What if I tell you that a warm summer Sunday has been hit by a tornado during the Electronic Family festival in Den Bosch?

Oh yes, a tornado named Ørjan Nilsen!!

Our beloved trance master mind struck the stage with his usual big smile and tons of bangers, pampering his crowd as always.
His powerful and euphoric signature sound made us jump for the whole gig, and when he dropped some dancefloor destroyers like ‘Iconic’( celebrating its first anniversary with a bang indeed) and ‘Drowning’ our day has been made!!

When he left the stage leaving us begging for more we had to go back to reality knowing that all good things must come to an end.

If you are familiar with The Backstage Access, you know already how much we love this artist, both for his music and for his great charming personality, so we really could not miss the chance to have a little talk with him.

We must thank Ørjan and his entourage (really amazing people) for meeting and greeting us backstage for a quick friendly chat.




TBA: Hey Ørjan, nice to meet you again and thank you so much for supporting us!


ØN: Well…Thank you, for supporting me!

TBA: How are you doing lately?

ØN: I’m doing great …It’s so busy, and so fun, even if I am getting a bit older, I still feel like a kid!

TBA: Well, you are a kid!! Your set is always so energetic and powerful!

ØN: I think I have disorder…I cannot stand still when I play music…but it’s a good disorder to have I think!

TBA: Absolutely, we love to see you jump with a big smile on your face and giving it all!

ØN: Thank you, and come on, how could you not love this?? (pointing  towards himself 🙂 TBA note )

TBA: True!! Any insight you can spill about your new album?

ØN: Well my album is basically almost done, all the tracks are done, just the last touches are left, I do think it’s gonna be a winter release for this year, so that’s good. So that’s also why so many of my singles are coming out now, cause I have so many tracks finished.

TBA: Cool, so we will (almost) patiently wait for it. So, you are kind of a geek in the studio, any new tools you are using lately?

ØN: I Just bought a new sound chord from Universal Audio which is amazing and has so many fantastic plugins and it makes my tracks sound a lot more fat and analog

TBA: What about your schedule these days?

ØN: Well I have at least another month of touring and then I hope to get 10 days off to stay with my daughter, daddy is gone all summer so of course she is getting angry, after that I am gonna have other gigs and then again 10 days off…So not really an holiday, but when fall comes I can relax a bit.

TBA: What is inspiring you the most lately?

ØN: I think what inspires me the most are the festivals, like listening to different kind of music on different kind of stages of different kind of djs, this is actually fantastic because I am always looking for that new sound, that one thing that tickle my fancy and I think I found it this year, actually at Tomorrowland…

TBA: And how was playing at Tomorrowland?

ØN: Well even if you are kinda  seasoned dj like me, it’s so big so massive, the audience is so overwhelming, I think for me it’s the best place in the world to play, there are so many good festivals out there but for me, it has a special place in my heart.

TBA: Thank you for the chat, and please keep us up to date  on all your new releases!!

ØN: Ok sure, there are going to be a lot of them!!



Ever wondered how does it feel to be David Gravell?

Well, despite the overly busy schedule he has, he managed to find a moment with us to let you discover something about himself….

TBA: Thank you for supporting TBA once again, what’s new since the last time we met?

DG: Well, as an artist I did at lot of things, I released my compilation ‘Discover’, and it was kind of a big deal for me, as it’s like a concept album, I wanted to create a story, bringing some of the old stuff I made and blend it together with my new sound plus some stuff of other artists. It kinda represents what I wanna achieve after so many years of working in the music business.
Also, new tunes are scheduled for the next months.
Furthermore I am doing a lot of gigs around the world. I’ve just been back from Georgia, spent something like 30 minutes at home and here I am at Electronic Family.

TBA: Even people that are not strictly into trance seems to be big fans of your sound, what’s your secret?

DG: Well, I’ve always been an underground music lover and so I’m trying to combine some techno elements with trance and adding melodies; I am glad to hear that people who love other musical genres are appreciating my sound.

TBA: Your popularity is really rising so fast, how do you handle all the pressure?

DG: I was never aware of getting bigger in the scene, I am always the same person, I make music from the heart, I try to live with it and to treasure every moment on stage everywhere I go like a special moment and I have respect for everyone that come to my shows, I try to always find the time to take picture with everyone, to give my fans something back.

TBA: Yes, this is something very special and nice of you, not every artist acts like that

DG: Well of course when you get bigger it’s not always easy to do it but, I hope I can manage to still do it for a while, I want to be there for people that come to see me.

TBA: We really like your vlog. It’s so good to discover (…yes I said Discover 🙂  ) something more about you.

