May 26, 2022


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Download/Listen to ‘Never Surrender’ here 

After a lot of teasing from the biggest acts in the scene, today, the new jewel by Simon Lee & Alvin with Kimberly Hale is finally seeing the light.

This stunner is called ‘Never Surrender’ and you might probably have listened to it at the gigs of some of the big names.

Bobina recently played it during his Russian’s gig and Andrew Rayel already supported it on his FYH100 episode.

We’ ve been lucky enough to sit down with the amazing Kimberly Hale, to get some insights about this collaboration, so please find a few words from the artist here for you:

” Simon Lee & Alvin wrote to me from Malaysia and said they would like to do an inspirational tune with a similar feeling like my track with Denis Kenzo, “Find the Light.”  They already had the idea for “Never Surrender” but said I could do something different if I liked.

  Their idea really registered with me and I chose to run with it.  They have a very nice classical, very musical feeling in their tunes, so I found myself drawn to a more classical-style voice and my falsetto, like in “Find the Light.”  

I have been writing over tracks more these days than in former years.  Previously I had been writing on piano and always felt like it was more of a construction process.
Writing over great tracks like I have been doing this last couple of years, has enabled me to feel really free with my writing and I feel like I am not even the one writing it anymore.  It’s like I have become a receiver and everything just comes to me out of the air when I have such a wonderful track for inspiration.
  So not sure if I can even take the credit anymore! hahaha  But this time the rhythm of the vocal came first which was unusual for me, as I would say I tend to hear the words first in most cases.  I hope you will enjoy it! ” (Kimberly Hale)

A few weeks after their very well received Madagascar remix Simon Lee & Alvin return to Magik Muzik with Never Surrender. You can expect an entrancing uplifting piece of music, strengthened even more by Kimberly Hale’s absolutely dazzling vocal work. Must-have! Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV: ‪

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