Markus Schulz loves Spring! Over the course of the In Bloom Global DJ Broadcast all-vocal trance special, every voice was raised in the celebration of the inbound season. Throughout were premiere unveilings of four previously unheard studio works, alongside the freshly minted Club Mix of lead track ‘Safe From Harm’. Each, in their own right, a hail to the new season, collectively they comprised the show’s ‘In Bloom EP’ counterpart.

March’s Emma Hewitt-sung ‘Safe From Harm’ planted the seed for ‘In Bloom’ square. ‘Safe’ rolled a second six on the special with its deep ‘n’ boomy Club Mix transportation. You always suspected it was lurking behind the original’s daytime radio version, and pow – there it was.

With barely pause for breath, Markus brought on a second producer/singer debut, which put him on a first-time team-up with another internationally celebrated songstress. Backed by some major league trance elevation, singing/songwriting doyen JES was ‘Calling For Love’. The Global DJ Broadcast forum lit up.

The dusky-tones of Adina Butar were up next up with a breath-stealing performance backed by none other than Andy Moor. (Now who saw that coming?!!) With opaque lyrics and a captivating delivery, Adina welled an emotional storm for ‘Wild Dream’, while Andy helmed its prog-trance production line… right up to his let-rip drop.

Lest you were thinking that the EP was a legends-only club, next up newer names received their ‘In Bloom’ call-up. Behind the scenes, Coldharbour master sergeant Dave Neven had been hard at work with Romanian vocalist Ellie White. On ‘Try For Me’, her beautifully figurative verse opened up onto the track’s anthemic end-of-the-night chorus. The online crowd roared.

That left Anske to closeout this epic round of premiering… and how. Alongside the crystalline delivery of singer Victoriya, the man from Vilnius went the extra mile in ensuring that Spring got sprung. Tracking the arc of its beautiful fluttering note patterns to perfection, ‘Love Won’t End’s ebbing, flowing synths developed into a sky-kiss of a trancer.

With all of this finery on board, the Markus Schulz Presents In Bloom Volume One bursts forth today.



ALPHA 9 – All We Need


Waiting for a well deserved chilling time today? Has your week been stormed by tons of meetings? Is school stressing you out?

Well, just sit and relax now, we got something perfect for you!

Alpha9 comes to the rescue with ‘All We Need’  where the beautiful plucked chords combined with heavenly, atmospheric sounds will carry you away into another universe.

Gurgling from your sound system at just the right pace, ALPHA 9’s new outing proves the sonic equivalent of a slight breeze on a hot summer day. Gentle and emotive at its core with a bit of punch mixed in for good measure, this song marks another signature ALPHA 9 record ready to enchant listeners time and time again.

Listen to ‘All We Need’ here


 After the huge support of Armin van Buuren during his set at Ultra, this gem is seeing the light!!

On the back of the three previous juggernauts of his ‘Elementos EP’, Colombian power Trance king KhoMha has emerged with the final part of the speaker-busting offering. Harboring the forces of nature as well as its peerlessly destructive power, ‘Tierra’ has been a crowd favorite since its premiere at A
State Of Trance 850 Utrecht and will have Trance fans bow before its might sooner rather than later as the masses at Ultra Music Festival in Miami have already done.

Listen to KhoMha – Tierra

Like an earth-cracking tremor of a KhoMha magnitude, ‘Tierra’ is a deeply rooted anthem any dance music lover
can rely on. Marks a patch of solid ground many a Trance fan can call home, this record rises as a devastating
festival highlight and one of the remarkably tempestuous trump cards of Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance
2018’ mix album in one.

Since joining the Armada Music roster in mid-2016, KhoMha has seen his high-powered productions wreck stages
across the world, from Tomorrowland and Ultra to Global Gathering, A State Of Trance and back. With none other
than Armin van Buuren as his number-one supporter and smorgasbord of thumping releases still to come,
KhoMha is rightfully regarded as one of the heirs to the Trance empire.



We cannot wait for ‘Prism’ , the upcoming and long awaited new album by our favorite viking , so versatile as only a few artists can be, Orjan is releasing today this massive tune called ‘Navigator’ .

