‘Radiant’ is Sabb’s debut album. The Swiss-based Kosovan born DJ and producer whose heady electronica has won him plaudits all around the globe will use the album format to mark the 10-year anniversary of his career as well as the launch of his own independent record label of the same name.

From calling labels like Moon Harbour, Circus, Saved Records and Noir Music home to fueling the world’s most iconic clubbing spaces Sabb has fast become one of club music’s most respected figures.

Benefiting from the creative autonomy that comes with starting a label, ‘Radiant’ offers a dynamic mix of colourful and unrestrained club music; immersive, nuanced and transformative.

The label will focus on releasing innovative electronic music for more than just the dance floor, while also doubling up as a new event series that to date has already welcomed the likes of Nick Curly and Cuartero, among much more talent scheduled for 2018.

Sabb’s skillful production touch reigns supreme throughout ‘Radiant’. Right from the outset with lead single ‘Jeopardized’, shakers slither, bass patterns undulate while vocals drift in and out of focus to create an abundance of movement and cascading energy: enough to get crowds moving but also with big artistic depth. With its intoxicating vocals and charming aesthetic, ‘Jeopardized’ is certain to find its way into set lists and record collections far and wide, perfectly highlighting the exhilarating style of music Radiant has to offer – not just within Sabb’s album but as a label and event series too.

Down Under ft SIS’ uses a ‘hands in the air’ vibe with pumping four to the floor rhythms and jumping bass lines that will satisfy the listener on a musical level as well as in an energy-fueled party environment.

‘Leana’s Play ft. Leana and Nonna’s Watering Can’ features Sabb’s one year old daughter playing percussion on a watering can in the family’s garden, and whose voice shows a touching side to Sabb’s creativity.

Tracks like ‘Full Moon Tale ft Daví’ deliver engrossing melodies with swelling bass lines alongside a no-holds-barred club-friendly approach, complementing even the most versatile DJ’s record collection while ‘Somebody To Love’ offers stripped down rhythms next to frolicking vocals.

‘Missing Home’ perfectly encapsulates ‘Radiant’s sonic dynamism where fizzing drums and jittering hi hats give way to meandering synth echoes, both eerie and hypnotic.

‘Turning Point’ offers elastic bass lines alongside swells of pearlescent texture while ‘Motherlove’finishes the album with euphoric synth chords and lively drum-fills that jump out from the mix. The sound of Radiant is expansive, rich and multi-layered but also fiery and intensely danceable.

Although these finely crafted dancefloor cuts are sure to invigorate any crowd they touch, Sabb’s biggest achievement surely lies in the fact that he has created a true modern day electronic album: something that captures the listener’s imagination to transport him/her away from the everyday into 50 minutes of bliss – club or no club.

1. Jeopardized
2. Down Under ft SIS
3. Leana’s Play ft Leana and Nonna’s Watering Can
4. Full Moon Tale ft Daví
5. Somebody To Love
6. Missing Home
7. Turning Point
8. Motherlove


Placing the spotlight on song-centric trance, today sees Markus Schulz unveil the first track from his new capsule project through Spotify .

‘Safe From Harm’ has him on a first time studio-connect with Australian’s Emma Hewitt – a singer/songwriter who has vocally defined the music of many a producer, Chris Lake, Tiësto, Dash Berlin and Cosmic Gate included.

‘Safe’ intuitively finds the equilibrium between Emma’s resolute vocals & heart-on-sleeve lyrics and the diffused piano & more vertically inclined synths of Markus’ rapturous production.

‘Safe From Harm’ represents the first of five recordings, which collectively will comprise Markus’ new-season-embracing ‘In Bloom’ EP’.

A release counterpart to his now annual Global DJ Broadcast In Bloom special, the show is one of his four yearly concept mixes. Alongside the Sunrise, Afterdark and Classics Showcases, each channels the vibe and divines the essence of the prevailing season. Spring’s In Bloom’s broadcast places the focus exclusively on vocal trance, while the EP tightens the emphasis again, zeroing in on the talents of female electronic music singers & songwriters.

Essential spring listening, the Global DJ Broadcast’s In Bloom special airs Thursday April 19th, with the full EP dropping the following day, April 20.

More info on ‘Safe From Harm’ and the ‘In Bloom’ to follow!


  1. Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt – Safe From Harm (Original Mix)