October 1, 2022


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Ever wondered how does it feel to be David Gravell?

Well, despite the overly busy schedule he has, he managed to find a moment with us to let you discover something about himself….

TBA: Thank you for supporting TBA once again, what’s new since the last time we met?

DG: Well, as an artist I did at lot of things, I released my compilation ‘Discover’, and it was kind of a big deal for me, as it’s like a concept album, I wanted to create a story, bringing some of the old stuff I made and blend it together with my new sound plus some stuff of other artists. It kinda represents what I wanna achieve after so many years of working in the music business.
Also, new tunes are scheduled for the next months.
Furthermore I am doing a lot of gigs around the world. I’ve just been back from Georgia, spent something like 30 minutes at home and here I am at Electronic Family.

TBA: Even people that are not strictly into trance seems to be big fans of your sound, what’s your secret?

DG: Well, I’ve always been an underground music lover and so I’m trying to combine some techno elements with trance and adding melodies; I am glad to hear that people who love other musical genres are appreciating my sound.

TBA: Your popularity is really rising so fast, how do you handle all the pressure?

DG: I was never aware of getting bigger in the scene, I am always the same person, I make music from the heart, I try to live with it and to treasure every moment on stage everywhere I go like a special moment and I have respect for everyone that come to my shows, I try to always find the time to take picture with everyone, to give my fans something back.

TBA: Yes, this is something very special and nice of you, not every artist acts like that

DG: Well of course when you get bigger it’s not always easy to do it but, I hope I can manage to still do it for a while, I want to be there for people that come to see me.

TBA: We really like your vlog. It’s so good to discover (…yes I said Discover 🙂  ) something more about you.

DG: It’s very nice to hear. For me it’s all about communication, I like to let people know what I am doing. I’ve just started with the vlog, and you know, everywhere I go… I vlog, but as I am editing everything on my own, it takes time to post the videos and all, I did also a very special one at Tomorrowland.

TBA: One of the episode we really love is the one with you in the studio explaining the making of ‘Young Love’

DG: Oh yeah, many people are telling me that, it’s a little insight of my work. Loads of producers as well wanna know how I create the sound etc.
And people can always send me stuff, I am very open minded to give them feedback. When I started I had no people around me to give me feedback, I learnt everything from nothing into something like where I am now, it took me so many years to explore and discover ( yes, his turn now to say it – TBA note-) everything, so yes, sometimes it’s nice to help all the new kids that try to make music because I know it’s hard.

TBA: Any new tools in your studio lately?

DG : Well since i bought my first analogue synthesizer, Virus, every track that i made, all the sound i am creating is 90% analogue, it’s like the real thing, it sounds so much better, i can advise everyone to use it.

TBA: Any good horror movie lately?

DG: Well, one that really blew my mind is called As Above So Below, the script is so cool and I would like to get a chance to visit the place

TBA: it’ s in my wishlist as well.
( we’re talking about  Paris catacombs)



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