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Fri. Aug 7th, 2020


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 As you may already know , here at The Backstage Access, we keep our favorite label Armada very close to our heart, so we really feel like helping spreading the word for this important cause, one of the larger anti-cancer fundraising  events in the Netherlands.

This event will let its participants climb the legendary Alpe D’Huez mountain either by foot or by bicycle up to six times on one single day!! Kinda special right??

The funds raised will be used for scientific research on cancer aiming to help to stop the disease.

those who want to join the cause of the #WeArmada team are invited to do so via the following links:

for more info please see:  team 4 and Maykel Piron’s page

The funds raised will be managed by KWF KankerbestriJding and submitted to a separate fund: the Alpe d’HuZes/KWF fund.

The Alpe d’HuZes will use this money to finance research, projects and services beneficial to their cause.

The team-up between Alpe d’HuZes and Armada Music  came up after  Maykel Piron, CEO of Armada music had to experience that terrible disease on a personal level.

Here some words from the man himself to explain us a bit better this amazing project:

J: Hi Maykel, Could you explain us a bit your motivation behind the charity cycle ride that will take place on June 1st?

M: I lost my father-in-law to pancreatic cancer in early 2016. Five months later, my son Mick was diagnosed with Leukemia. He is responding well to the treatment, but there are still a lot of people in the world who are suffering from cancer and about to lose the fight. We need money for cancer research, so I’m trying to raise funds, as are all other participants. I vowed to help put a stop to this terrible disease and that’s why I am partaking in Alpe d’HuZes 2017.


J: How could people help other than donating?

M: By spreading the word and raising awareness. I understand that some don’t have the money to spare, but there are other ways to contribute. Tell your family and friends. Help them understand why the battle against cancer is a cause worth fighting for. That way, we can all help put a stop to cancer.


J: _Is this cycle ride opened to volunteers or just Armada Team?

M: The cycle ride is opened to anyone who wants to help out, whether by climbing the mountain yourself or by acting as volunteer. There can never be enough volunteers, so if you want to help out, you can still sign up via

J: How are you preparing yourself to the ride?

M: I’ve put in a lot of hours to get ready physically, either by actually climbing hills and mountains by bike or by trying to stay fit in other ways. The #WeArmada team as a whole is collectively partaking in training sessions a few times every month, just so we’re all ready for the main event on June 1st, 2017.

              J: Thank you Maykel, let’s rock Alpe d’HuZes all together!!


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