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Whenever you decide upon taking a road trip, holiday or just all-around journey through life as a whole, what matters isn’t where you start and stop. The beauty of the experience is found in the in-between, in the breathtaking moments that you’d miss out on if you were to just hop from A to B and take shortcuts. Applying that very same notion to his music, Sebastian Davidson took his time to capture the essence of such a journey and somehow managed to fuse it with his unmistakably magical signature sound. The result is a stellar debut album that puts his peerless production skill and shimmering soundscapes fully on the map: ‘Atlas Of Adventures’.


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‘Atlas Of Adventures’ sees Dutch producer Sebastian Davidson offer music fans the chance to explore the sonic panoramas and impeccable views of a kaleidoscopic body of work. A spark of uncharted brilliance many a listener could lose himself in for all eternity, the album inspires and enchants through twelve tales of inconceivable beauty and mesmerism, including wondrous excursions such as ‘Father, Mother, Brother’, ’Alpenglow’ and ‘Klapp’ (with Claes Rosen). The mirror image of a world untainted and untarnished, ‘Atlas Of Adventures’ shows that A and B are mere stepping stones to the greater picture. And that picture, that canvas of brilliant colors and irresistible songs, truly is dazzling.

If all you’ve heard from Sebastian Davidson so far rapidly charmed its way into your heart and mind, you’re going to like the delicious soundscapes that comprise his debut album. Through ‘Atlas Of Adventures’, the Dutchman offers dance music fans the chance to explore a kaleidoscopic body of work full of sonic panoramas and impeccable views any listener could lose himself in for all eternity.

A spark of brilliance still left uncharted by most, ‘Atlas Of Adventures’ offers an experience that inspires, enchants and fuels countless tales of inconceivable beauty and mesmerism, backed up by wondrous excursions such as ‘Father, Mother, Brother’, ’Alpenglow’ and ‘Klapp’ (with Claes Rosen). Want to dive into this shimmering world and never look back? Open up the ‘Atlas Of Adventures’ and begin your journey.

Sebastian Davidson“Over the past year, I have been pouring myself into this album, drawing inspiration from my love for peaceful and untouched landscapes to discover my own sound. it has been the most rewarding, musically personal work I have ever done. It’s a new chapter that started out with ‘Alpenglow’ and ‘Father, Mother, Being’ being test songs to see if I could express my ideas. Both songs helped me a lot in defining the direction of my album and I dare say it’s everything I wanted it to be.”


A vast landscape, stretching out past the horizon. Dutch producer and DJ Sebastian Davidson’s music is a panoramic snapshot you want to dive into and explore. His tracks are a creative spur of the moment, clean at the core and rough around the edges. Deep house is the stylistic foundation of Davidson’s explorations, which are both musical and emotional. Getting lost and finding your way back, longing and wandering melodies, accompanied by mood setting beats, breaks and four to the floor. Diverse in style, deep and mostly downtempo, but firmly rooted in progressive and melodic house. Although technically a debut, the album is the culmination of years of gigs across the globe, from L.A. to Ibiza to Tokyo, experimenting and growing as a producer. ATLAS OF ADVENTURES is Davidson’s most personal project to date and comes closest to the core of what he wants to express artistically.

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