After seeing Cedric Gervais deliver a massive live set at ‘Armada Invites: Cedric Gervais’, the world can look forward to another kick-ass edition of the livestream event. Today is the day on which Dannic, Sem Vox, and Asonn take over Armada Music’s in-office club during ‘Armada Invites: #DLDKMUSIC’. Dannic’s entire one-hour set will be broadcast live tonight at 21:00 CEST on Armada Music’s Facebook page and the Armada Music YouTube channel. The sets of Sem Vox and Asonn are scheduled for broadcast in the near future as well! 


‘Armada Invites’ is a recurring event in Armada Music’s own in-office club in Amsterdam, comprising exclusive showcases from some of the biggest and/or most talented artists in the world. The event reaches a worldwide audience through its livestream on Armada Music’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. The likes of Erick Morillo, Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies, Andrew Rayel, Gareth Emery, and Cedric Gervais served as headliners for the previous six editions of ‘Armada Invites’.


#DLDKMUSIC is the label spin-off of Don’t Let Daddy Know, one of the biggest international EDM brands in the world. It has hit EDM hotspots in Hong Kong, Chile, India, Ibiza, the Netherlands, and more with their full-fledged stadium events, with internationally acclaimed headliners such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Showtek, Steve Angello, Steve Aoki, and many more. #DLDKMUSIC has been part of Armada Music’s label roster since its inception in early 2016.


Today, Armin van Buuren thrilled his fans with the prospect of a brand-new mix album. ‘Club Embrace’, which is available for pre-order now, features twenty-eight exclusive remixes of well-known Armin van Buuren singles, all wrapped in a two-hour-long continuous mix. ‘Club Embrace’ will be officially released on October 28th.

Pre order Club Embrace


‘Club Embrace’ mirrors the warm-up sets of Armin van Buuren’s on-going world tour, ‘Armin Only Embrace’. The mix album features exclusive deep remixes of new tracks from Armin van Buuren’s latest album ‘Embrace’ and classics such as ‘Blue Fear’, ‘Communication’, ‘In And Out Of Love’, ‘Sail’, and ‘This Is What It Feels Like’.


The first song to have been made instantly available through the album’s pre-order is the Diversion Remix of one of Armin van Buuren’s biggest singles to date: ‘In And Out Of Love’. The original version was released in 2008, featured Within Temptation songstress Sharon den Adel, and saw its music video garner over 170 million views on YouTube to date.

Tracklist ‘Club Embrace’

Armin van Buuren – Club Embrace (Intro)

Armin van Buuren – Hymne (Martin Roth Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel – In And Out Of Love (Diversion Remix)

Armin van Buuren – In 10 Years From Now (Naden remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Justin Suissa – Burned With Desire (LTN Sunrise Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Face to Face (Dousk Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Last Stop Before Heaven (Ruben de Ronde Remix)

Armin Van Buuren feat. Jaren – Unforgivable (Matteo Monero Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz – Another You (Gundamea Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora – Waiting For The Night (Ruben de Ronde Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali – Feels So Good (LTN Sunrise Remix)

Armin Van Buuren feat. Cindy Alma – Beautiful Life (Sebastien Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Gotta Be Love (Aeris Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert – Never Say Never (Namatjira Remix)

Armin van Buuren vs. Rank 1 – This World Is Watching Me (Solid Stone Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Control Freak (Henrik Zuberstein Remix)

Armin van Buuren with Remy & Roland Klinkenberg – Bounce Back (Rodg Warmup Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Sunburn (Navar Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Mirage (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Rush Hour (Sudhaus Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Sail (Sudhaus Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Blue Fear (Paolo Mojo Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like (Matt Lange Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Zocalo (THNK Remix)

Armin van Buuren vs M.I.K.E. – Intruder (Gai Barone Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Communication (BORDERLESS Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Pulsar (Roddy Reynaert Remix)

Armin van Buuren feat. Rock Mafia – Hands To Heaven (Rodg Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Club Embrace (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)


An Exclusive talk with Jochen Miller

Hello there and Happy Monday…

Yes, I know what you are thinking, how could  possibly exist a good Monday???….Hmmmm ok, let me try…What if I tell you we are starting the week with an exclusive chat with Jochen Miller?? does it feel any better now? oh I am sure it does!

