Wed. Jul 15th, 2020


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Don’t get the season fool you…. despite November is bringing us a depressing weather,
our favorite wonderworker churns out another  weapon of mass dance floor destruction that gets us all excited and happy!!

It’s been a while since David Gravell dropped ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Supernova’ onto the imprint, but the Dutchman is back on Mainstage Music for another round of dancefloor whooping. Giving fans the world over their next fix, this cut is a mainstage banger you can only get ‘Addicted To’.

Like the vocals say, we are all addicted to something, some people are addicted to sex, some others to drugs, money or fame … and then there is David Gravell who is addicted to… Music!

Well, needless to say, we’re psyched to share this awesome addiction with him.

‘Addicted To’ is destined to wreak havoc worldwide supplying an immense blast of energy with its monstrous floor cracking bassline and brutal synths which perfectly match the full throttle melody.
Highly addictive and captivating from the first beats, it’s the kind of anthem that will make its way into trance sets everywhere


Let’s grab it Here

About David Gravell

On the international electronic dance music scene for a mere five years, David Gravell exhibits both the poise and the good-natured charm of a young gentleman. His boyish good looks and even-tempered nature hide a deep well of musical talent and ambition. While on tour with his elder and wiser mentor, Andrew Rayel, on the latter’s successful MOMENTS World Tour, Gravell showed that he had the work ethic and stamina to hang with the big boys. Today, Gravell is one of the trance music genre’s more innovative DJs/producers with releases including, “The Road,” “Explore” and “Energy.” Gravell’s fresh touch is also lent to big-name remixes, including Armin van Buuren’s “Communication.” In 2015, Gravell was nominated at the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) in the categories of “Best Trance DJ” and “Best Breakthrough DJ.” For this young producer, the future looks bright.

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