Happy Halloween everyone!! So… the most obvious opening line would be: ” Trick or Treat? ” and what we have for you today is a very special treat ! 

We’ve got the honor  to have a chat with tyDi about his life and latest projects; in his 15 years as one of the leading artists in electronic music, Australian songwriter, composer, record producer and DJ tyDi, née Tyson Illingworth, has seen, heard and done it all. Through his extensive discography, which includes five full-length albums, countless singles and remixes, and numerous EPs across diverse genres, he’s topped global charts, he’s toured the world and he’s made his indelible mark on the music world. Now, tyDi reinvents his sound once again via Collide, his
forthcoming artist album set for self-release early 2018 via Global Soundsystem Records.


TBA: Hello Tyson, thanks for supporting TheBackstageAccess, (we’re great fans of you here), any plans about coming to Italy any time soon?


T: Hi! Thanks for the support! I love Italy, my new album is coming out early next year so I’d love to look at doing a European tour, would be amazing if I could perform in Italy. 

TBA: You’ve been teasing us about   your  new single Closing In for a while can you tell us something more about the idea behind it?


T: Closing In is a huge change in my music style, it’s a mix of electronic music and an entire orchestra! 


TBA:  Any insights you could give us about Collide?


T: Yes, the album is a collaboration with 2 X GRAMMY award winning film composer Christopher Tin. The whole album is dance music with a complete orchestra throughout it. 


TBA: Since it’s taking you something like 3 years of work for it, and you said it’s gonna be nothing like we’ve heard before, we are REALLY thrilled about it, how many tracks are going to be there and how did you select the ones that fit into an album?


T: It actually took closer to 4 years of writing, there are 12 songs on the album but I started with about 250 songs to narrow it down to the final amount. I obviously chose the best ones 😉 


TBA: How does the creative process start in your studio?


T: It usually just starts with me, a piano and some red wine. I come up with melodies and go from there. 


TBA: What’s the track that challenged you the most during its creation and why?


T: All of them, it is extremely difficult mixing hundreds of instruments into an electronic song and making it all sound clean, but I got there! 



TBA: What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?


T: My superpower is sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours without losing my mind. 



TBA: If you have to name one tune that never gets old for you?


T: Sasha – Mr Tiddles 


TBA: What are you listening in your car in these days?


T: Usually orchestral music and film scores – I really want to be writing music for movies in the future. 


TBA: Ups and down of traveling a lot?


T: Long nights, no sleep, amazing fans, falling asleep in airports… It’s all worth it. 


TBA: What do you always carry with you in all your travels?


T: A treasure map, one day I will find it. 









About Collide, tyDi’s most ambitious and most challenging project to

On Collide, tyDi bridges the worlds of electronic and orchestral music as he presents a completely new sound in uncharted territories. Collectively, the album threads a gorgeous sonic narrative built on precise composition, progressive musicality, intelligent sound design, layered songwriting and
grandiose orchestral scoring. Through its 12 original tracks, Collide creates an unprecedented musical journey that transports listeners off the dance floor and into the concert halls.

“I wanted to make something larger than life, I
needed to impress myself by making an album that’s so detailed, so thorough, so musically complex
that you couldn’t copy it. This album is so uniquely me; it cannot be duplicated.”  

“To make my dream album, I needed someone experienced who was a king in the composing world”

“When you watch a film with an intense score, you’re swept away to a different planet. The
atmosphere, emotions, melodies and instruments captivate you. That feeling doesn’t always enter the
dance realm. I wanted to capture that magic and bring it to the electronic world.”

“I’m at a point at my career where I’m not satisfied doing the same thing. All the ambition, all the drive
behind this album comes from the need and internal desire to combine every single thing I’ve ever
learned in my musical career and put it into this project, to show everyone what I’m capable of.” (tyDi)









Maya Jane Coles releases a club mix of ‘Darkside’, the third EP to be taken from the independent artist’s highly praised new double LP ‘Take Flight’ – called by DJ Mag her “landmark album”. The package sees Maya add her own dancefloor-ready twist to the melancholic original that features London folk-electronica artist and regular collaborator Chelou.

‘Darkside’ is one in a string of releases to surface from the celebrated ‘Take Flight’ album and the latest to receive the remix treatment. This fresh new club edit is a testament to Maya’s unbreakable work ethic and prolific nature. Previous EPs such as ‘Won’t Let You Down’ and ‘Weak/Werk’ received global acclaim from FADERWonderlandMixmag, Complex, as well as support from Pete Tong.

Maya’s ‘MJC V2 MIX’ prepares the dark and dubby original into a club ready weapon complete with earth-shattering kick drums which jostle through jittering percussion and shimmering, eerie vocals provided by Chelou.

