Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Backstage chat with Ruben de Ronde & Rodg @ Electronic Family

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Electronic Family was a blast!

We were there on Sunday 06th August and really experienced an amazing festival.The new location is absolutely stunning and the stages were amazing.

Bonus: we’ve been graced with the perfect weather, sun was shining and the temperature was definitely enjoyable.

Rodg opened the mainstage at midday with a mesmerizing 2 hours set in which he played a lot of new tunes we are dying to see released.

Right after him, the beautiful and talented Emma Hewitt introduced Statement! label’s owner Ruben de Ronde who took the stage with a bang! Rodg and Orjan Nilsen also joined him to play ‘Booya’ taken from the album TogetheRR ( physical CDs have been released these days…stay tuned for more info).

We joined Rodg and Ruben for a funny chat backstage…we think this might put a smile on your face.

video courtesy of Ross Slotboom


TBA: Last time we talked it was at ASOT, what happened since then?

RdR: Well, lots of things,  ASOT feels actually like 2 years ago, so much stuff in the meanwhile, also a lot of new stuff together and there’ s lot more to come.

TBA: So will we get something new from you two, together?

RdR and Rodg: Never say never.

Rodg: We’re definitely working on getting some remixes done from the album, some new versions will be released soon.

TBA: And what are you working on separately?

RdR: Our own stuff, we’re just making new tracks, new remixes…

Rodg : Actually I am working on loads of new tracks but need to finish them first before I can tell you more.

RdR: I did a remix for Saving Light, (Greth emery & Standerwick – Saving Light – feat. HALIENE) it’s signed now , out at the end of this month, I can finally say it, it’s a Premiere!!

TBA: You both just played at Tomorrowland, how was that?

Rodg: Wow it was crazy, we were the first act on stage and we didn’t have big expectations but there was a really good crowd before we even started and we saw the room filling up within a hour, it was completely packed and the stage production was crazy..

TBA : Was it a bit intimidating?

RdR: Yeah almost

Rodg: Well you know, first you are really focused in putting together a good show and afterwards you are like: wow this was sick!!

RdR : And for both of us it was the first time playing at Tomorrowland so it was a big thing!

TBA: And how was playing here at Electronic family?

Rodg: It was good, I did the first two hours on the mainstage, like a daybreak set, people were coming in, sun was out…and I enjoyed it very much, you can play around with the tension a little bit, you can do some more experimental stuff.

Ruben was playing after me and I kinda knew which records he was playing  so I had to be a little bit creative!


RdR: Actually I texted him this morning asking him what he was going to play of our album and his answer was “Nothing” …

He only played ‘Pull a Lewie’

Rodg: I couldn’t play those tunes, he had to play them!

RdR: But… he played a lot of his own new stuff so it’s good!



We also made sure that their cats were doing great  and asked Rodg about all those snaps about water and coffee spilled in his office…and made a couple of funny jokes, and when we asked Rodg to describe his parner in crime the answer was:

“He’s handsome, he’s a nice guy and….He makes amazing music”

Well, we certainly agree on that 100%!

It’s all for now, we just can’t wait to share with you their next tunes!



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