After quite a run throughout 2017 and a special edition to kick off 2018 with, ‘Armada Invites’ is back with another installment of its internationally acclaimed, in-office event series. Drawing in none other than Swiss DJ, producer and filmmaker Pablo Nouvelle to head up a line-up that includes the likes of Stereoclip and Road Kahan, ‘Armada Invites: Pablo Nouvelle’ is bound to prove a musically peerless party on March 14th.

Coming from two successful artist albums to celebrate the release of his third masterful body of work (‘Wired’) with his performance at ‘Armada Invites’, Pablo Nouvelle somehow manages to turn music into an even higher art form. Incorporating a range of different styles and influences in that gentle, soulful mixture of music he calls his own, he has stamped his authority over the A-lists of leading broadcasting stations and is known to provide ear candy at the flick of a wrist, earning him a nomination for ‘Best New Act’ at 2017’s Swiss Music Awards. During ‘Armada Invites: Pablo Nouvelle’, he’ll prove to everyone present that magic does exist.

Hailing from Brussels, Stereoclip has mastered a deep, vocal-oriented and mysterious form of techno music and sets out to splash it all onto the ‘Armada Invites’ canvas. With a successful first album under his belt, the Belgian icon now indulges festivals, clubs and concert halls around the world with his colorful live performances and now emerges to add Armada Music’s own in-office club to the list.

Having only just made their acquaintance with Armada Music through several mind-blowing songs on the Amsterdam-based record label’s Armada Electronic Elements imprint, Road Kahan proved an impeccable fusion between the respective skill sets of Bardo Camp (Drum & Bass icon DJ Nymfo) and Daan van de Pol. Both trading in their bass blueprints for the bedazzling soundscapes Road Kahan is synonymous with, they’ll make sure to bring romance and emotion to the dancefloor in velvet fashion.

‘Armada Invites’ is a recurring event in Armada Music’s own in-office club in Amsterdam, comprising exclusive showcases from some of the biggest and most talented artists in the world. The event reaches a worldwide audience through its livestream on Armada Music Facebook page and YouTube channel. World-renowned artists such as Armin van Buuren, Borgore, Cedric Gervais, Eelke Kleijn, Erick Morillo, Gareth Emery, Kevin Saunderson, Lost Frequencies and NERVO already served as headliners in previous editions of ‘Armada Invites’.

The livestream starts March 14 at 8pm (CET).

Watch Erick Morillo live set during the first edition of Armada Invites

Watch Armin van Buuren’s live set during the second edition of Armada Invites


Goes without saying (but we’ll do it anyway!) that together, PvD & Mr M.O.R.P.H. have proved themselves

the most potent of studio forces. In 2016 ‘We Are’ enjoyed a record-busting four-week run at the top of

the Beatport trance chart and now the two German legends are back with a second bolt of that

collaboratory lightning.

If ‘We Are’ characterised the pair’s cooler, more harmonic (and Balearic) sunset sound, there can be few

prizes for guessing what time and tone ‘Breaking Dawn’s encapsulating.

The track first gleamed into existence as part of PvD’s ‘From Then On’ album last year, where it quickly

established itself as a front-runner in the fan-favourite stakes. Paul and Alex sound scripted ‘Breaking

Dawn’ with but one purpose in mind: to create the ultimate six minutes of outta-da-club, into-the-sun

encapsulating music.

The outcome is every bit as optimistic and high-on-life as you’d imagine, with each production flourish

master-crafted for maximum energy and sunshine embrace. Shimmering synths, diffused piano,

temperate chords and every bit as thermal pads each strike, one ray after another.

2018’s quintessential ‘one more tune’… tune, Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ is out

now. Remind yourself how good life is here:


01: ‘Breaking Dawn’ (Original Album Mix)




With matters ‘Materia’ to attend to, Cosmic Gate’s ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions’ series went on hiatus last

year. Absence, as they say, only makes the heart grow fonder and today the news those left bereft in ‘17

wanted, nay needed to hear… ‘WYMS’s back, baby!! Reinstated to its traditional release March slot, it’s

ready to springboard you headfirst into Spring!