So let’s check it out :


Hi Jochen!Thanks for taking the time. Last time I met you we were all having fun at ASOT in Utrecht and you signed my flag so I was really looking forward to catch up with you again 🙂 How was your gig in London last weekend?
Thanks for having me and for bringing your flag;-) Let’s see if we can have another one signed in 2017 at ASOT. London was amazing, MOS is always so much fun!
You travel quite a lot, how do you manage to stay healthy?
By keeping yourself hydrated and choosing the more healthy food when possible. I also always carry my training-attire with me, so I can hit the gym at the hotel. But having as much fun as I’m having on tour is the main reason your energy stays up, it keeps my mental health in the best condition, and that’s probably the most important thing.

What’s the best remedy to cure the jet lag?
Depends if  I’m coming or going. When I get back home the best way to get rid off the jet-lag is a litlle rest and a lot of working out. When I’m arriving at the place where I’m playing on the weekends, I’ll be so high on adrenaline the jet-lag has never bothered me. I just fly in and go with it, soak up new cultures, the food, the crowd. I love it all so much, I’m rarely tired. 

ADE is right around the corner, what do you expect from it this year?
This year’s ADE will be about presenting my new forthcoming work. In the latter half of this year a lot of new Jochen Miller originals will be released, as will at least four very surprising collaborations. I’m very excited to be able to tell you more about those by the time ADE is here.

You always play at huge festivals, do you have a festival bucket list?
Well, Tomorrowland was crossed off, twice actually;-) But that still leaves room for festivals I’ve played before but would very much like to play again, such as EDC Vegas, ASOT Mexico… And I’ve never been at Coachella or Burning Man, so those would be the ones I wish for the most….
I know you love to play with your PlayStation , which is your favorite game?
FIFA!!! But you asking me about this now is quite painfull, as my PS4 is at the repair, and they can’t find the problem, so I haven’t been able to play for over a week! And though I still have the 2 and 3 at home, once you’ve played the PS4, nothing can compare to that one anymore….

In the past you joined forces with many other great artists to create some smashing hits… Is there someone else you would love to cooperate with now?
We actually have two amazing collaborations in the finishing process, but I’m so sorry for the fact I can’t tell you who with just this moment…. But I promise you’ll be surprised and curious to hear them as soon as they’re set for release!

Something  I really love about your sets is you always keep it energetic and your ability to read the crowd, is it something a dj can learn or would you say it’ s more like  a gift?
Thank you for the great compliment! I think the ability to read the crowd is something that comes naturally to me, but I got to refine by playing nights from open to close when I started to perform. When I was the resident DJ of the Matrixx in the Netherlands, I always opened for the guest DJ that night, and was able to kind of build the atmosphere from scratch. A true DJ will know what the crowd needs to hear to get them dancing, and not just play his or her hit-tunes. When I prepare myself for a set, I edit three times the amount of tracks I know I’ll be able to play, so there’s a lot to choose from, and my set is never the same. The only thing that will always be in there is the energy. Whether I play an opening, peek-time or closing slot, it will always have that drive, that push…

As you know I am a huge fan of your “Stay Connected”show, can you tell our readers what’s the idea behind it and how it started?
The Stay Connected show is my way of connecting with the fans all over the world that like to hear my music on a regular basis even if they can’t come to a live show. The mash-ups that people ask about after a performance are in there, same as all the new releases, and the most energetic new tunes I find in that month. And the titel of the show refers to ” Lost Connection”, of course…
Are social medias really important to you? Which one is your favorite?
Social medias are important to any artist, to be honest. It is a fun way to keep in touch with the people that like your music, and, less fun, the people that don’t;-)) I love Instagram for the visual aspect, Twitter is more the communication line with fellow DJ’s, and Facebook is the place to virtually hangout with all musiclovers.