DG: It’s very nice to hear. For me it’s all about communication, I like to let people know what I am doing. I’ve just started with the vlog, and you know, everywhere I go… I vlog, but as I am editing everything on my own, it takes time to post the videos and all, I did also a very special one at Tomorrowland.

TBA: One of the episode we really love is the one with you in the studio explaining the making of ‘Young Love’

DG: Oh yeah, many people are telling me that, it’s a little insight of my work. Loads of producers as well wanna know how I create the sound etc.
And people can always send me stuff, I am very open minded to give them feedback. When I started I had no people around me to give me feedback, I learnt everything from nothing into something like where I am now, it took me so many years to explore and discover ( yes, his turn now to say it – TBA note-) everything, so yes, sometimes it’s nice to help all the new kids that try to make music because I know it’s hard.

TBA: Any new tools in your studio lately?

DG : Well since i bought my first analogue synthesizer, Virus, every track that i made, all the sound i am creating is 90% analogue, it’s like the real thing, it sounds so much better, i can advise everyone to use it.

TBA: Any good horror movie lately?

DG: Well, one that really blew my mind is called As Above So Below, the script is so cool and I would like to get a chance to visit the place

TBA: it’ s in my wishlist as well.
( we’re talking about  Paris catacombs)




Widely considered to be among the most forward-thinking electronic acts on the planet, GoldFish have spruced up the scene with another spark of brilliance. Today, the South African duo has given rise to ‘If I Could Find’, an amaranthine offering that follows on their previous release, ‘Deep Of The Night’, and marks the second single of their forthcoming album: ‘Late Night People’.

Listen to GoldFish ‘If I Could Find’

Laced with sexy jazz chords both summery and upbeat, ‘If I Could Find’ has all the hallmarks of a timeless radio hit. Its saxophone melodies swirl around the well-crafted beats like the world’s best dancers in a three-way tango and the rising vocals add extra flavor to the already savory arrangement, making sure the record is as catchy as it is versatile.


GoldFish:“This song was born on the road, while driving up the winding mountain passes in Colorado for a show at the legendary Belly Up in Aspen. We had the track session plugged into the aux input of our car and we were working on it while our tour manager drove.  It was such inspiring scenery going by as Dave came up with the opening line ‘If I could find a new state of mind…’ and from there, we pretty much had most of the song done by the time we arrived in Aspen. The lyrics allude to a place that we are always chasing – escaping the myriad distractions of this world that are constantly pulling us away from living our best selves.”


Since locking themselves in their bedroom studio and emerging with debut album ‘Caught In The Loop’ in 2006, GoldFish have gone from one of dance music’s best-kept secrets to luminaries both as producers and on the live front. Their can-do attitude and unique musical vision led them to countless sold-out performances and festival appearances, a top 10 in the iTunes Dance chart in the US, an MTV Africa award, a four-year residency at Pacha Ibiza and a list of support that runs from Robin Schulz and Klingande to Thomas Jack and Sam Feldt. They’re ever eager to innovate and ‘If I Could Find’ shows how well that has turned out.

Listen to the track on Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2wbbQPe



Wow Estiva is on fire!!

While he is rocking one hell of a summer season with an insane schedule worldwide, from Las Vegas to Ibiza,  he also finds the time to produce some delightful tunes like these!!

And a little bird told me he’s giving the final touches to  his debut album as well…so…chances are he will reveal us something about it asap…

But for now, he’s focused on making the hearts of Statement! fans grow fonder making  his return to the label with another hyper-delicious Progressive Trance two-pack.

Turning heads with their steady-paced build-ups, airy synths and drop-dead gorgeous melodies, ‘Oxy’ and ‘Doorlopen’ are two extremely fine examples of the Dutchman’s production prowess.

Grab it here    

So what do you think? Which is your favorite tune? We think we will keep these gems on repeat for a while….


Ready for it? Orjan is back with another jewel!!


A phenomenal record fully deserving of its feature on ‘A State Of Trance Ibiza 2017’, ‘Hi There Radio’ is the epitome of Ørjan Nilsen’s melodic prowess. Laced with heavenly pads and rich arpeggios, this cut is as light-hearted as it is jaw-dropping. Ørjan Nilsen has done it again.

Let’s grab Hi There Radio

In case you are wondering why he is dropping so many tunes lately….ehm…I might spill the beans next week with his interview talking about the new album….so stay tuned!


Hey guys,

we were wondering if you are ready for some sssserious uplifting?? Well…you better be, because Ben Gold is releasing a stormer EP on #WAO138?!

