A State Of Trance Year Mix 2017 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)


What a year it’s been. From the opening of the radio studio in Amsterdam and the massive celebrations of ASOT 800 to the 14-hour madness that shook Amsterdam Dance Event in the form of A State Of Trance episode 836, the year of 2017 saw Trance music become even more of a staple than ever before. Those glorious moments have all been captured and brought back to its essence: ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2017’.

Mixed by Armin van Buuren himself for the fourteenth consecutive year, ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2017’ is the epitome of a wonderful year for Trance music. Featuring over a hundred exceptional Trance records, the year mix not only harbors some of Armin van Buuren’s personal picks (e.g. Davey Asprey – ‘Fallout’, Radion6’s remix of Assaf – ‘Lost Souls’, Protoculture – ‘The Descent’, KhoMha – ‘Laberinto’ and Neelix – ‘1000 Sterne’), but also the top favorites of thousands of Trance fans, as chosen by themselves via this year’s Tune Of The Year voting.

When you listen to this mix in a few years from now, this will remember you of the sound of 2017 and how amazing that year was. With ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2017’, you can enjoy the moment here and now and embrace that which is yet to come. Here’s to more amazing music. You’ll find it in the ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix’.

You can pre-order A State Of Trance Year Mix 2017 here


“Not so straightforward, is it?” observes Markus. Both generally and rhetorically, he’s passing comment on life. However, in the closing weeks of 2017 & opening months of 2018, he could as easily be talking about the ‘how’, ‘what’ & ‘why?’ of Dakota’s stage show and its December-released 18-track LP companion, The Nine Skies.

Dakota has had its spiritual side from the off. The first and second ‘Thoughts Become Things’ albums were the pathfinders for this new, and possibly most definitive of Dakota projects. These releases were measures deployed to see if electronic music’s citizenry were receptive to something deeper and more involved.

Word back from the ‘Thoughts’ generation was: “ready”.

The tipping point for The Nine Skies’ didn’t occur however until last year, and the aftermath of the attack on Florida’s Pulse nightclub. “The final spur in the side”, was how Markus saw it at the time. “All the shit that’s happened after that has really changed things, but somehow that all seemed to start with Pulse. It just devastated me. Shook me to my core. It woke me up to the idea that, in general, we’re not on the right path. I believe to get us back there, to turn things around, anyone who is able has to do their bit. The Nine Skies is me trying to do mine in really the only way I know how”.


In respect of ‘The Nine Skies’, Markus’ own awakening started predominantly through books. “I started reading, he says, like a lot!” “At home, in hotel lobbies, on flights, in the studio.I’ve always had a lingering interest in spirituality and the desire to make some sense of life. It’s something I share with people that are close to me. We like to chat about the nature of things like dharma, prajna, true-self – all that stuff. It is how – over time – the ‘Skies’ came into being.


Markus has always seen Dakota not as an alias but as a persona – an identity even. “Sometimes I’m wearing Dakota’s head; other times it’s Markus Schulz’s, he says. Through that division, I’ve found the artistic space to make darker, moodier, deeper music. More exploratory and experimental gear… if that’s where my current state of mind is taking me.


Atypically, the entire The Nine Skies project – concept, show, album, et al, was wrapped and complete before but a word of it was breathed. “This, expands Markus, gave me an opportunity I’d not had before. It gave me a chance to shake up my usual release pattern. So in keeping with the progressive spirit of The Nine Skies/steps, rather than coming with dozens of shows and an album’s worth of new material frontend, I brought it one stage and single at a time. I felt it would give the audiences more time to digest and absorb what is undeniably a broader concept”.

Markus considers that if there’s one thing enlightenment does take, it’s time. ”Rarely, if ever, in life does something happen overnight”, he says. The release of the album’s first four singles was designed to reflect one of the possible journey arcs from darkness to enlightenment. That started with early-in-the-album track, ‘Mota Mota’ and ended with its penultimate one, ‘Spirit of the Warrior’. “It arches from one of the most ominous darkly-minded, night-black numbers I’ve written to possibly Dakota’s most uplifting, emancipating moment ever”, says Markus.