Music is constantly evolving and it’s doing it very fast, so, for obvious reasons your music is always changing and evolving as well; in your view, which direction is electronic music taking now?
In my opinion the world seems to be ready for a new era of melodic music, music that contains emotion, and not (just) a fat drop, if you will. Music that will take you on a little journey in a club or on a festival, and not have you exhausted from jumping in a very short amount of time. But with the energy you need to have the night of your life.

If you were not a successful dj, what would you do?
When I was younger my soccer-team did quite well, but at a certain point, playing on Saturday night made me unable to commit to the team on Sunday morning. So it was either soccer or music. So I hope I’d be doing something with soccer? Maybe a trainer or something? Still love that game….

Can you share with us some of yours upcoming projects?
‘Cephalon’, my new track will be released soon and I have a remix due for Cuebrick & Apek’s ‘Safe’ in the coming weeks. Later on this year, some very interesting collabs, hope I’ll be able to share more about those shortly!

What does inspire you to create a new tune and what are your favorite tools to build it in the studio?
Inspiration can come from almost anything, from travelling, a vocalist singing something amazing or from engeneering a sound in the studio, for instance. My favorite tools in the studio are the omnisphere-synth and the UAD plugins.

Thanks again Jochen, and see you soon on the dance floor!
Thank you, and hope to see you soon too!


 ‘Make It Happen’, one of the spectacular album tracks from Gareth Emery’s ‘100 Reasons To Live’ artist album, sees a brand-new remix hit the world today. None other than Deep House prodigy Nicolas Haelg was drafted in to remix ‘Make It Happen’ and his rendition has now been released on Gareth Emery’s Garuda label. 


To celebrate the release of ‘Make It Happen’, Gareth Emery and Nicolas Haelg joined forces at ‘Armada Invites: Gareth Emery’, the fifth edition of Armada Music’s unique livestream event in its own in-office club. Nicolas Haelg played his live set right before headline act Gareth Emery and dropped his remix of ‘Make It Happen’ as soon as Gareth Emery joined him on stage, to celebrate the record together in style.


Reportedly, the original ‘Make It Happen’ had been lying around for five years before its release as part of Gareth Emery’s ‘100 Reasons To Live’ artist album in April this year. ‘Make It Happen’ was made in collaboration with UK pop-rockers Lawson to give the song its rocky edge and now sees Nicolas Haelg transform the song into a particularly catchy Deep House record.

Listen, stream or download Make it happen


The highly-anticipated collaboration between Showtek and Hardstyle legends Technoboy and Tuneboy has finally seen its release today. ‘Mellow’ is one of Showtek’s first Hardstyle tracks in a long time and marks the duo’s return to their own SKINK label. 

Prior to its official release, ‘Mellow’ had already been turning a slew of globally acclaimed events inside out. Apart from Showtek, Technoboy, and Tuneboy themselves, leading artists such as Tiësto and W&W, and more dropped ‘Mellow’ on the likes of Tomorrowland, Airbeat One, Parookaville, The Flying Dutch, Defqon 1, Weekend Festival, Untold Festival, and more.


Showtek consists of Dutch brothers Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen. Formerly enweaved with the Hardstyle scene as one of its bigger acts, Showtek branched out to club-smashing EDM a few years back and has been making waves ever since. With worldwide hit singles ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Booyah’ and a Top 5 spot in the UK Singles Charts for the latter under their belt, Showtek’s career is unmistakably flourishing.