So what’s what with ‘003’ then? Well – dare we say – it’s bolder in vision and even wider in its style &

power-band. Bigger too, by virtue of an even higher ratio of exclusives, premieres and first-listen tracks –

all threaded into the mix. Leaving no studio door un-knocked or creative avenue unexplored, Nic & Bossi

have – as ever – been tireless in sourcing its sonic ordnance. That’s resulted in music, mixes and mash-

ups as far as eye can see & ear can hear!

Included among them, ripe from the studio desks of Estiva, Eskai and Leo Reyes, are new reworks of

some of ‘Materia’s most majestic moments. You’ll also find freshly inked Wake Your Mind Records

signings courtesy of Greenhaven DJs, Noise Zoo, Patrick White and Marcus Santoro. Mash-ups abound

too, with Cosmic Gate getting their hands on artists as diverse as Third Party and Marco V. And naturally

they all fall between the hottest, latest soundware from a super-starry tracklist cast – Above & Beyond,

Gabriel & Dresden, Kyau & Albert & Genix, Wellenrausch & Gai Barone and Tim Mason to mention but a few.

On completing Wake You Mind Sessions 003, Cosmic Gate’s Bossi commented: “as ever, a great deal of

thought went into the structuring of these mixes. The first person we played it to really put their finger on

it: ‘CD1, I turn on at work and CD2 I listen to in the car before I go out’ Music to our ears – that was

exactly what we were going for!

As laser meets disc, the atmosphere-soaked pads of Eskai’s intro-tweaked ‘Fall Into You’ mix get us

underway. Early tone dialed-in, mix.01 plots a cool path through the progressive sound-fields. Staking

their righteous claims there are Above & Beyond & Richard Bedford, with the Spencer Brown reworking

of ‘Northern Soul’ and Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor’s instrumental take on Wellenrausch/Gai Barone collab

‘Heroes of Light’.

Signaling a subtle-yet-perceptible upswing in feel, Cosmic Gate & Alastor’s ‘Fight The Feeling’ has

‘WYMS003’ cross from prog into trance. Courtesy of Greenhaven DJs ‘The Unexamined’ and Tim Mason’

s jacked-up ‘Switcher’, techier and more distortion-heavy vibes seize its centre-ground. Bringing Mix 1 to

its mercurial apex are Maor Levi’s deliciously warped ‘Juno’ and Cosmic Gate just-released rephrase of

Gabriel & Dresden’s ‘Only Road’.

Through Estiva’s ethereal rework of CG x Super8 & Tab outing ‘Noom’ and ‘Find The Sun’ by Raz Nitzan

& Moya Brennan, Mix 2 opens in cooler waters. This being Cosmic Gate though, you know it’s but a

momentary calm before the storm. Ahead of the album’s mixing, the Wake Your Mind Records contract

pen’s seen action aplenty and Nic & Bossi use the second disc’s midpoint to break out their latest


Elaborating, Bossi says: “we were blessed with a mass of exclusive track submissions from young &

upcoming producers. In the end there proved to be too much great work to choose from! (We wanna

send an especially big shout out to all the producers from around the world who sent us tracks!!). In the

end we signed material from Australia’s Markus Santoro, Patrick White from Poland, Holland’s Noise Zoo

and Greenhaven DJs from the USA. All exclusive on this album and later to be released on our label WYM

Records. Keep a close ear out for them. Nic & I reckon you’re going to be hearing a lot more from these

guys in the future!!”

As it hits the home straight, CG reopen ‘Materia’s track-trove, lining up Ferry Corsten collab ‘Dynamic’,

current single ‘If Not Now’ and – exclusively – Leo Reyes’ blistering remix of CG & Markus Schulz’s ‘AR’.

To gift the mix a fitting finale, Nic & Bossi have included two new, thoroughly locomotive mash-ups for it.

‘Like This Body Of Conflict’ twists their (what else but!) classic ‘Body Of Conflict’ around last year’s pulse

racing hit from Third Party. ‘WYMS003’s valedictory track (and a celebration of all things ‘V’) ‘Muraco’s

Godd’ sees Marco V’s most recent and most revered tracks united as one, for the techiest, most fearsome of tie-offs.

Flowing and gazelle-like in places, charging rhino-like in others, ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions 003’ is

another deftly mixed Cosmic Gate masterpiece. 160 minutes of cortex-wobblingly music to enjoy in the

privacy of your own party, you can pop it on digital pre-order here:, or

for the CD edition click here: or for the CD edition click here:

Tracklist: ‘Cosmic Gate – Wake Your Mind Sessions 003’

Mix 01.