Maya Jane Coles is a resolutely independent artist who writes, produces, engineers and creates the artwork for all her music. From winning multiple awards, touring the world’s greatest venues, supporting Depeche Mode to releasing mix compilations for DJ KicksFabric Live, remixing The XX to EllaFitzgerald to Bonobo, leading campaigns for Doc Martens or being sampled for Nicki Minaj’s mega hit ‘Truffle Butter’, Maya Jane Coles is at the very summit of her game.


Maya Jane Coles – ‘Darkside’ Remixes

  1. ‘Darkside – MJC V2 MIX’

‘Darkside –  MJC V2 Mix’ is OUT NOW through ‘I/AM/ME


Da Hool may be more well known for the banging style of music he plays during his many gigs across the globe, but his new single shows a side to the German DJ and producer’s sound that could very well surprise a lot of people. ‘Own The Night’, a team-up with the U.S.-based, 17-years-old singer Julia DeTomaso, saw its release today on Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music

Listen to: Da Hool feat. Julia DeTomaso – Own The Night


“’Own The Night’ is definitely not like any of my other productions”, says Da Hool. “This record is a lot smoother and just a great and all-around beautiful track that keeps listeners warm on those cold, dark winter nights. I really wanted to do a song like this for a long time, and I’m really glad it with the end result.”


Born Frank Tomiczek, Da Hool was one of the flagbearers of the underground Techno movement in the ‘90s. Since, he has remained one of the scene’s most prolific artists, boasting a variety of highly acclaimed productions ranging from the legendary ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade’ to his remix of Armada van Helden’s ‘Funk Phenomena’. Now, with performances at festivals such as Parookaville and Tomorrowland under his belt and a brand-new album in the works, Da Hool shows that he still belongs to the absolute DJ and producer elite. He is ready to ‘Own The Night’ like never before.


OUT NOW: DIM3NSION & Rama Duke – Here With Me


Back on A State Of Trance after Morgana, DIM3NSION shows he’s anything but lost his touch. A collaboration with Rama Duke and her angelic vocals, ‘Here With Me’ is as magical as watching the sun fall below the mountain tops and as colorful as life itself. This is what Trance is all about.

Listen to DIM3NSION & Rama Duke – Here With Me




Right after yesterday’s ASOT episode, here we go with a tune by the man that pretty much invented the  progressive trance genre!!

Off the back of ‘The Upside Down’, BT returns to Armind. His new single starts off with ethereal soundscapes and lush textures, slowly building towards a mash of sounds that captivates all. ‘Four’ is what the word ‘entrancing’ seems tailor-made for.

Listen to BT-Four


Earlier this month, ZOYA released her new tune ‘In My Mind’ on Vox Records. This is an amazing  pop-house  song with a heartfelt lyrics  that has  a very personal meaning for this beautiful and talented artist that is brave enough to decide to step out of her comfort zone to experiment with something different than trance music.
And let’s be honest, the result is such an ear candy, we couldn’t help but fall in love instantly with this gem and ZOYA’s blissful voice is haunting us since the very first play.
Catchy and melodic it shows a perfect balance of sweetness and energy; we bet it will charm you too from the first beats!
The juicy news is that  she is now hosting a remix contest for this track.
It is open to every kind of electronic music artist so,  even if we know ZOYA’s first love is always trance 🙂 you can try to surprise her with something different than expected, maybe deep house or trap? Progressive? She is very open minded and curious to listen to whatever will amaze her ears.
So what are our fellows producers out there waiting for? The deadline is November 20th, psyched to give it a try? Then find all your assets here
ZOYA will check them out and announce the winner of the contest in 4 weeks from …..NOW!!!
tic…. tac… tic… tac……
ZOYA is a singer,songwriter,recording artist and a DJ. Since an early age she has had a profound interest in music which would lead to studies in opera and piano at the music academy in her hometown. ZOYA would then leave her home country of Bulgaria to embark on a bohemian lifestyle of music,work and travel. Living and working in different countries she was constantly learning,gaining experience and collecting new inspiration to incorporate into her style of song writing. In 2013 she fell in love with electronic music and knew from then on that it was in this genre that she wanted to make her impression.During the ADE she presented 2 songs and her voice was first announced to a worldwide audience.The collaboration requests started to rain in and her first project with LTN was signed by Armada music.Currently ZOYA is working hard writing for herself and other artists. Her main love will always be trance but having an electronic taste in music herself is always open to experiment in other genres.
Special treat for all the fans 🙂
You can enjoy this delicious psy minimix she did for Deep Radio Bulgaria


Alyx Ander is certainly one of the young rising talents under our radar lately, already supported by the biggest names in the scene, he has been so nice to sit with us for a chat about his life and career!! Alyx Ander’s sophisticated, emotional brand of dance music has garnered serious accolades
around the world from the moment he dropped his debut breakout single “Close Enough.”




TBA: Hi Alyx,how are you doing lately?

