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Sydney-based production duo Set Mo (Nick Drabble & Stu Turner) share the accompanying visuals for recent single “Nightmares” featuring Scott Quinn. Both brilliant and topical, Set Mo bring to life a subject that hits home for many people both young and old – anxiety – soundtracked through their impeccable produced and haunting single, out now on Set Mo Records.

Director James Chappell (Armand Van Helden, Mat Zo) successfully captures in this short film a situation most of us can’t put into words, as we watch a young chef suffering a panic attack while working in a hot, frantic kitchen. Visually brilliant, the film uses dark, shadowy silhouettes to represent the nightmares of anxiety and paranoia, as the subject fights off the demons both in his mind and his life. Sweaty palms and a beating heart, the panic goes into overdrive when he finds himself in a dead end of an alley way.

The film also puts the spotlight on some of the world’s leading mental health organisations that offer online help to those dealing with anxiety. Reach Out Australia and Ireland, Anxiety and Depression Association of AmericaMind UK and Mentaal Vitaal Netherlands are highlighted as the go-to organisation to seek help, or donate:

On the “Nightmares” short film, Set Mo said:

“We’ve known James for years and always admired his work. He’s someone we’ve wanted to do something special with for quite some time but we all knew it had to be the right project. When we wrote ‘Nightmares’ he immediately came to mind as his darker, edgier aesthetic fits the track perfectly. As the lyrical content of this song delves into the very serious and often overlooked issue of anxiety, we wanted to create something powerful that also could help guide people in the right direction if this is something they suffer from. We couldn’t be prouder of this music video, James, all the people who were involved in bringing it to life and the important message it explores.”

On the song and its relationship to the theme of anxiety, Scott Quinn said:

“I’ve always been interested in how the experiences we have, or emotions we feel while we’re awake shape our dreams at night. Nightmares are essentially metaphors for our feelings, but what fascinates me is how our mind often translates our day to day anxieties (exams, bills, relationships) and turns them into dangerous and often threatening dreams. ‘Nightmare’s’ is an observation of the translation your brain makes between your anxiety and how it perceives the ‘threat’ in your dreams; Cars plunging into lakes, being chased by a pack of wolves or a huge tidal wave soaring overhead. “

After premiering on Good Nights earlier this month, “Nightmares” has received support from both Triple J (with an addition) and community radio alike. The track clocked over 60K streams within its first week, and received nods from BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems“Nightmares” marks the beginning of the duo’s prolific release schedule planned for 2018, as they prepare to release a new track on the first Friday of every month – that’s 11 new tracks over 11 consecutive months. Focusing heavily on writing and recording throughout 2017, Nick and Stu hit studios in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, and alas now have an abundance of new music to share.

Easily one of most sought after electronic acts of the last year, Set Mo are in for an incredible 2018, with “Nightmares” taking the duo into newer, darker territories.