ESTIVA is bringing on: SPACE DUST!

Spring is coming and it’s delivering some exciting news along with its fresh breeze….

As you may already know,  Estiva is playing as resident dj for the whole season at famous Marquee club in Las Vegas!

If this was not something to be excited about enough, he’s also releasing a brand new EP on  Colorize Music.


      So save the date: April 7th!! And be ready, I promise you don’t wanna miss this!!

              There will be two tracks, Repeater and  Space Dust.

For the moment you can discover Space Dust,  if you like atmospheric soundscapes, this deep progressive release will do the trick launching you into a deep floating state, enjoy your trip guys!   

Listen to it here : Space Dust



Armin van Buuren New Residency in Ibiza!! 

Former world wide famous club Space, now called “Hi Ibiza” will be the new home of Armin van Buuren and co. every Wednesday during the upcoming summer starting from June 21st and ending on September 13th!!

He will present a whole new concept which will be: U R with Armin van Buuren!!

Stay tuned for more info soon!

Time to book your holiday, we’d say!!

Tickets for U R with Armin van Buuren Here

Weekend highlights: The Gallery presents Andrew Rayel, David Gravell and Ruben de Ronde!

Last Friday night The Gallery c/o Ministry of Sound in London hosted a top notch line up:

Andrew Rayel

David Gravell

Ruben de Ronde

If you are familiar with our blog you already know  how much we love these 3 artists so you can just figure out our excitement for this gig!!

Andrew Rayel graced the booth introducing to the crowd 2 of his latest releases : ‘I’ll be there’ and ‘Tacadum’ 2 dance floor destroyers that you will listen soonon his widely anticipated upcoming album ‘Moments’

You can preorder ‘Moments’ Here

David Gravell came to ravage the club with his monsters tunes, and of course his latest release  ‘Energy‘ , an ultra melodic masterpiece delivering to the crowd a powerful sonic blast!

David will release his brand new compilation ‘Discover’ next month and will present a few special new tracks as well, so stay tuned if you wanna know more about his new sound!

Ruben de Ronde doesn’t need any introduction to this blog, our  admiration for this artist is well known! London crowd was waiting to have him back at this famous club for a while now! The expectations were high and he never disappoints! Ruben released his second album ‘My Story’ earlier this year and then he teamed up with Rodg to deliver ‘Togetherr’ a brand new album that will be released in June. For now you can enjoy ‘Larger than Life’ and the just released ‘Whoop’ track from the above mentioned album.

You can preorder ‘Togetherr’ Here



We’re excited to announce that James Kiedis is back with another monster release on RAM’s label Grotesque Fusion!!

Prepare your ears to a massive treat with this new stormer called “Renegades” a perfect trance anthem with a fusion of tech, uplifting and a hint of Psy !!

All in all a twisted piece of music meant to destroy the dancefloors!

Grab your copy here: Renegades


Breaking news from Armada team:

With Miami Music Week just around the corner, Armada Music has disclosed the full line-up of ‘Armada Invites: MMW 2017’. On March 22nd, ‘Armada Invites: MMW 2017’ will hit Nikki Beach in Miami with an absurdly eye-popping line-up, which includes Dash Berlin, Harry Romero, Julian Jordan, Morgan Page, Robbie Rivera, Sultan + Shepard, Thomas Gold, special guest Borgore and two world-renowned mystery acts. Tickets for ‘Armada Invites: MMW 2017’ are available via Diskolab.
‘Armada Invites’ started off as a recurring event in Armada Music’s in-office club in Amsterdam and reached a huge audience with its live broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube. Now, ‘Armada Invites’ is turning into a full-blown international event series, with electronic music hotspot Miami serving as its first stop.


With ‘Armada Invites: MMW 2017’, Armada Music pushes the envelope by bringing together a gamut of top-tier artists, all of which are luminaries in their respective scenes. With this line-up, Armada Music firmly positions itself as one of the leading dance music companies, representing a wide range of genres and styles.