AA:  Hi!! I’m doing really great. I’ve been traveling a ton recently
between Miami, LA, and NYC. It has been nice, but it’s also a bit tiring.
The upside is I’m earning a lot airline miles! 

TBA: Your single Wake Up For The Night is really doing amazingly good and got the support of all the big names in the scene, did you expect such a huge success?

AA:   Thanks!! I’m actually really blown away by all the support Wake Up has received. Since release, it seems like every other week, another artist that I have huge respect for has supported it. This has led to some amazing morning dance parties and over caffeinated afternoons 🙂

TBA: Can you tell us something about the creative process of this tune?

AA:   Originally, I remixed Caroline’s rendition of ” Follow the Sun ” and
fell in love with her voice. I hit her up on Twitter and we became fast
online friends. After going back and forth sending funny GIF’s and Meme’s, our friendship blossomed and we decided to collaborate. Initially, our song was going to be a singing duet (I went to high school and college for vocal performance), but the track naturally evolved into what Wake up is now. A few hundred hours later and voila…here you have it 🙂 

TBA: What’s  your favorite track ever?

AA:   Beat It by Michael Jackson. Van Halen’s guitar solo is absolutely
iconic and Michael’s vocals are legendary.

TBA: Who is your biggest inspiration?  Who influenced you the most in making music?
AA:  My family; grandmother, father and brother. My father is an amazing musician who plays 7 instruments, yet never pursued music professionally. My grandmother was a great singer who was offered a recording contract by a major label in the 40s at the age of 16. She  used to sing  ” I Only Have Eyes for You ” to me every night when I was a baby. She passed away last year, but I can still hear her voice when I think about her. My father exposed me to opera, jazz, and rock, and my brother shared the magical world of hip-hop – specifically Nas, Wu-Tang, and Black Star. They all had a hand in molding me musically. 

TBA:  When and how did it all start for you?

AA:   When I was in college, I was DJ’ing for fun at different house
parties, when a big promoter saw me one night, and offered me my first
headlining gig at Mansion on South Beach. I started spinning 3 – 4 nights a week, which was amazing for the first year. Eventually, it became frustratingly monotonous because I didn’t get to play the music I wanted, and I felt like a glorified juke box. I made the decision to cut all my gigs and focus solely on production. A few years later, I sent ” Close Enough ” to my eventual manager Jared, which is how it all started.  

TBA: What do you have in store for us next?

AA:    I can’t give all my secrets away…however I can say that I have a
remix coming out for Junior Sanchez. I’ve respected him for such a long
time, and it’s an honor that he asked me to do a remix for him. 

TBA: ell talking about secrets…share at least one of yours with us:

AA:  I’m Pescatarian, but I sometimes crave chicken tenders and hot dogs.

TBA: What are you singing under the shower?

AA:   I’ve been humming Hans Zimmer’s ” One Day ” non stop. It’s one of
the theme’s from Pirates of The Carribean. Hans is such an amazing composer, and the emotion in the piece really inspires me. 

TBA:  Your top 5 picks this month?

  AA:  Nobody Like You (Sun Soaked Mix) – Kaskade
   .    Chasing Marrakech – Zhu
   .    Collard Greens – School Boy Q
   .    Humble – Kendrick Lamar
   .    Rick James (Chus & Ceballos remix) – ZDS
TBA: Thanks a lot Alyx, it’s all for the moment, hope to catch up with you very soon! 

Let’s grab ‘Wake Up For The Night’ The Remixes


ALYX on Facebook

ALYX on Soundcloud

ALYX on Instagram

About Alyx Ander:


Alyx Ander’s success hasn’t exactly come overnight. Hailing from Queens, New York from a family
comprised of multiple generations of artists and musicians that played plenty of jazz, classical
and The Beatles, Alyx was born into a life of music. He began training for it early on, leading
theatrical productions at Manhattan’s prestigious LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts,
otherwise known as the school that inspired multiple Fame films and television series, and later
moving to Florida to attend the University of Miami’s Frost music business program.
“I have to tell you that [the Fame movie] was exactly how high school was,” he laughs. “I remember
we would be at lunch and would be playing spades, which is a card game, and out of nowhere,
somebody would start drumming, someone would pick up their violin, singers would start singing,
dancers would start dancing. It happened all the time! There was so much collaboration; I would
play the piano for dancers in between classes. Everyone was there for art and music and it was
just such a beautiful experience.”
His high school years were focused on classical music and theatre, but he knew turntables were
going to be in his true path by the time he decided to study in Miami. While still in New York, his
flirtations with clubs like Exit and Sound Factory led him to hear DJs like Danny Tenaglia,
Jonathan Peters and Tiësto. “Seeing them really opened my eyes to what was out there,” he
When Alyx Ander released his first song ever, he earned an unexpected endorsement from an
industry icon, Pete Tong, who chose to premiere the song on BBC Radio 1. What followed was
an avalanche of support from press, DJs, and specialist radio. DJs like Tiesto, Avicii, Martin
Garrix, Sam Feldt, and many others have featured Alyx Ander’s tracks in their syndicated
podcasts. Esteemed editorial outlets like Billboard, TIME Magazine, Mixmag, and DJMag have
highlighted his releases with flattering reviews. And each of Alyx Ander’s original releases were
placed into regular rotation on SiriusXM radio – reaching a national audience across the United
With his latest release, “Wake Up for the Night” Alyx again plays to his strengths as a producercomplimenting
strong song-writing with bright melodies. This approach has become somewhat of
a specialty for this burgeoning producer whose music offers a depth and sincerity not often found
in club music.
A seemingly lifetime in music is just the beginning for the rising talent whose path has taken him
from the theatrical stage to the producer’s chair and now to behind the decks.








