Powered by the finesse of US veteran Pete Moss, the fourth Kwench Records EP dips the imprint into a slicker, more sensual side to house music. And adding fire to the flame is the legendary Ron Trent, who completes the release with a scorching ten-minute remix.
Released 27th April on Vinyl & Digital

Track snippets here:

A1. You Gotta Know
B1. You Gotta Know (Ron Trent Remix)


Collaborating with producers Cassy holds in high regard is the modus operandi of her newly launched label, Kwench Records. Powered by the finesse of US veteran Pete Moss, the fourth EP dips the imprint into a slicker, more sensual side to house music. And adding fire to the flame is the legendary Ron Trent, who completes the release with a scorching ten-minute remix.

Cassy launched Kwench Records with a burning appetite to create house music with esteemed producers whose careers could be defined by their eagerness to experiment. With her championing Moss’s and Trent’s productions for years, she approached the fourth release confident that their collaborative material would be dynamite.

“Most will know Pete Moss from his releases in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s on Josh Wink’s label, Ovum. His track ´Softshoe´ is up there as one of my all-time favourite tracks to play. He’s a killer producer and I´ve wanted him onboard with Kwench from the beginning. To have him in the studio and find us buzzing on the same wavelength in terms of creativity was a fantastic feeling.” – Cassy

Cassy, among hundreds of her peers in the dance music sphere, has been an ardent admirer of Chicago house hero Ron Trent for years.With a huge back catalogue dating back to 1990 it’s safe to say he holds a special place within dance music.

“Ron Trent is an inspiration to many and I have admired and played his music throughout the majority of my career. This label was also about getting together with artists who’ve played a big part in influencing me, so this release is an honour. I knew he’d do an incredible job, and this remix is one of the best I´ve heard for a long time.”





Through the two sensational body of works he calls his own and the tens of top-drawer singles to boot, Ørjan Nilsen has proven to be as versatile a producer as he is prolific. Having delivered a plethora of iconic crowd favorites to wreak havoc on the live front in addition to a number of breezy offerings for the casual listener, the Norwegian mastermind has grown into somewhat of a chameleon, an acclaimed artist who’s able to adapt to every kind of dance music environment. Today, Ørjan Nilsen delivered another burst of color as he emerges with ‘Million Miles Away’ (feat. Rico), the first single of his forthcoming third album called ‘Prism’.


Listen Ørjan Nilsen – Million Miles Away


As one of the gems featured on ‘Prism’ ­– which will see its release on May 18 this year – ‘Million Miles Away’ sees the Viking draw from his bottomless well of inspiration to come up with something different. Showing off his artistic diversity as well as his peerless production skill, this hyper-catchy cut is a telling precursor for the rest of Ørjan Nilsen’s upcoming body of work and sets the tone in exactly the right manner, with Rico’s vocals guiding the way.


Ørjan Nilsen on the inspiration for ‘Million Miles Away’: “Ibiza is a very inspiring place for many producers and I am no different. It was after a quick visit to the island that the summer vibe had caught up with me and stuck this melody in my head. I recreated it, but it was not as perfect as I’d like it to be. This is where Rico’s vocals came in. The combination of the melody and the vocal reminds me of all things positive and summery.”

Ørjan Nilsen has been a mainstay in the Trance scene since seemingly forever. Taking into consideration the impact of offerings such as Trance classic ‘La Guitarra’ in 2008, debut album ‘In My Opinion’ in 2011 and widely acclaimed cuts such as ‘Iconic’, ‘The Hardest Part’ and ‘Hi There Radio’, the Norwegian DJ and producer has been on top of his game for over a decade and once again managed to outdo himself with ‘Million Miles Away’, a great way to introduce ‘Prism’ to his eager and loyal fan base.

RAM takes over Armin van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid of 138? label with psy-banger “Africa”

Following previous offering ‘RAMexico’, Trance powerhouse RAM draws inspiration from yet another part of the world to come up with this speaker-buster. Armed with a tribal-esque drum intro, energetic synth lashes and a killer melody, ‘Africa’ is bound to make the world go crazy.


With the massive success of releases such as “Serengeti” with Ciaran McAuley, Melbourne, dedicated to one of his favorite crowds – Australia, and the mind-blowing collaboration with Darren Porter called “The Calling”, RAM certainly proves that melody and emotion are EVERYTHING in a trance production. With team-ups with Mark Sherry and Daniel Skyver in the pipeline, the dutch pioneer shows no sign of stopping even after more than 20 years in the scene.
Having just completed a South America tour, featuring Strictly RAM (Open to Close) sets in Bolivia and Argentina, the flying dutch is preparing for a packed summer schedule, featuring dates in Houston, Fresno & Los Angeles, as well as taking over stages of massive festivals across the globe with his imprint Grotesque, with Thailand, The Netherlands and Ibiza among the few.

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