In addition to ‘Armada Invites: 2017’, Armada Music has a bunch of other events lined up. The Amsterdam-based record label is returning to Croatia for its third edition of Armada Croatia Festival from July 18th to July 20th, will host its own stage at Creamfields on August 25th, and will continue to set its own in-office club ablaze on a monthly basis with its acclaimed live stream events, which will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

FERRY CORSTEN discovers his ‘BLUEPRINT’ with new Sci-fi concept album

FERRY CORSTEN:  “Very excited to announce my brand new album & tour #Blueprint coming soon! Download the first single for free via “

Ferry Corsten discovers his ‘Blueprint’ with new Sci-fi concept album
Release date: Coming Spring 2017
For many music fans the art and craft of the album has been lost to a digital age, for others the vision of a concept album often lacks that atmosphere-enhancing quality. Dutch electronic music producer Ferry Corsten is an artist who shares this view. It is a view that has led him to complete his fifth and, by his own admission, most ambitious artist album to date. A true concept album conceived by a wilful passion to recode how the music delivers its story, ‘Blueprint’ is a new LP that its architect sees as being “greater than the sum of its parts”.
Stimulated by an idea to unite the music with a storyline that stretches beyond a nebulous lyrical theme, Ferry wanted to explore his appreciation for the art of screenwriting and film scores and bring to the project a wider scaling approach. Drafting in acclaimed screenwriter David H Miller (of House Of Cards and Rosewood fame), the pair worked closely on storyboarding a narrative to accompany the albums conceptual direction. What results for the end listener is a body of work that is polished, synthesised and intellectual in its in conclusion.
With the storyline giving nods to the proses of iconic sci-fi authors such as Jules Verne, Hugo Gernsback and most distinctively HG Wells, whilst equally sharing familiarities with modern day shows such as The OA, Westworld and retro Sci-fi-fest Stranger Things, ‘Blueprint’ is an explorative piece of work that puts Sci-fi at its interstellar core. Hollywood actor Campbell Scott (known for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Exorcism of Emily Rose) provides his voice as the narrative of the album flirts between first and third person narration. A unique output for one of the biggest names in the electronic scene but Ferry’s attempts with ‘Blueprint’ is to bring a wider perspective to the listener, as he aims the album to be inclusive of dimensions of religion, history, idea and science fiction.
‘Blueprint’ is truly an explorative journey and one which the iconic producer is finally excited to be sharing with you…
To give fans an opening introduction of the album’s tracklisting Ferry has chosen to gift the first single and title track ‘Blueprint’ on his official SoundCloud as an offering to give any eager ears a taste of what’s to come. Already support by some of the biggest names in the galaxy that includes selectors such as Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Above & Beyond, ‘Blueprint’ is available to listen/download via
Opening with the announcement of nine confirmed shows spread across Asia, Europe and North America, the official Blueprint Album Tour will touch down at Myst in Shanghai, SW4 in London, Exchange in Los Angeles, Webster Hall in New York with more to be announced.