This anthemic track starts off very rhythmic in the synth supported percussive intro and flows over into a melodic If you love  Orjan Nilsen as much as we do here, let’s keep a cloes eye on  ASOT Instagram today!!



Laden with heaps of energy, a pulsating bassline and an anthemic melody that guides fans every step of the way, ‘Navigator’ is wild and tempestuous like stormy seas. Taken from Ørjan Nilsen’s third artist album called ‘Prism’, this monster tune leads clubbers to the only treasure that matters: supercharged music made for night-long fist-pumping.

Listen to ‘Navigator’ here 


“Tambores” is the latest release from Andrew Rayel’s record imprint, inHarmony Music. The track is part of Rayel’s
repertoire celebrating the 100th episode of his “Find Your Harmony” radio show.




Energetic. Magnetic. Forceful.

Andrew Rayel is by now an expert
producer who knows precisely how to craft lead melodies and synthesizer arrangements so that they act as a clarion call to restless youth.

Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell’s “Tambores” (inHarmony Music) is out now!!!

“Tambores” is like catnip to trance music-lovers of all ages and nationalities. Defying expectations of what electronic dance music (EDM) should sound like on the mainstage, “Tambores” is as wildly appealing as it is refreshingly uncommon.

A collaboration with
aspiring producer, Graham Bell, “Tambores” captures the essence of youthful exuberance.

This high-energy track was a hands-inthe-air
hit when Rayel premiered it during his live DJ set on the A State of Trance (ASOT) stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last
month. In fact, “Tambores” is a track so powerful even Armin van Buuren played it during the height of his set on the mainstage at Ultra Miami.

“Tambores” is superbly engrossing with titanic drum-rolls that build to a colossal crescendo.  As the title suggests, drums are a focal point of this track, but it’s also the thudding 4/4 beat and minor-key chords with a loosely Middle-Eastern inflection that give the composition exotic flavor.

Trance music fans are a very demanding audience, and with that in mind, Rayel and Bell craft the kind of
epic, big-room trance their fans crave.

Unabashed, celebratory, jumping-for-joy exultation abounds on “Tambores,” and one pictures the power of good smiting all evil.

Sparks fly! Rayel & Bell take the tempo down after the chorus, only to build it back up again.

About inHarmony Music
Launched in September, 2017, inHarmony Music is the record label headed by Andrew Rayel and distributed by Armada Music.   As label chief and head of A&R for inHarmony Music, Rayel is the key decision-maker when it comes to signing new artists and music.
Fulfilling a lifelong dream while on his never-ending career quest, Rayel is now able to do for new artists what Armin van Buuren
did for Rayel years ago. The circle is complete and there will be an abundant supply of lovingly curated new music ahead.
Listen to Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell’s “Tambores,” here:


This goes for all the dutchies 🙂
Na zijn twee laatste zomerhits (‘I Need You’ en ‘Sunny Days’) en de superfunky ‘Sex, Love & Water’ heeft Armin van Buuren opnieuw een onweerstaanbare plaat aan zijn repertoire toegevoegd. Vandaag bracht de vijfvoudig #1-dj in de wereld zijn nieuwe single ‘Therapy’ (feat. James Newman) uit en daarbij ook meteen een prachtige, en vooral herkenbare music video.
Met ‘Therapy’ slaan Armin van Buuren en James Newman de spijker op de kop en zetten ze een sublieme sfeer neer. Dankzij de opzwepende vocalen, romantische songteksten en warme akkoorden is ‘Therapy’ dé plaat voor het zomerseizoen en de perfecte track om op maximaal volume te draaien zodra de zon begint te schijnen.
Met de officiële music video van ‘Therapy’ blikt Armin van Buuren terug op zijn jeugdliefde, waar hij destijds zo gek op was dat hij haar zag waar hij ook keek. Gecombineerd met de prachtige beelden van de Marokkaanse stad Marrakesh (en het Nederlandse tintje middels shots van het Spoorwegmuseum te Utrecht en de hoofdrol voor voormalig Miss Nederland Zoey Ivory) levert dat een bijzondere music video op waar ontelbare fans zichzelf in zullen herkennen.