‘Where I Wait’ is the third single taken from Null + Void’s upcoming album‘Cryosleep’ featuring Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan and has already received support from media titans Billboard & Rolling Stone.

Dave’s singular voice brings a classic edge to a stunning song about hope and uncertainty. “I wrote it with Dave in mind,” says Null + Void aka Kurt Uenala about his frequent collaborator. “He wrote the melody & lyrics shortly after recovering from Cancer treatment which I think influenced the reflective tone.” The song, which also features Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes, shines among Cryosleep’s unforgettable synthetic auditory excursions.

“Drawing heavily on his and Gahan’s shared language, Uenala crafted a chilly chord progression for “Where I Wait,” over which the singer could divine a moody melody and pensive lyrics about the dark side of devotion.” – Rolling Stone

The collaboration with Dave was especially fruitful —the two became friends, and it wasn’t long before Kurt began writing original songs for Depeche Mode.

His love for vintage synthesisers, dark electronic music, and exploring unusual chord structures was a natural fit. The more Kurt worked with Dave and Depeche Mode, the more time he spent at his Manhattan studio. He started writing his own shadowy, melancholic songs, filling them with angular beats and moody atmospheres. After a while, the basis of Kurt’s new solo project, Null + Void, took shape and ‘Cryosleep’ alongside ‘Where I Wait’ came to life.

The single will be accompanied by a music video directed by New York based director and photographer Timothy Saccenti. Saccenti’s groundbreaking visual output includes influential and genre defying films and photography for artists ranging from indie icons Animal Collective, Run the Jewels andSquarepusher to legends Depeche Mode, Pharrell and Lana Del Rey.
“Gahan taps into doomed love’s sinister sweetness on “Where I Wait,” a sensual and dangerous bit of mood with his friend and long-time collaborator Kurt Uenala, for the former’s solo project Null+Void. It’s the lead single from Null+Void’s forthcoming album Cryosleep, and while its heavily electronic synth soundscape will certainly please Depeche Mode fans, “Where I Wait” definitely gives the singer space to explore a rawer edge.” – Billboard

“In the Null + Void video, we follow a desperate character in his attempt to transcend a physical space and escape his addictions via a hallucinatory female.

The environment is a dystopic, brutalist variation on an old theme: the stifled, domestic household. The refrigerator, the television, the wine bottles, and – most notably – the main character’s nonexistent female counterpart evoke this dark theme. The cold lighting, concrete doors and metal containers further elicit the atmosphere of a prison in which he tries to resist the temptations offered by his imaginary friend.

The illusory female character’s performance is mostly static, as though she is another object in the room. Her eyes are glazed over in reverie, the mode by which the action will follow.

Most important is the television, which serves as a physical manifestation of these purely mental (intellectual) fantasies. Its formal role in the narrative is essential, and as the viewer’s perspective is fed through the television, we lose our place. What is real and what is the fantasy? In this way, we are able to identify with the protagonist.

After reality and fantasy are knotted together, they fracture, and the space is literally broken into parts. This is reminiscent of a familiar sensation at the end of a dream or reverie, when the idea comes together and then falls apart. The video thus gives us a picture of what the nature of escape can sometimes feel like: the ecstasy of transcendence, the eluding of time, the total circumvention of life as a physical object.” says Saccenti.


Null + Void – ‘Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan)’

  1. Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan)
  2. Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan) (Radio Edit)

‘Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan)’ is Out Now through HFN Music

‘Cryosleep’ will be released on the 3rd November through HFN Music

OUT NOW: Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee – Sunny Days (PureNRG remix)

Pure bliss in uplifting form, the PureNRG Remix of ‘Sunny Days’ (feat. Josh Cumbee) has been a crowd favorite since its premiere at the ASOT stage on Tomorrowland Belgium 2017. Pacy, emotive and hyper-melodic, this take on Armin van Buuren’s recent hit single has all the hallmarks of a timeless Trance classic.

Grab it HERE