So , here we go with another interview made during the incredible ASOT night in Utrecht, and let me tell you, this one was in my bucket list for quite a long time.
A few months ago, before the full line up was revealed, I shot an e-mail to David Gravell’s management, asking for the permission to interview the artist during the A State Of Trance Festival in Utrecht, knowing he plays there every year I thought I had a chance…but unfortunately I found out that David was not going to play there this time!
Now, telling you I was bummed is an understatement, I really felt miserable, not only I was going to miss one of his insane sets, I wouldn’t be able to meet him either!!
But, it is what it is and I tought to myself: maybe better luck next time….
Then, during the night, just while I was waiting to interview one of the artists, Justine,( one of the lovely PR girls’ from Armada) came to me saying: “Jess, David Gravell is here, would you like to meet him?”
I think I was about to hug her for how happy I felt…and so, here we go, another dream came true, let’s meet the amazing DAVID GRAVELL !!
J: Hi David, thanks a lot for supporting The Backstage Access, how you doing?
D: I am doing very good, I just came back from Jerusalem, I was there for the first time and did a show on Tuesday, it was amazing, a lot of trance fans, and after this I just came back home, and then I just came straight to ASOT. So I am here, meeting a few friends, my management…also my mum and dad are here, I saw them on the MainStage, and because I am playing here every year, this year,even if I am not playing….  they still booked an hotel in the surroundings and came, they always wanna see ASOT.
I normally play at ASOT each year, but we discussed a bit about it  and we chosen to do a few other ASOT so I am skipping this one but I will be back on other ASOT festivals. But even so, being here, seeing my friends, Armin, you know…it’s always very nice to be in this chilled environment, where you are with all your friends, you know every djs, it’s very good.
It’ s just like a family, it’s just so nice.
J: What does ASOT mean to you?
D: Oh, I’ve got this question a lot…My first ASOT was with my friends and I remember that I was in the car listening to the music and then I thought it was different from everything else, it was little bit special, magical, what I love is that everyone is different, everyone is loving the music, everyone is uniting and coming together to celebrate, there are a lot of other festivals, for sure, but this particular one is nice and unique, I haven’t seen anything like this!!
J: I know you are releasing a new tune in two weeks…
D: Yeah, how do you know??
J: A little bird told me …
D: Haha, ok that’s cool because I actually have a new release coming in two weeks, I can’t say the name yet but   Armin is playing it already for half a year and I am very looking forward to it…it will introduce you to my new sound  I am working on and it has something unique in itself.
Now . we know which song is it hehe 🙂
and you can find more about the release in my previous article here
J: When will your album be released?
D:  Well first I am gonna release a mix compilation, so I will have tracks from other djs, and there will be some new tracks of mine as well, but my own artist album will be ready probably next year, I am already working on it, it’s almost finished  but you know… It’s nice to change a little bit things on, when you are working a little bit ahead  of time… because I like to do that, so first of all there will be this mix compilation in April with a few new tracks to introduce my new sound, and the name of the compilation (Discover)  will be also introducing my brand for my live shows, so I am actually working on my live shows as well with new visuals and new interesting stuff to make it more engaging when I perform live
J: Are you using any special tools at the moment in your studio? 
D: Oh that’s a very interesting question, I got very inspired by Deadmau5, I am a huge fan of him and he released a lot of his own plug ins, just  like last year he released a plug in called Serum and I’ve been a huge fan of it cause it allows you to do what you want, you have to be a bit into the sound design level, but if you get to understand the synth you are going to pull any kind of sound off it ; what I really like about it is that you have like the synth plug in, but you also have the fx plug in, so next to the normal plug in you can make very weird fx , I have been using it for loads of strange effects on my tracks right now and also I actually bought the new Virus, I mean the hardware synth and it has all the old school trance sounds in it , Orjan Nilsen said to me: “You have to get this one !!” and so I bought it last year and it’s amazing, it really has the analog sound so I’ve been using it in every track , it has a powerful sound and you don’t need too many plug ins to get that sound because it’s analog and I love it, it’s cool!!
J.Where does your inspiration come from?
D: My inspiration is coming from everywhere, like when I am traveling, I get ideas, when I watch a movie I get ideas, and when I get an idea, I kinda work on it and more ideas are flowing, you can see my brain like a hard drive with all those great memories from old school trance, all those things… and when I start making music I am just able to figure out  exactly what the track is gonna be in the end so, I think the inspiration is coming from a lot of places, from everywhere. I listen to every kind of music and it makes it more interesting for me that understanding different kinds of music makes it easier to get melodies for different kind of stuff.
J: Thanks a lot Danny, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you and hope to catch up with you again soon with your next releases!!
To be honest with you, if it wasn’t because the interview schedule was crazy that night, I think I would have asked him other 100 questions ..such an inspiring, friendly and open minded talented guy… so I hope we’ll have the chance to continue our conversation very soon 🙂


If you were lucky enough to attend the epic celebration of ASOT 800 last February 18th, you are probably still buzzing about it, it seems that Armada and ALDA team raises the stakes every year and for sure they never disappoint!!


Ruben de Ronde and Rodg graced the stage for a massive opening of this celebration in Utrecht.

This match made in heaven teamed up for a b2b set that honestly was so great to blow our minds!!


In Ruben de Ronde words:

“When we were asked to open the mainstage at A State Of Trance Festival in Utrecht we knew straightaway that we didn’t “just” want to play a regular set. So Rodg and myself have been working day and night to deliver something VERY special for you, and we have played a set with 100% new and exclusive music, produced together, including some fantastic collabs with some of our favourite artists”


Yes, 100% new music….the guys were on fire!! But there’s more….They are going to release a brand new album with these tunes, it’s called ” TogetheRR” and the double RR at the end stand for Ruben & Rodg obviously.


You can preorder it :HERE

and for now you have the chance to enjoy their track ” Larger Than Life” ( Ruben de Ronde, Rodg, Sir Notch) that has also been premiered during the night. 

As the previous collaboration Sir Notch did with Ruben, for ” Time Has Come”,  also “Larger Than Life” boast a positive lyric full of good vibes and the catchy melody is made to put you in a good mood for sure!!

Another tune taken form the album and premieredthat night is “Intergalactic” a stunning collaboration with Estiva ( more details in the interview we had with him)

If you couldn’t attend their show or if you just can’tget enough of their vibes, you can listen to the set HERE

The amazing duo even find the time during their busy night to meet up with us for a few words 

J:Thank you guys  for supporting again THE BACKSTAGE ACCESS

Ruben&Rodg: No problem 🙂

J: What a massive set, you played!! 