Excited yet? Oh yes, the Twilight Ep is out now  with 2  dance floor destroyers (Twilight and Pilot (Exis rmx)  we are pretty sure you heard already during his latest gigs from Tomorrowland to Ibiza.

Culminating to fresh original ‘Twilight’ and an insane Exis Remix of ‘Pilot’, Ben Gold’s ‘Twilight EP’ is where his music makes a darker turn. From the gloom in old-school Trancer ‘Twilight’ to the ferociousness of Exis’ rendition of ‘Pilot’, this EP tolerates only the light of laser beams. Get ready for some all-out fist-pumping

Twilight is also featured on the brand new a State Of Trance Ibiza 2017 compilation!!

Aaand surprise surprise!! We’ve got the chance to have a little talk with Ben!!


TBA: How did it all start for you?
BG: With a holiday to Ibiza with a friend. We were the only two kids at school into Trance. We shared the same passion and decided to go to the magical island of Ibiza, little did I know at the time I would go on to play for 6 consecutive years (and counting) at Cream at Amnesia, the first super club I went too!
TBA: Who is your biggest inspiration?
BG: My Mum. She inspires me everyday.
TBA: What single night out has been the most memorable for you?
BG: Linking this answer to your first question; the first time I walked into Amnesia in Ibiza, it blew me away! I had never seen a club like it before.
TBA: Are you able to share any of your secret tricks with me?
BG: Hard work? Everyone who can make music and perform as a “DJ” has a chance, but its the work ethic, determination (and a bit of luck along the way) which drives only a few towards the top!
TBA: If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene,
which year would it be?
BG: From 2004-2005, when Tiësto was King of Trance.
TBA: What is it that you love about the scene?
BG: The ability to travel the world with this job never gets old and I’ve met some great friends along the way.
TBA:  What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?
BG: DJs that don’t DJ live.
TBA:  What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
BG: Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Tiësto Remix). This remix is a masterclass in Trance. The melody and vocal are outstanding, but the sounds he uses are so unique to this remix.
TBA: What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe?
BG: Music is a universal language. No matter where I am playing in the world, when I’m behind the decks I can communicate to everyone in front of me. I want the audience to have fun, I have so much fun when I’m performing.
TBA:  What is your personal record for playing the same record over and over again consecutively?
BG: Nhato – Aurora. It was released in November 2014 and has rocked all of my dance floors across the globe since. One of those that just slipped under the radar for most DJs..
TBA: Besides the reverb, which effect is your favorite?
BG: I like sending a filtering-delay bus onto, anything; Percussion, Synth hits, Vocals. Muting the original signal and just hearing the effect can give you some cool sounds. Then automating  the filter/delay can give you some really cool sounds. Rendering that and then applying some side-chain can give you some really really cool sounds…
TBA:  What is your favorite set time and duration?
BG: I would love to play 3 hours every set. I’ve played a 6 hour & a 8 hour set both within the last 12 months.. 8 was tough, 6 was great but 3 would be perfect (and the occasional 6 hour, once or twice a year 🙂 )
TBA:  What’s your backup plan if there’s an equipment malfunction?
BG: Revert to my back-up 😉 My song files and samples are on an external harddrive. If my machine is down, I have a back up one of those too haha!
TBA:  Fave synth and why?
BG:  Sylenth is my fav all-round synth; Native Instruments Kontakt is a beast too.
TBA: Tell me a joke
BG: Tried to take a photograph of some fog! Mist.




Backstage chat with Ruben de Ronde & Rodg @ Electronic Family

Electronic Family was a blast!

We were there on Sunday 06th August and really experienced an amazing festival.The new location is absolutely stunning and the stages were amazing.

Bonus: we’ve been graced with the perfect weather, sun was shining and the temperature was definitely enjoyable.

Rodg opened the mainstage at midday with a mesmerizing 2 hours set in which he played a lot of new tunes we are dying to see released.

Right after him, the beautiful and talented Emma Hewitt introduced Statement! label’s owner Ruben de Ronde who took the stage with a bang! Rodg and Orjan Nilsen also joined him to play ‘Booya’ taken from the album TogetheRR ( physical CDs have been released these days…stay tuned for more info).

We joined Rodg and Ruben for a funny chat backstage…we think this might put a smile on your face.

video courtesy of Ross Slotboom


TBA: Last time we talked it was at ASOT, what happened since then?

RdR: Well, lots of things,  ASOT feels actually like 2 years ago, so much stuff in the meanwhile, also a lot of new stuff together and there’ s lot more to come.

TBA: So will we get something new from you two, together?

RdR and Rodg: Never say never.