Off the back of several super-catchy singles such as ‘I Need You’ and ‘Sunny Days’ plus the funk-infused ‘Sex, Love & Water’, Armin van Buuren just added another summer-tinged song to his repertoire. Today, the five-time #1 DJ in the world released his next seminal single ‘Therapy’ ­– made in tandem with James Newman ­– as well as the song’s stunning music video.


Listen to Armin van Buuren feat. James Newman – Therapy

Official Music Video

Musicwise, ‘Therapy’ sees Armin van Buuren and James Newman nail every bit of that irresistible summer vibe. Showing off its addictiveness through the smooth vocals, romantic lyrics and uplifting chords, it is a song that sticks and one that will embellish the airwaves every time the sun starts shining.


The official music video of ‘Therapy’ pertains to a cheeky little story of Armin van Buuren himself about his high-school crush, whom he had once fallen head over heels in love with. Combined with the shimmering beauty of Moroccan city Marrakesh through innumerable breathtaking shots, it made for an amazing music video many fans will undoubtedly be able to relate to.



Seeing as the collaboration between Allen Watts and Armada Music has been going
strong since 2014 with over a dozen of mind-bogglingly colossal releases, it was only a matter of time before the
two parties would indulge in a more definitive partnership together. Today, the Dutch DJ, producer and creator of
some of the most devastating Trance records of the past decade signed an exclusive recording agreement, tying
him to the Amsterdam-based record label on the same day of release of his latest tempestuous cut, ‘Midnight’.

Listen to Allen Watts – Midnight

Bulldozing sound systems in signature Allen Watts style at the flick of a wrist, ‘Midnight’ supplies fans with
rampant basslines and uplifting melodies able to maximize dancefloor damage. Chosen by Armin van Buuren
himself for inclusion on his highly anticipated ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ mix album, this blistering record makes
listeners push in repeat mode without hesitation and will no doubt prove a staple at Trance events across the
Allen Watts: “I am so happy to have joined the amazing Armada family and I’m very pleased to hear that Armin
loved my track so much he chose it for his new A State Of Trance compilation. It has been a long journey for me
since I started learning to produce as a hobby, signed my first tracks to a label and eventually got what feels like
weekly support by Armin on pretty much anything I release. Signing with Armada is a great next step to take in my
career and I’m really looking forward to find out what the future has in store for us during this wonderful



Download/Listen to ‘Never Surrender’ here 

After a lot of teasing from the biggest acts in the scene, today, the new jewel by Simon Lee & Alvin with Kimberly Hale is finally seeing the light.

This stunner is called ‘Never Surrender’ and you might probably have listened to it at the gigs of some of the big names.

Bobina recently played it during his Russian’s gig and Andrew Rayel already supported it on his FYH100 episode.

We’ ve been lucky enough to sit down with the amazing Kimberly Hale, to get some insights about this collaboration, so please find a few words from the artist here for you:

” Simon Lee & Alvin wrote to me from Malaysia and said they would like to do an inspirational tune with a similar feeling like my track with Denis Kenzo, “Find the Light.”  They already had the idea for “Never Surrender” but said I could do something different if I liked.

  Their idea really registered with me and I chose to run with it.  They have a very nice classical, very musical feeling in their tunes, so I found myself drawn to a more classical-style voice and my falsetto, like in “Find the Light.”  

I have been writing over tracks more these days than in former years.  Previously I had been writing on piano and always felt like it was more of a construction process.
Writing over great tracks like I have been doing this last couple of years, has enabled me to feel really free with my writing and I feel like I am not even the one writing it anymore.  It’s like I have become a receiver and everything just comes to me out of the air when I have such a wonderful track for inspiration.
  So not sure if I can even take the credit anymore! hahaha  But this time the rhythm of the vocal came first which was unusual for me, as I would say I tend to hear the words first in most cases.  I hope you will enjoy it! ” (Kimberly Hale)

A few weeks after their very well received Madagascar remix Simon Lee & Alvin return to Magik Muzik with Never Surrender. You can expect an entrancing uplifting piece of music, strengthened even more by Kimberly Hale’s absolutely dazzling vocal work. Must-have! Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV: ‪