Ruben&Rodg: Thank you!

J:So, now I wanna know everything about the new album




Do you have like… 2 hours?? (Laugh)

(meanwhile Estiva walks by to greets the guys and they suggest me to have a chat with him too as he’s one of the collaborators of their album…..I did so! )


 Well, you already know the story, but as soon as we found out we  gonna  be playing together on the mainstage we wanted to bring something extra to the table instead of just playing itself, so I remember we stood outside a Praxys (Dutch hardware store chain)…


 yeah yeah, it was  September, the weather was still nice and we were just seeing each other for an ice cream around the corner, he was in the David Lewis studio, and we just met  to discuss the matter, we said we need to do something special…yeah, yeah right, we need to play only our own productions, ok …ok, yeah, so far so good, why not like making an album then??Why not? Mean…if we are going to play only our productions, why not? 


and that’s how it started…


 That’s how it started, that’s where the stress came in….laugh


Yeah basically… we finished the last part this week.


Yes actually last contract was signed yesterday, so yesterday they uploaded to all the stores, to iTunes, and I texted him this morning at 2.30 am  “pre-order !! We made it”


Ruben :

And at 6.45 He sent me a text: I can’tsleep! Haha

(Anyway guys it has been amazing and i can’t wait to download all the songs) 

J: But now, most important question of the interview: how are your cats???

They both laugh….


They’re good


 they’re good, Binky is probably hungry, Bella is  probably stirring up stuff at home, the usual, yeah, actually i have a funny video on my phone, you should watch it  it’s a slow motion fighting of my cats

J: Oh i know I ‘ve watched it on instagram, haha, it was very funny



Oh  so just to let you know this, just before I went here I’ve texted him saying hey are you ready for tonight?

And I sent him a picture of  what i was doing at the moment, and…..Rodg you can show the picture…


(We all laugh, cause the picture was about a big amount of  cat food)

I was buying cat food.


So I was like, yeah yeah I am looking forward to it man, and he was like, ok, just let me get some cat food and then we can go off hahah

Ruben :

so yeah, our cats are on point right now, but you already know about this …


 You like these things but probably people who don’t have or never had cats are like ahhh stop it with this cats thing  but…you know….

J: well I’ m actually loving to see the other side of the artist, i think it’s cute, and if i interview someone that i know is owning a pet I always ask about that as well

Ruben and Rodg laugh…



J: what does ASOT mean to you?


For me, it kinda changed, you know, I’ve been playing here for the 3rd time, before that I was a visitor, it was about… you heard new music, a lot of productions, you know it was just an amazing festival, but now, I am here as a dj, playing the record I made in the studio…it  is more about I am gathering people here, I bring people together to enjoy music all together and especially for this event they come from all over the world, you see flags from countries you can’t even think of, that’s pretty special like, we, with our music bring these people together, that’s exactly what ASOT mean to me.


I think the most important thing about ASOT is unifying, like  bringing people together, the media and the government are trying to divide everyone nowadays, try to scare people and make  sure that everybody hates each other like  you need to hate that person because he does that and so…I think with ASOT or with music in general we are trying to do something different, we are trying to bring people together so that a perfect example is when you see people with palestinian flag or israeli flag and they can dance together like they are here for the music not for any political reasons….not to spread hate…

(Wow thanks Ruben we got some pretty deep stuff here…)

J: Where is your cooperation going now? Should we expect more set like this one ?

Rodg :

Yes, we will be behind the decks more often this year together 


yes also in  some very big places, we can’t say now’ll see, we’re are working on that!

J: Correct me if I am wrong but I’ve noticed the sound is going a little bit techy? 


Yes, we still kept room for  melody, we still had tunes like that but for this kind of festival on  the mainstage, we wanted to do something stronger. I think it worked…


J. Yes it worked perfectly


well it’s difficult to say if it worked if you’re on stage 

J: But i was on the floor….it worked, i can tell you that!


Oh thank you

J: What if your partner in crime was a tune of yours?

Ruben : 

Rodg would be  “Time Has Come” because it has been a big step for  him playing on the mainstage!


 I guess that will be a straight dance floor smasher people can’t stop going crazy on!

Right after that I had to let the guys go and Ruben had to hurry back in the Radio Dome where he worked his magic for the whole night.


