjan Nilsen will have its release next week! Perfect timing to reveal another album feature.

‘In A Thousand Ways’ featuring Rykka is another example of the musicality of the Norwegian mastermind, who explains it as the outcome of a wonderful collaboration:

“One of the many benefits of having struck up a friendship with Mike James, is that sometimes working with a vocalist like Rykka becomes a possibility, Mike wrote the vocal alongside Jeff Dawson and Rykka, and when I heard it I just had to produce it. Rykka is a Eurovision contender and has blown me away from the start, it is only natural that we worked on a couple of songs together”


aken from his forthcoming third artist album called ‘Prism’, ‘In A Thousands Ways’ serves as a testament to Ørjan Nilsen’s peerless artistic versatility. Containing trace amounts of his revered signature sound with some pop-flavored goodness and Rykka’s soaring vocals on top, this song takes the best of both worlds and invites all kinds of music fans to take the leap and enjoy all this record has to offer.

Let’s grab it here:


OUT NOW: Estiva – Bloom

Statement! treat alert!!! Estiva is back with such a juicy tune that is part of his ‘Spectacle’ album; let’s enjoy some summerish uplifting vibes here:


An evergreen slice of wonder taken from part 1 of Estiva’s second album ‘Spectacle’, ‘Bloom’ blossoms like a flower in spring. Radiant, colorful and uplifting at its core, this tune has the glimmer of a clear blue sky and the brilliance of the summer sun. Ergo, irresistible on all fronts.

Let’s grab it here