The underlying theme of each of the 18 tracks on the album broadly falls into one of the Skies’ nine realms. “That, cautions Markus, is not something that’s going to be immediately apparent the first time you listen to it. Give it time though, and over subsequent spins I think, you’ll get an ever-greater feel for the transitional passage the album is taking. From Sky.One’s The Follower, transcending right the way over to the ninth Sky: Nirvana.” 

Dakota’s extraordinary The Nine Skies LP will be released through Coldharbour Recordings on December 8th. You can pre-order it through the following link: markusschulz.choons.at/thenineskies. Dakota adherents can also look forward, in the not too distant future to the The Nine Skies box set. This very special limited edition audio-visual release will include the DVD of Markus’ performance of The Nine Skies at Prague’s O2 Arena, as part of the Transmission 2017 event.

The Nine Skies tracklist:

01. The Nine Skies Intro
02. Bravo on the Go
03. Follow Me
04. Mota-Mota
05. Who Are You
06. Searching
07. Running Up That Hill
08. Eve’s Doorway
09. Edonismo
10. Kismet
11. The Way It Is
12. Cafe Del Mar
13. The Master
14. Carbonado
15. In Search of Something Better
16. Future Shock
17. The Spirit of the Warrior
18. The Ninth Sky

More info on Markus Schulz, Dakota and ‘The Nine Skies’ available, via the online resources below:







Announcing a full-length album for 2018; “Siren’s” suggests an exhilarating and contemporary body of work to follow from Berlin producer Monolink  – a bold statement from the maturing studio producer and live performer that pushes a musical vision forward and lashes at the bounds of genre acceptability.

Monolink’s vocal contribution and sways of acoustic colour not only provides one of the best examples of how electronic music can settle amongst a guitar led narrative, but displays an exciting live direction from a fascinating singer/ songwriter to watch.

The single “Sirens” is a tranquil yet progressive composition accompanied by his own beautifully haunting voice that, engaging in sound exploration shows that Steffen Linck has innate ability to link genres and influences so wonderfully.

Amsterdam based producer, Kompakt mainstay and long-time resident at the city’s now-defunct Trouw club, Patrice Baumel provides a true dance floor remix teeming with undercurrents. No stranger to creating his own unique musical soundscape both in and out of the DJ booth, his remix of “Sirens” captures a sunrise of vocal euphoria while retaining an early morning techno feel.

The first album single is delivered with crisp, subterranean emotion from the young producer, a key guide to his explicit appreciation of atmosphere and texture that is sure to follow in more music in early 2018.

Monolink – “Sirens” 

01.    Monolink – Sirens (Radio Edit)
02.    Monolink – Sirens (Extended Version)
03.    Monolink – Sirens (Patrice Bäumel Remix)

“Siren’s is out now with the Patrice Bäumel Remix out on Beatport Dec 15th




Cristoph makes his return to the newest of Eric Prydz’ labels ‘Pryda Presents’ with the hard-hitting ‘Epoch’ set for release on the 4th December 2017.

North-East native Cristoph is no stranger to being in the company of Eric Prydz, having toured with him for the majority of 2017 and featuring on the lineups of his biggest shows such as his EPIC 5.0 which set up camp during Creamfields – Steelyard and at London’s Victoria Park, whilst also dropping into Hï Ibiza for various dates across the summer too.

Cristoph now returns to the ‘Pryda Presents’ label for the second time, following his inaugural release ‘Feel ft. Jem Cooke’ which was received with critical acclaim.

‘Epoch’ is the epitome of what we’ve come to expect from Cristoph, pounding basslines and kick drums mixed with melodic layers all the while meticulously layering brooding synth tones across the track. Aimed firmly at the dancefloor ‘Epoch’ is peak time techno that is designed with the very purpose of giving the crowd that very euphoric feeling Cristoph has honed his production values towards.


Listen To Cristoph ‘Epoch’


  1. EPOCH

 ‘Epoch’ is released 4th December through ‘Pryda Presents’





Listen to ‘seventeen’ here

Accomplished Berlin-based DJ/producer Andreas Henneberg uses the long player format to release 15 club-focused cuts primed for maximum impact on the dancefloor. Out Now via his own label SNOE‘Seventeen’ is Andreas’ second solo album and perfectly demonstrates the Berlin heavy-weight’s masterful production abilities alongside his unparalleled experience as a DJ, producer and engineer.