Rodg: We’re definitely working on getting some remixes done from the album, some new versions will be released soon.

TBA: And what are you working on separately?

RdR: Our own stuff, we’re just making new tracks, new remixes…

Rodg : Actually I am working on loads of new tracks but need to finish them first before I can tell you more.

RdR: I did a remix for Saving Light, (Greth emery & Standerwick – Saving Light – feat. HALIENE) it’s signed now , out at the end of this month, I can finally say it, it’s a Premiere!!

TBA: You both just played at Tomorrowland, how was that?

Rodg: Wow it was crazy, we were the first act on stage and we didn’t have big expectations but there was a really good crowd before we even started and we saw the room filling up within a hour, it was completely packed and the stage production was crazy..

TBA : Was it a bit intimidating?

RdR: Yeah almost

Rodg: Well you know, first you are really focused in putting together a good show and afterwards you are like: wow this was sick!!

RdR : And for both of us it was the first time playing at Tomorrowland so it was a big thing!

TBA: And how was playing here at Electronic family?

Rodg: It was good, I did the first two hours on the mainstage, like a daybreak set, people were coming in, sun was out…and I enjoyed it very much, you can play around with the tension a little bit, you can do some more experimental stuff.

Ruben was playing after me and I kinda knew which records he was playing  so I had to be a little bit creative!


RdR: Actually I texted him this morning asking him what he was going to play of our album and his answer was “Nothing” …

He only played ‘Pull a Lewie’

Rodg: I couldn’t play those tunes, he had to play them!

RdR: But… he played a lot of his own new stuff so it’s good!



We also made sure that their cats were doing great  and asked Rodg about all those snaps about water and coffee spilled in his office…and made a couple of funny jokes, and when we asked Rodg to describe his parner in crime the answer was:

“He’s handsome, he’s a nice guy and….He makes amazing music”

Well, we certainly agree on that 100%!

It’s all for now, we just can’t wait to share with you their next tunes!




Dutch multi-talented dj and producer Eelke Kleijn can always be counted on to turn out a superb rework, with dozens of outstanding remixes to his name for artists as diverse as John Legend and Henry Saiz. For his new single Shed My Skin he seeks inspiration from the past, reinterpreting the gorgeous vocal from the 2001 release of the same name.


I have been a huge fan of Shed My Skin since I heard it first in 2001” says Eelke, “but I’ve always thought I could bring something new to the table given the chance to work on it.” He takes the dreamy feel of the original and adds more energy and atmospheric layers to it to bring it right up-to-date.


The silky vocal glides over bubbling analog bass tones, soaring string sections and gently driving percussion which all combine to create a backbone that never threatens to detract from the beauty of the song itself. With both radio and big room appeal (the extended version is a sprawling, slow-burning epic) it’s set to be a big hit for the Rotterdam producer.


The track will be released on Eelke’s own DAYS like NIGHTS imprint, his acclaimed label which focuses on warm vibes and melodies and never fails to deliver something special.


Eelke Kleijn feat. Therese ‘Shed My Skin’ is out on August 18 via DAYS like NIGHTS.

Listen to ‘Shed My Skin’


Eelke Kleijn is a rare talent. With work stretching across film scores, deep live shows and incredibly well formed production, he crosses a boundary from electronic producer and into a true modern day composer. With peers and tastemakers standing up for this unmistakable imagination, the Rotterdam based music maker’s potential has no bounds. Defying limitations as an electronic artist, his work as a Hollywood ‘soundtracker’ has been seen in Parker, The Crossing, Wrath of the Titans, This Means War and Ron Howard’s Rush trailer. Furthering his cinematic endeavors, Eelke Kleijn released his bootleg for The Hunger Games song “The Hanging Tree” by James Newton Howard featuring leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. Having also built a new studio last year, Eelke spent much of his time creating new music and spending time on his new imprint DAYS like NIGHTS

Check out the Street Player Video of ‘Shed My Skin’
Shed My Skin’ on SoundCloud


From Armind with love…


From the hand of Russian Trance star Alexander Popov comes another sublime track featured on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017’ mix album. Infused with raging basslines, hypnotic melodies and enormous amounts of drive, ‘Awake The People’ is an eye-opener. If you weren’t clued up on the full power of Trance music, you are now.



Something for the fast paced sound lovers out there….

Immersing the global Trance crowd in euphoria and excitement, ‘Rapture’ is what we call pure bliss. Uplifting from the get-go and unrelenting in giving the masses what they want so badly, this monster cut from Chris Schweizer will make its listeners revel like never before.

Not Afraid Of 138?! …ok, let’s check it here