Who said Monday is a bad day?? We got something very special for you today!

A stunning new tune that will transform your Monday blues into an explosion of euphoria, ‘Serenity’ by our super talented trance head Alessandra Roncone is out now on FSOE.

This incredibly busy artist even found a moment to sit with us for a chat so let’s check what has been said 🙂


Serenity is one of the most stunning feel-good tracks you’ll hear all year. A soaring lead line complements a beautiful solo piano, while a strong driving bass gives everything needed for a dancefloor smasher.








TBA: Hi Alessandra, nice to finally being able to talk to you :), first of all, how are you?

AR: Hi Jessica its my pleasure, Ive been sick lately but Im getting well again and stronger than ever 🙂

TBA:  You are the woman flag bearer of trance music in Italy, we are really proud of you, but how hard was it to reach this position among all these men?

AR: As I said in another interview,to be a woman in this purely male industry doesn’t help at all..
It’s not easy to gain respect for what we achieve with hard daily work.. I can say I encountered bitterness, envy, bullshits and other not nice thinghs that go with a growth in this music industry, but I’ll take this in my stride and I use it as stronger motivation to show that women are not less than men.

TBA:  Serenity is your 5th tune on FSOE label, how did this cooperation start?

AR: I love the melodies, and the banging uplifting, so FSOE has always been my favorite label, I started to send tracks to them since 2013 and I’ve always been rejected..
But Fadi always told me to keep going and send my tracks to them to see my improvement so I took this as a big motivation to do better and better.. And finally in 2017 when I sent to them ‘Sogno my dream came  true.

TBA:  What has inspired you to make this tune?

AR: When I produce I always follow my feelings, letting  the music and melody guide me.. I think that melodies are the most important element on trance, when I produce I just go with the flow as I  get inspired by the sounds that I add step by step. I never planned how to make a track… I just descover it doing it as it slowly comes to life.  And most of the time it reflects my mood. I made ‘Serenity’ on March 2017 and it was a very peaceful and happy time for me.

TBA:  How do you see the the trance scene going in Italy?

AR: Unfortunately the trance scene in Italy is not as good  as it used to be.. There are trance lovers but clubs stopped to support this kind of music lately, while in the 90’s we’ve lived the  golden age of trance here.. But now its difficult to fill stages.. The new generation doesn’t know much about new trance because the media stopped to support it and the old generation is still very bond to the old school sound so they attend mainly  remember events… so it’s not easy.. But I know promoters that never give up on offering new trance,  bringing not only the big names but also the new rising artists and I noticed that even if these events are not happening so often, every time I meet new people. So I can totally tell this is a good sign.There is still hope for the scene.

TBA:  What is your studio set up like ?

AR: Awww I love my studio!! I spend here basically all my day and many nights till late.
I’ve my cdjs and mixer that I use to record my Forza Live show and about production I’ve 2 big monitors, 2 Krk Rokit 6, my keyboard  midi is a Carbon 49 and as sound card I’ve a Focusrite Scarlet 2i;  its very relaxing to me because of so many coloured leds lights. Its not a big studio but I’ve everything I need 🙂

TBA:  Can you tell us a bit of your production flow ?

AR: As I said before I never plan.. I usually start from kick and basses.. then I search some sounds I like and i try to create some melodies.. so the track just comes along adding and adding parts and layers..
I like to play the keybord also, so I’ve a folder full of midi that I record when I just play and from where I can choose the perfect sound to pick for the tune in the making.

TBA: You are also the  mom of an amazing little boy, how do you manage to be an international dj and keep a family life as well?

AR: I’m a very lucky mum because my son is a big trance lover since when he was very young  and my n.1 fan.. When he is at school in the morning I’ve all the time to stay in my studio.. When he comes back I do normal mum’s stuff.. I cook,  help him with his homework  when he needs me, I take him to play basket or I just go with him to his various activities . But he also enjoys  playing piano and he is very attracted to play with cdjs or to produce music already; so many times he asks me to learn something. Working at home allows me to wake up with him, so he sees me every day when I’m not touring, so when I need to go away for some days he always gives me a big hug and kiss telling me: “Enjoy mum”,and this is very good so I leave with a happy and light heart.
He also can’t wait to be able to attend a trance party with me (it has happened in Italy on the beach) but he knows he is not allowed in real clubs for now.

TBA: What are your future plans musical wise?

AR: The only plan I have is to continue making a lot of music, that people love, and hopefully to have many many booking.

TBA:  Your dream collaboration?

AR: In 2017 I’ve collaborated with 3 great Artists.. Allen Watts, Talla 2xlc and Darren Porter which has been my precious mentor all over the last 2 years, so I can say Im already very happy about this.

There are many artists that I love and that would love to collaborate with.. But if I’ve to think big and tell you a  few names for a dream collaboration I would say Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk and the Italian Legend Mauro Picotto because I’ve grown up with their music and I loved trance a lot because of them, so they are legends to me.