  1. Cosmic Gate & JES – Fall Into You (Eskai Intro Remix)

  2. Di Rugerio – Aeternis

  3. Max Freegrant & Slow Fish – Sweet Lies

  4. Tinlicker featuring Thomas Oliver – Nothing Without You

  5. Paul Thomas & K3V – Aquamarina

  6. Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford – Northern Soul (Spencer Brown Remix)

  7. Wellenrausch & Gai Barone – Heroes of Light (Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor Remix)

  8. Max Ruby – Awaiting

  9. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Fight The Feeling

  10. Nato Medrado – Small Room (Tinlicker Remix)

  11. Greenhaven DJs – The Unexamined

  12. Tim Mason – Switcher

  13. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Tonight (Fatum Remix)

  14. Maor Levi – Juno

  15. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Sub Teal – Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Mix 02.

  1. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom (Estiva Remix)

  2. Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan – Find The Sun (Rafael Frost Dub)

  3. Adam Sobiech – Rush Hour

  4. Noise Zoo – Freefall

  5. Cosmic Gate & JES – If Not Now (Club Mix)

  6. Patrick White – Reason

  7. Sunny Lax – So Long

  8. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic

  9. Marcus Santoro – Whispers

  10. Dennis Kenzo & Clara Yates – Other Side

  11. Kyau & Albert & Genix – Mantis

  12. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn – Folded Wings (Rafael Frost Remix)

  13. Cosmic Gate vs. Third Party – Like This Body Of Conflict (Cosmic Gate Mash Up)

  14. Arkham Knights vs. Fred Baker – Total Vibration

  15. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR (Leo Reyes Remix)

  16. Marco V – Muraco’s Godd





Birmingham’s Tailor; an artist that is fresh on the electronic scene and swiftly laying down vocal productions that demonstrate both his lyrical talent and songwriting credentials.

The past 12 months has seen him write and collaborate with the likes of MØ, TALA, Huntar, FTSE, Peking Duk and celebrate the release of his debut single; a double A sided record, ‘Disillusion/Blame’which not only refined his own solo studio sound but was as sensitively invested as it was sonically alert.

Tailor’s follow up ‘What If’ is clearly from the heart, it’s stripped back, tasteful, delicate and carefully produced. The songwriter-producer explains further…

“What if is about the point when you take a leap of faith with someone.. when you get past the initial impression you were both careful to craft. There’s ups and downs but it’s not until you experience them that you really know…it’s the thought you have just in that moment before you decide to put your true self on the line.”

His honesty is refreshing and there is a perspicacious acumen in his lyrics.
“He is an astute student of pop; he has lived life through music, and in turn uses it to express his experiences.” Clash Magazine.

Listen here and find out for yourself.




Tailor – ‘What If’

  1. What If

 ‘What If’ is Out Now

Combining his signature zen-like production and catchy pop hooks, Mokita returns with “When I See You,” available everywhere today via Armada Trice.

When I See You“, released via Armada Trice, explores the natural doubts that come in any relationship. Relatable and honest, it’s a sweeter sort of break-up song, offering heartfelt glimmers of hope. “When I See You” certainly plays into the meaning behind his stage name. The word “MOKITA,” which derives from a language called Kivila, known to be spoken in Papua New Guinea, translates loosely as “the truth we all know but agree not to talk about.”

Listen to ‘When I See You’

Mokita flexes his piano and vocals skills on the new record, once again positioning himself as a multi-talented artist. Writing, producing, and performing almost all of his tracks, Mokita is quickly lining himself up as a triple threat to watch.

American born artist, songwriter, and producer, John-Luke Carter, aka Mokita, started playing the piano at the age of six. Later on, he added the guitar to his list of skills and eventually ended up in the world of dance music production. He has quickly garnered attention for his ability to blend huge pop hooks with zen-like production.

Since starting the project in 2016, Mokita has quickly gained acclaim for both his original music and remixes, including his single, “Monopoly“, a collaboration with vocalist CADE, which quickly surpassed 10 million on Spotify. The follow-up track titled, “Heaven” further exemplified MOKITA’s talent as a triple-threat musical creator as it was written, produced, and featured solely his vocals.