A long-time fixture on Germany’s music scene, Andreas is the founder of Voltage Musique RecordsCascandy; in groups The Glitz and Hennon, and has released music on labels like Get Physical, Heinz Music, Systematic Recordings, Toolroom and Ideal Audio among many others.

Drawing inspiration from Germany’s fruitful underground techno scene of the 90s and early 2000s, Andreas Henneberg is widely loved for his innovative and futuristic sounds that blend techno with straight-talking tech-house.

‘Seventeen’ is an album rooted in energy and high-intensity from the very outset. ‘Bass Happens’ sets the scene with an unabated beat accompanied by an uncompromising bassline and syncopated synths. From ‘AH AH’ to ‘Garden Of Go’ and through to ‘Focus On The Mission’, Andreas seamlessly merges lowly-slung drums with hazy textures and intoxicating four to the floor energy – lending the music transient swells that continuously rise and fall with fluid momentum.

Tracks like ‘Nebulous’ play with spacious sound design for big-room, festival appeal while the likes of ‘Crackajack’ takes things to a more minimal territory. By the time ‘Kreuzberg Mullets’ arrives – marking ‘Seventeen’s finale – Andreas Henneberg has already laid bare an exhilarating selection of skillfully produced club-focused tracks rich in texture and with enough variety to cause serious damage to any dance floor they come into contact with.

Sure to push the boundaries of club music while cementing Andreas’ reputation as one of electronic music’s most gifted producers, ‘Seventeen’ is his most ambitious work to date and signals exciting times ahead for one of Berlin’s most respected artists.

Andreas Henneberg – ‘Seventeen’ 

  1. Bass Happens
  2. AH AH (feat. Adrian Hour)
  3. Down To The Power
  4. Garden Of Go
  5. The Stoutman
  6. Focus On The Mission
  7. You Better Don’t Say
  8. Nebulous
  9. Put A Ding On It
  10. Bed Of Golden Nails
  11. Crackajack
  12. Checkboxes (feat. Victor Ruiz)
  13. Elefo
  14. Empathy
  15. Kreuzberg Mullets

‘Seventeen’ is Out Now through SNOE


Since Chicane dropped his celebratory album (‘Twenty’) a bit over a year ago, fans have been eagerly anticipating another full body of work from the legendary musician. Today, they see that moment draw a few steps closer as the creator of classics such as ‘Offshore’, ‘Saltwater’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’ (feat. Bryan Adams) emerges with a brand-new single: ‘Gorecki’, taken from what will be his sixth studio album.

Listen to Chicane – ‘Goreki’

A genius spin on Lamb’s 1993 single (which peaked at #30 in the UK Singles Chart), ‘Gorecki’ marks yet another timeless classic-to-be from the British grandmaster. Teeming with dreamy pads, smooth beats and infectious synth plucks, it proves a hyper-mesmeric single no Chicane fan can do without and comes with a brilliant music video that adds to the song’s alluring colors.

Boasting a sublime track record that comes with a career of over twenty years, Chicane has become a living legend through singles such as ‘Offshore’ (1996), ‘Saltwater’ (1999), ‘Don’t Give Up’ (feat. Bryan Adams) (2000) and the evergreen ‘Poppiholla’ (2008). Dominating charts across the globe and remaining a staple in dance music to this day, he saw the remixes of his classic tracks by contemporary artists add to the impact of ‘Twenty’ in 2016 and now proves he is as fresh today as he has ever been.

ionnalee announces new album EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN out 16th Feb 2018 on To whom it may concern. releases new single and video GONE


Swedish singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker, Jonna Lee, brings the evolution of her ten-year creative career to a new peak with the release of her maiden ionnalee offering, EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN on 16 February 2018 on To whom it may concern and Kobalt Music.

A studio album and, in due order, a stand-alone filmic counterpart (co-created with cinematographer, John Strandh, in alliance with fashion and art trail-blazers, COMME des GARÇONS), this is the most ambitious project which the Stockholm-based master of audiovisual artistry has embarked on.

Two years and two albums into a solo endeavour as a guitar- wielding folk’n’roller, 2009 saw Jonna Lee beginning a seminal metamorphosis which would lead her to join forces with best friend and long-term producer, Barbelle a.k.a Claes Bjorklund, in creating the organically viral, electronic pop phenomenon that is iamamiwhoami.

