June 26, 2022


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“I think I just released my biggest Trance track to date”….

This is how David Gravell announced his new tune to the world on his social media accounts last Friday.

If you attended one of his gigs recently you might have witnessed this energy explosion already, like we did during ASOT850 where he premiered it!




Taken from Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ album, this brand-new offering from David Gravell bears that tempestuous signature sounds of his we’ve come to cherish. Blazing the trail for the next generations of Trance artists to come, ‘The Future’ will leave a lasting impression each time it wrecks a mainstage.


  1. The Future (02:30)
  2. The Future (Extended Mix) (06:18)


Let’s grab it here:


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We also set down with David to learn a bit about the creative process of his tunes, here’s what he told us…


TBA: Have you ever been educated into music or do you think it is necessary?

DG: I’ve learnt everything myself, reading books,searching on internet and YouTube, everything on my own; so I think receiving an education it’s not that necessary as everything is on line nowadays and you can find it on your own ,it takes time but you can do it.

TBA: How was your first studio set up when you started making music?

DG: Hmm..very small speakers, very small keyboard, and a very slow computer,without any knowledge of cubase, actually the first time I had that software I gave it away after 6 months and stopped making music for a year and afterwards I found out I had to learn it if I wanted to do this job seriously. So now when I have an idea I can just put it in Cubase and I know everything, it became easier.

TBA : Is there any new studio gear on your shopping list?

DG: To be honest  I think I have almost everything I need in my studio now, you know I was saving money to get all I needed and know I am fine with all my things.

Well sometimes when I se something new on internet I just buy it,and sometimes I also get some new stuff from instruments companies for me to test them so it’s cool.

TBA: Some months ago you told me you prefer the analog sound to the digital synths. Which are the pro and cons?

DG: Well if you are not familiar with analogue just know  you have to record it instead of… for instance the instruments that are in Cubase,  like a midi base, with analog you have to record it back into the computer. I am using UAD so it has the option to get back into the sound card. I am using the Virus , but not using the USB option in it but i am working with the two cables that go into the soundcard, because when you are recording sometimes it’s not working with USB.

TBA: You were showing us a bit how you make tracks, and we are wondering what do you do if you get stuck at some point

DG: A good advice when you make music is to take breaks every 20 minutes  otherwise you will lose your movement in making music. So every 20 minutes I have an alarm, I am living in Amsterdam next to a big park so every 20 minutes i go doing something else, I go wok with my computer, with my phone, then i go back,and after for sessions of 20 minutes i do like an hour of break, I go to the city, I come back… cause I have to keep my mind fresh and inspired.

The most important thing is to keep the flowing , if you are in the moment when you create music you can finish a track so quickly, but also ,like i told you you have to own the knowledge of software etc.

TBA: You were also producing music for movies right?

DG: Yes, I’ve been doing it when I first started making music , when you make that kind of music, it’s more like building energy,  if you know Hans Zimmer for example ,every track that he makes has a lot of energy and a lot of movement in it.Sometimes it’s  nice to do it, to just work on the sound, and the cool thing about movie music is that it can go on for like 20 minutes or more like a soundtrack, you can just go with it.

TBA: You are producing a lot of new music, is your artist album on sight?

DG: I dont’ know if these tracks I am gonna premiere tonight will be in the album, I am working on it but , I think when I’ll do it  I need the time to completely dedicate myself to it, to focus on the album, and work in the studio somewere like in Los Angeles, without doing anything else.

TBA : Is it gonna be a new concept?

DG: Well my sound is evolving, but I want to make clear I wanna make it the best as possible, I will lock myself up in the studio, I will work with other producers, singers,and will do everything to make an album that will really stands out from the rest.

TBA: We can’t wait for that! But meanwhile good luck with your new release and see you soon.

DG: Thanks for the interview and see you soon!


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