Mokita has also created official remixes for Cheat Codes, Daya, Tayler Buono, Betty Who and Armin Van Buuren. His third single, titled “Goodbye” is a re-imagination of Third Eye Blind’s 90’s hit single, Semi-Charmed Life featured Republic Records’ artist Maty Noyes and premiered on Billboard.


Supplying fans with three distinct moments to indulge in, Allen Watts, Ben Nicky and Tim Mason drop their killer renditions of Armin van Buuren’s ferocious ASOT 850 Anthem and do so without relent. Supercharged, all-powerful and club-ready on all fronts, these bulldozing remixes of ‘Be In The Moment’ have some floor-cracking to do in the months to come.

Let’s grab it here






After notching up over twelve million streams with previous collaboration ‘Gold’ (feat. Jake Reese, Wacka Flocka & DJ Whoo Kid), Dash Berlin and DBSTF have once again joined forces. Now adding American talent Josie Nelson to the equation, the all-Dutch team-up presents a gorgeous record: ‘Save Myself’.


Listen to Dash Berlin & DBSTF feat. Josie Nelson – Save Myself


After seeing its acoustic version sparkle on part 2 of Dash Berlin’s album ‘We Are’, ‘Save Myself’ marks another signature Dash Berlin record embellished by the brilliant touches of DBSTF and American songstress Josie Nelson.  One hundred percent mainstage material and ready to wow fans across the globe, this track sure is another stellar addition to its creators’ respective discographies.


The current #20 DJ in the world (according to DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll), Dash Berlin counts as one of the most popular dance music acts of his time. Throughout his long-lasting career, he has been responsible for innumerable acclaimed singles and remixes (including his recent festival-ready rendition of Lost Frequencies & Zonderling’s hit record ‘Crazy’), all the while continually playing the biggest stages in the world, from Ultra Music Festival to Electric Daisy Carnival and back.

Formerly known as D-Block & S-te-Fan, Dutch duo DBSTF consists of Dutchmen Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas. First breaking onto the scene in 2005, they conjured a load of acclaimed Hardstyle smashes before bursting onto the Electro House scene and have been a steady fixture in the annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll for years in a row, peaking at #40 in 2011.


Hailing from Minnesota, U.S., Josie Nelson is one of the most exciting talents to emerge in the past few years. Despite her young age (eighteen years), Josie managed to turn heads across the world with her original songs and covers, earning her a loyal following of over 40.000 fans on YouTube alone. Her marvelous contribution on ‘Save Myself’ is bound to prove another big stepping stone toward that which she’s already rapidly approaching: international stardom.






Super8 & Tab may already be among Trance’s greatest, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing the envelope every single time. Going bigger and better – or harder and more energetic – whenever the crowd or their new-found inspiration demands it, the Finnish masterminds always give that little bit extra and now do so again with their brand-new album: ‘Reformation’.

In this first part of the album, Super8 & Tab drop some of the masterpieces that not only spiked their insane mainstage set at A State Of Trance 800 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, but also drove Trance fans mad with excitement across the globe. From the previously unreleased ‘Seconds Away’ to known fan favorites such as ‘Cosmo’, ‘Falling Into You’ (feat. Jonny Rose) and unrivaled bombshell ‘Mega’, this first part of the ‘Reformation’ album can only exceed your expectations.

Let’s grab it here


It’s saying something when the ascent of Simon Patterson has culminated in the vastly experienced Dogzilla producer mixing the scene’s big two compilation names in Euphoria and Ministry of Sound’s Trance Nation, a BBC Essential Mix – and that’s only a tiny piece of the pie. Teaming up once again with Lucy Pullin after collaborating on ‘Keep Quiet’, ‘The One’ and ‘Now I Can Breathe Again’, ‘Fall For You’ is an illumination of vocal trance with both a breathy pop edge and an uncompromising acceleration into darkness, cradling you when you’re floating and sending you zooming through to the other side.

Let’s grab it here





The young blood from Russia, Vigel has piled on the pressure with a string of releases on Armada Trice in the last few years (‘Tengu’ and ‘SQRT’ among his biggest hitters), gaining good company in Hardwell, Martin Garrix, R3hab and David Guetta along the way. On his latest dancefloor adventure, ‘Echoes’ drives hard synths into a reflective piano breakdown to shoot arena-sized shivers up spines, and then embarks on a melodic roof-raising rollercoaster turning fist pumps into handclaps and back again.


Let’s grab it here