We’ve had the pleasure to meet David Gravell a couple of weeks ago and he told us about the upcoming release of another of his signature masterpieces (more will follow in the interview asap) and…

Yes!! The day has come for this monster tune to spread around freely!!!
David Gravell presents his brand new tune “Energy”. The name says it all, a fully energetic kind of track that is already smashing the dancefloors around the world lately, basically, Armin van Buuren is playing it on a regular basis during all his gigs since months! And last night he also introduced it, together with the artist, during the weekly episode of his radio show (ASOT 803)

The track’s title came in when David’s manager, stepping into the studio where the artist was working , listened to it and said it was a very energetic track! So here you go, track title! Simple as that!

So, ready to check this powerful, trance stunner rich in enthralling synth plucks?

Yes? Ok, check it out Here

This will also be included in David Gravell’s upcoming compilation “Discover” … stay tuned for more news soon!


When I knew I had the chance  to interview Ben Nicky during ASOT 800 festival, I got a bit nervous, I had never met him before, and judging by the social medias he seemed to be a kinda rock n’ roll guy, still I was wondering the best way to approach him.
During the night I saw him being interviewed by other journalists, and he looked quite calm and serious,  plus I knew he was fighting a bad flu in those days so I wondered if he was really up for a chat or if the only thing he really wanted was to blow away the crowd with his distinctive sound and then just go to sleep.
When they informed me he was ready for the interview I was just evaluating how to introduce myself in the most quiet possible way, but when we were there, standing in front of each other , suddenly, his opening line was:
Hey! You look like that hot girl from Scary Movie, it’s a compliment!! Take it as a compliment!!
We both laughed at that, and it was suddenly clear that it was going to be a funny meet up!

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2016

J: thanks a lot for supporting THE BACKSTAGE ACCESS
B: No problem
J: So how you doing lately?
B: I am very good, just very tired, I came from a show in Scotland last night and I haven’t slept … kind of tired , touring a lot with my solo show, so it’s great being here and being around friends… for me it’s a really nice change.

J: Are you recovering from your flu?
B: Oh, you did some research (laughs) I was sick into Friday night and today my ears are bit blocked but it’s not gonna get in the way, I’ll still smash it, it’s fine!

J: What does ASOT mean to you?
B: A State of trance is a building block for me as an artist, for my productions, I mean, a lot of people know me for my online character, my persona, my branding, but.. but for my productions, Armin has been very very helpful , you know, for the exposure of my singles on Armada, and even my tracks on Vandit and other labels
J: All the big djs are supporting you
B: Yeah but, I think that Armin and Paul van Dyk are the two that really helped me get to the point I needed and now,  I kinda do my own thing, but I love playing here because I mean Armin always brings everyone together;  it’s a great festival and I love it!
J: Any new stuff coming up?
B: Yes, a new track on Armada actually WAO138, a collab with Paul van Dyk, a remix I’ve done for an hardcore producer ….it’s exciting to remix a different genre too, I do a collab with Coming Soon too, a lot of new stuff, and you know it’s hard cause I am touring so much…..

J: what’s your relationship with social media?
B: Apparently I am the most viral dj on Snapchat and Facebook, well, my videos … the amount of likes against the amount of followers I have is the biggest interaction, someone told me! So I do my own social media and if you see something rad it’s normally me , tho,it’s very hard because I tour so much… but I like to have a really good interaction with my fans to make them feel what they read it’s truthful, without that I would not have stood where i am now.
J. What about your Headfuck brand?
B: Obviously it’s a bit controversial, very rock n’ roll, I‘ve been doing the Headfuck tour around the world but I am concentrating right now on my Ben Nicky Solo show. Especially in the UK we are selling out all my shows, I really appreciate the support, I want to start doing it like a concert bringing vocalists on stage you know… I wanna just do it more in the UK and spread the concept worlwide…It takes time but I am working on it

J: Wow,there’s a lot going on…
B: Indeed, every week a different country, right now I have like 10 gigs in 10 days
J: Is there any place you like to play the most?
B: Mexico and Argentina…and The Netherlands….hahah that’s the number one
J : What do you love to do in your spare time ?
B: I go to the gym as you can see ..haha no, joking, tattooes, as you can see, …it sounds crazy cause I have a very rock star image but when i am at home I just walk the dog ,relax, sleep, just chill, eat good things, go to the cinema…just relaxing things

J: Ok, thanks a lot for your time 
B: and yours.
J: Let’s rock the place now, and see you soon
B: See ya