Young, beautiful and super talented Louise Rademakers  already released several songs on Armada Music as a writer and vocalist with Ruben de Ronde, Rodg and Melosense and today she officially landed on Armada Chill with such a jewel named ‘Nostalgia’.

Coming from a family of musicians, where her older sisters influenced her with their love for piano, she started writing and singing music in her teens releasing her very first EP at fifteen. Once she graduated, she left Antwerp to move to Boston to study at the famous Berklee College of Music.

And now she is gracing Armada Music Team with her precious contribution.

‘Nostalgia’ is a delicate tune that will move your heart for sure, something able to make the world’s  stop  spinning around for a while, and make you leave all the daily frenzy behind to  enjoy every peaceful beat with a smile on your face.  It’s a deep breath of fresh air, and a warm comfort to your heart, Louise’s blissful voice is made to charm your soul, and seduce your mind.

The meaningful lyrics are nestled in a dreamy atmosphere created by the chords tailoring a special song to experience as something personal and deep.

And….we’re wondering if we could expect a remix of this gem…wouldn’t be that bad dancing to it during….maybe…ASOT….. 🙂

Simply put: our soul was sold at the first 2 notes!!

Filled with charming vocals and emotional chords, ‘Nostalgia’ marks Louise Rademakers’  first solo single on Armada Chill. Able to make time slow down and set hearts on fire, this is a record you’ll always think back to with a smile.

Listen to Louise Rademakers – Nostalgia