TBA: Where are we going to see you play next?

AR: I’ll play this saturday in Zurich in Swiss, then I’ll have some dates in Italy and other big dates that I can’t reveal now but you are going to discover those soon 🙂

TBA: Thanks a lot for your time and see you soon on the dancefloor.

AR: Thanks to you for this interview, see you soon somewhere

I send you a big hug..



Alessandra Roncone is a female DJ/Producer from Bologna, Italy.
Since her journey into music in the 90’s began she pursed a career in an industry that is in her blood.
Alessandra started to play in good local Clubs and at the biggest Italians Trance events like Art Of Trance (BO) and Trance Gate (MI).
She began to produce music on 2012 with mentoring from producers such as Mark Lillini and trance heavy weight Darren Porter.
Over the years she began to hone her skills and began a rapid rise in the music she loved.
Her production skills and Djing energy caught the eye of many in the industry and people began to take notice. With regular support from the likes of Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, Darren Porter, Manuel Le Saux and many more, she has released frequent tracks on the imprint from the Italian trance “Extrema Global Music” – hitting number 1 on Track It Down Trance Charts.
His greatest success came with the release of “Sogno” on FSOE recordings deploying the 3th place on the Beatport Trance Chart, 86th on Main Top 100 Tracks, staying on the chart for more than a month.
She gained also momentum with reworks of classics such as Sunbeam – Outside world, Lange – Drifting away and Tiesto – Elements Of Life.
Coupled with new management, logo and her radio show aptly named “Forza” – there is nothing stopping Italian fastest rising Trance Queen Alessandra Roncone. With an immense summer in 2016 including a European season tour in Ibiza, frequent gigs in the Netherlands, Germany, Zurich, Italy, Spain, France and Asia alongside some of the biggest names in the industry such as Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Darren Porter, Ferry Tayle, Standerwick, The Thrillseekers, Ram and many more… She also exploded on to Asia stage Playing for titans in the industry such as Transmission and FSOE, her profile is showing no signs of slowing down.There is so much more to come from this outstanding and energetic DJ.
She released music over the years on many high profile labels, more recently with the likes of Future Sound Of Egypt and Armada.
With bookings, releases, collabs, remixes and tours to announce, 2017 is proving to the year Alessandra Roncone arrived in trance music and she is here to stay.
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Iniziamo la settimana con una mega news per tutti i trancers italiani:

Sabato 5 Maggio, il KYI Club di Modena ospiterà un grandioso evento trance con dei super ospiti: Vini Vici, che fortunatamente ci stanno viziando con i loro set abbastanza di frequente in Italia, e l’eclettico Ruben de Ronde che invece non veniva a trovarci da un po’. Sempre impegnato nella co-conduzione di A State Of Trance, al fianco di Armin van Buuren, Ruben è anche un A&R per Armada Music e gestisce la sua etichetta Statement!

Oltre a questo è impegnato nella produzione di un nuovo album dopo ‘My Story’ e TogetheRR , previsto per l’estate.

Ruben realizza un episodio di The Sound Of Holland ogni settimana, potete seguirlo qui:

e se ancora non vi basta, allora seguite i suoi streaming video su Twitch; quando non è  in tour infatti, lo potete trovare nel suo canale a condividere tips & tricks riguardo la produzione musicale, date un’occhiata qui:



Il 5 Maggio preparatevi alla notte più esplosiva che possiate immaginare, nella data leggendaria arriva al KYI Club in occasione della serata KYINGS il duo israeliano capace di ribaltare con la potenza della sua musica il pubblico di ogni festival del mondo, sfondando di prepotenza nella classifica mondiale di Dj Mag.
Autori del primo Brano Psy Trance, “Freet Tibet”, ad entrare nella top10 di Beatport nella storia.
Richiesti da ogni evento hanno scatenato il loro emblematico sound in tutti i più grandi festival del mondo, ogni loro attacco è diventato fonte di ispirazione per un numero incalcolabile di remix e mashup, e al loro cospetto è impossibile rimanere fermi.
KYI CLUB presents, please welcome to: VINI VICI.
Official Event:
Info e prenotazioni: 3312249082


What a great news for all the Italian trance fans! Vini Vici and Ruben de Ronde are teaming up to join KYI Club on May 5th!!

If you are a clubber in Italy you might be used to see Vini Vici performing here quite often lately, but having the honor to see Ruben de Ronde as well, it’s something that really gives us goosebumps!!

We honestly cannot wait to attend the event and covering the night with lot of updates for those of you around the world who are not lucky enough to be there.

During the last weekend we followed Ruben’s gig in Istanbul together with Vini Vici, let us tell you that it’s been an epic night of madness, so we’re thrilled to welcome them in Modena in just a few weeks.

To get you in the mood for this upcoming event, let your energies vibrate higher with the new episode of TSOH by our beloved Ruben de Ronde: