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October 30, 2020


1 min read

What can we say….David Gravell is really up to treat his fans lately… long now till his brand new compilation “Discover” is released, but right now we have a new monster tune to blast on this Friday:

It’s called “DREAM” and wow,this is something really special!! Armin van Buuren premiered it last night during ASOT;  so energetic and powerful, still melodic and dreamy, its infectious synth line is made to seduce you and overwhelm you with emotions!

The Dutch prodigy is really showing off with this one, we promise you’ll love it as much as we do, his new sound is intoxicating and captivating, darker and stronger, built to get stuck in your mind!!

Fun fact: vocal samples are made by the man himself,  what you hear is really David Gravell’s voice!!

Catchy beats and happy vibes to make you beg for more for a tune that is already a dancefloor destroyer.


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