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As announced a while ago, we are super happy to meet Estiva again and ask him what’s going on with his life and career .




TBA: You are rocking a super summer, The States, Ibiza and much more, would you tell me something about it?

E: It has been a fantastic festival season for me with highlights like Ultra, TimeShift and Beats4Love. But the icing on the cake was definitely my residency alongside Armin van Buuren at Hï Ibiza. Musically it’s been super satisfying as I’ve been able to play full sets with just my own music.

TBA: How was playing in Las Vegas vs playing in Ibiza ?

E: Both are extremely challenging, which is such a good thing. It is important to grab the audience as soon as possible and set a certain vibe that the people enjoy as well as make the audience eager for more. As a dj it’s amazing to play longer sets as you will have time to play the game of tension and release to perfection. The big difference is that the Las Vegas crowd typically is more a classic party crowd whereas the Ibiza crowd is also packed with die hard fans. 

TBA: You are dropping so many new gems lately, ( like RAKET, OXY/DOORLOPEN and  LITTLE PLANET  and you just confirmed that your debut album is almost ready, can you spill something 🙂 ?


E: For me I get very nervous about the word ‘ready’. It’s tough for me to say, as I’ll always want to add stuff. I’m aiming to announce big news late September. 

TBA: You are very productive (and thank you for that) so I take it you spend a lot of time in your studio, how does it look like and which tools are you using?

E: My studio is my favorite place in the world but I can’t say I treat it accordingly. It’s usually a mess with electronics, pieces of paper with notes and coffee mugs. I have windows but they’re always closed as I prefer some darkness in the studio, gets me in the zone easier. There’s a little aquarium with colorful guppy fish, they help me relax. There’s something about the underwater world and fish flying through water that is so beautiful to me. Other than that I have two Windows pc’s running, KRK studio monitors, a Komplete 6 audio interface and a midi keyboard. I work mainly in FL Studio 12 and occasionally in Ableton 7.

TBA:  If you have to chose between producing music and touring around the world what would you choose and why?

E: It’s amazing to combine both as they compliment each other so well but I’d always choose producing. It’s magical and amazingly satisfying to start out with literally nothing and then having a 7 minute piece of music that triggers emotion to people.

TBA:  how did u get into djing and what is your musical background?

E: I’ve always created musical content from a young age. It started with recording my own voice and keyboard melodies and that evolved into writing music on a pc. It became more serious and promoters started to notice my music. I’d never touched mixers and CD players but they were convinced I could dj as well. In 2009 I played my first show and it took off for me. 

I have no serious musical background other than some random piano lessons when I was younger.

TBA: Who do u aspire to and who influenced you the most?

E: One of my ultimate goals is to be able to play a 3 hour set only by playing my own music. I’d love to play longer sets and be able to go explore different vibes by using music that I’ve written. Eric Prydz does this to perfection and he’s a great example for me. Armin van Buuren’s drive and passion are infectious, he seems to have found a perfect balance in practicing his passion and running a smooth business.

TBA:  What festivals would you most like to play at?

E: As long as I can expose my music to people I’m happy. The name of the festival isn’t important, the vibe at the venue is what counts most!

TBA:  what was that one night/day  that changed forever your professional life?

E: Back in 2007 I released a record called ‘Stella’, Armin van Buuren played this record several times in ASOT. That made me realize I could be like my heroes.

TBA: What’s your favorite tune at the moment?

E: Discotico Plexico (Maceo Plex) is such a groovy festival track. It has a great classic groove, a massive lingering lead sound and unique vocal parts.

TBA:  Who’s bubbling under on your radar at the moment (production-wise)?

E: Cristoph seems to be very present in my sets as of late. Tinlicker 

TBA:  a day into your life, tell us a bit:

E: I wake up and browse through Reddit, news and emails. I hop out of bed, shower and eat yogurt or eggs. The fish get some food as well! Then I usually hop into the studio until the inspiration is gone. I ride my racing bike or go for a quick run to keep the energy high so I can do some more studio work! After dinner I usually relax with Netflix, but if I feel inspired I can go back into the studio!

TBA:  Is there a part of producing that you find particularly enjoyable, or anything that you find frustrating?

E: Playing out fresh tracks and seeing a good reaction is amazing. Getting support from other dj’s is fantastic too. The studio struggles to find the right bass drum, in other words the striving to perfection and never being able to get there is almost depressing some times 😉

TBA:  What do you think are the best things to do to get a head-start at being a full time DJ and producer now? Any tips?

E: I’d like to say true passion but the reality is you can get real far with a great business plan and a good amount of money. But if you’re passionate about music and put an insane amount of hours in your work people will notice that and respect that in the long run.

TBA:  When I see you from the bar, what are you drinking?

E: Vodka Applejuice and shots of Jäger.




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