A mystery and a riddle, iamamiwhoami’s visuals-backed clue trail of short, sharp, gratifying musical shockwaves stumpedfans and the media alike. It formed a gripping guessing game, which enticed audiences to explore its dark, elusory storyline. Moreover, as an entity still in its nappy days, iamamiwhoami’s real-time work process also meant that its cast of creatives’initial decision to remain anonymous unintentionally caused a frenzy around the question of who was behind the surprise releases (Christina Aguilera and Karin Dreijer were but two of many suspects).

The group’s three ground-breaking audiovisual works [bounty (2010, digital); kin (2011); and BLUE (2014)] served as Jonna Lee’s vehicle for change, through which she has kept challenging limitations and untethering inhibitions in favour of development and innovation.

The iamamiwhoami Youtube channel has, since its inception, garnered over 42,300,000 views and in 2011 – even before its first physical release – the group was awarded Innovator Of the Year Award at the prestigious Swedish Grammis.

In the three-act play of Jonna Lee’s creative voyage to date, whereby her late-noughties solo albums planted the inciting incident and iamamiwhoami provided a riveting plot twist, the artist’s debut as ionnalee ushers in the exhilarating climax, letting all that’s gone before culminate in an opus that honours the past, whilst simultaneously devising a recalibrated, fresh future.


Listen here

EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN evokes thoughts about what drives an artist to create in a milieu brimful with people fighting to be seen and heard and to express themselves in ways that would single them out from others. With its eyes fixed firmly on the state of the world right now, this is a collection that concerns itself with what is the artist’s residual footprint, paralleled with people’s fear of oblivion.

As our generation pores over and pours into social media with a desire to leave as much of ourselves and our legacy out in the world – like a self-edited epitaph, to ensure that we are remembered and control how such remembrance is preserved – EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN explores the different fears and struggles we, as human beings, contend with. ionnalee has hers but, importantly, the songs are intelligently crafted so as to allow for the listener’s personal meaning to coexist.

Reflecting on her own perspective, ionnalee says:

“I’ve been evaluating the role that’s cut out for me by society in general and the music business in particular, as to how I should look and behave, both as a woman and as an artist.” In shaping the record, ionnalee has been preoccupied with the experience of societal pressures on women, such as the inescapable normative push to become a mother, pitted against the professional pull of meeting the audience’s expectations of her as an artist.

The video for ‘GONE’ was directed by ionnalee together with John Strandh and is a key chapter in the longer visual narrative arc supporting EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN.

Offering solace in grief, EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN is a labour of love emanating from introspection as well as self- awareness. As with every one of her endeavours, ionnalee again seeks to find and make something that is different. “The album format is regarded by many as a thing of the past”, she says, “with tracks being the primary way of consuming music.” Her vision, instead, is to make a sustainable and epic album that will endure, rather than something that is easily digested and spat out shortly afterwards. “An imprint that will stand with time”, as she describes it.

“I would like to view this as the beginning of the rest of my career. I want to grow my audience in my way, without compromising and without having to turn myself inside out. There’s a bigger, more personal weight for me with this record and much, much more at stake.”



Gaia – Crossfire

The mysterious duo called GAIA is back with the release of ‘Crossfire’ on Armind.

A fan favorite from Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show and one of the headpieces of his ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017’ mix album, ‘Crossfire’ is the next bedazzling Gaia offering to hit Armind. Armed with hooking melodies and gorgeous arpeggios, this wondrous release first enchanted the crowd at Tomorrowland 2017’s ASOT stage and now emerges in full glory to turn heads again.


Let’s grab it here 

Gaia is the personification of Earth in Greek mythology, one of the first beings of existence and mother of the universe,

and so far this trance duo always delivered astonishing tracks!

No doubt this tune has something magical in it , the haunting electronics and brooding synths will cast a spell on you and you’ll find yourself traveling in space and time in another dimension in a blink of an eye.

‘Crossfire’ definitely evokes all the splendor of far away galaxies.

A tune made for the dreamers, that will leave you hungry for more!

But there is something else to be hyped about;  recently, Armin van Buuren revealed that he’s currently ( ehm…the mysterious duo is ) working on an entire Gaia’s album.

We hope to get more info soon on this hot topic so to spill the beans with you!

Stay tuned!