‘Opener’, ‘Risky Business’, ‘Rudimental’, ‘Kesselhaus’, ‘Delphic’ – each track just that bit bigger than the last. James Cottle’s a man who’s got his studio trajectory on lock! Having only last week had his ‘Vortex’ collab with PvD remixed up a storm by young Jardin, into May the Goodgreef resident delivers yet another singles uptick.

Now, if ‘Forever Young’ has you picturing a trancified cover of a certain Alphaville (or Paul Elstak even!) record, well, best think again. Its title’s more likely a nod to how trance makes you feel. One listen and we’ll wager you’ll make that connection!


Powered by a studio-born V8 of kick-drums, snare-fills and percussion obsession, ‘Forever’ sports a throttle-wide-open kinda set-up. James is by no means averse to adding subtler shades to balance matters out though. Moving raincry harmonies, supported by intuitive note-play and lucent melodies gather at the front of the break, momentarily cooling its heels.

At the top of the drop, he gathers all those elements together and releases them en mass, sticking its landing to perfection. ‘Forever Young’ will leave you feeling… well just that. Find it here from today: https://www.beatport.com/release/forever-young-extended/2269514



01: Forever Young (Original Mix)



Arctic Moon returns with a new single “Dragonborn” out on Dreamstate Records!

One of Poland’s finest producers – Arctic Moon returns to the scene with another smasher called “Dragonborn”. Premiered by no other than Armin van Buuren during A State of Trance 859.

The energetic anthem perfectly showcases the typical sound of Arctic Moon – up tempo vibes, dreamy breakdowns, exquisite vocal chops – perfect ingredients for a fine uplifting production. Emotional trance has always been a thing for the producer, who has moved trance fans all across the globe.

Just ahead of his exclusive b2b set with Indecent Noise in their homeland of Poland for A State of Trance in Gliwice at the end of May, Artic Moon proves yet again that he is one of the most consistent uplifting acts. The summer sees him performing at the iconic Luminostity Beach Festival, Electronic Family Festival, as well as legendary clubs all over the world.

About Arctic Moon:

Arctic Moon is an electronic music project created by Tomasz Popielarski in 2007.

Having spent the last few years touring the globe, playing on every continent cementing his international profile he is not only a highly talented, respected and loved producer but an entertaining and exciting DJ set to take the next decade by storm.

Hailing from Poland his musical journey began during his childhood when he became fascinated by electronic dance music at an early age. He spent 3 years learning step by step how to produce music and also spent this time experimenting with different sounds until he found the one he was passionate about. In 2007 he decided that Trance was indeed his one true music love and it was then he focused on creating euphoric and uplifting Trance music encompassing elements of classical music, new age, chill out and even rock music.

Studio Fotograficzne RedRoom