Technoboy and Tuneboy, often abbreviated to TNT, are two Italian Hardstyle DJs and producers who’ve been at the forefront of the Hardstyle scene for ages, both together and solo. The TNT project began in 2002 when Cristiano Giusberti (Technoboy) and Antonia Donà (Tuneboy) decided to work together more extensively. Soon after, the project became one of the most sought-after acts in the Hardstyle scene.
Listen, stream or download Mellow


 American DJ/producer BORGEOUS is on the go artistically as much as he his literally always on the move. While “Tsunami,” a collaboration with DVBBS fits securely into the realm of festival EDM, BORGEOUS possesses musical prowess far beyond the genre. His debut album 13 out today (August 13) via his newly launched label Geousus Records (pronounced jus-us), in conjunction with Armada Music proves it. 

Listen, stream or download Borgeous ’13
The album is a sprawling collection that highlights the platinum-selling, two-time JUNO nominated artist’s diverse abilities, with sounds ranging from EDM, to house, to indie electronic and pummeling drum & bass. 13’s collection of collaborators and featured vocalists exemplifies this variety, with guests including Jamaican superstar Sean Paul (“Ride It”), 7 Skies featuring Neon Hitch (“Lost & Found”), Fatman Scoop and Dia Frampton.


Impacting radio now, “Wanna Lose You”–a collaboration with Australia producer TyDi–is perhaps 13’s most gentle moment, featuring emotionally resonant vocals, piano flourishes and a softly stirring build. “Higher,” is a brightly soaring dance anthem sure to get many arms in the air this summer. “Savage,” with Riggi & Piros featuring Lil Jon, is an aggressive club banger anthem that plays exactly like the title suggests.


“I always want to do big festival bangers that get people dancing, and there on songs the album that are like that,” says BORGEOUS. “I also wanted to make songs that people can listen to by the pool, or in the car, or if they’re going through a breakup.”



 Lost Frequencies did it again. After previously topping the Belgian charts with worldwide hit singles ‘Are You With Me’ and ‘Reality’ (feat. Janieck Devy), his third single ‘Beautiful Life’ managed to grab the #1 spot as well. This means that Lost Frequencies has become the first Belgian artist ever to top the Belgian charts with his first three singles. 


Lost Frequencies, born Felix de Laet, released ‘Beautiful Life’ on Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music a little over two months ago. The song was made in collaboration with Swedish singer-songwriter Sandro Cavazza and counts as the first new single of the Belgian prodigy’s forthcoming album. ‘Beautiful Life’ was also used in the official aftermovie of Tomorrowland Brazil 2016, where Lost Frequencies took the stage as well.


So far, Lost Frequencies’ previous singles earned him a host of accolades and awards. ‘Are You With Me’ and ‘Reality’ were each awarded with certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum and have streams running in the hundreds of millions, counting up to over a billion streams in total for both records combined. ‘Beautiful Life’ has already garnered over 15 million streams on Spotify alone.

Beautiful Life


 – Two of the most hard-hitting signature sounds in Trance music have finally met up as Andrew Rayel and KhoMha put out their latest collaboration: ‘All Systems Down’. The single, which marks the very first team-up of the pair, sees its release on Armind, a sub label of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music. 


Even though ‘All Systems Down’ hadn’t been officially released until today, the world has already seen its club-wrecking traits do maximum dance floor damage. None other than Armin van Buuren premiered the track at Ultra Europe in Croatia, all the while world-famous Dutch duo W&W and both Andrew Rayel and KhoMha themselves shook the festivals grounds of Tomorrowland with this track. Additionally, ‘All Systems Down’ is part of Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2016’ compilation, which will be released one week from now.


Andrew Rayel and KhoMha – both signed to Armada Music – will perform at UK festival Creamfields later this month, on a specially designated Armada stage. Subsequently, ‘All Systems Down’ will surely bring about some serious hands-in-the-air action there. 

Listen here to : All systems down


Cedric Gervais is the next internationally acclaimed musician to headline Armada Music’s unique livestream event: ‘Armada Invites’. The French DJ, producer, label owner (Delecta Records), and Grammy winner will turn Armada Music’s in-office Club! inside out on Wednesday August 17th. Gervais’ entire set will be broadcast live on Armada Music’s Facebook page and the Armada Music YouTube channel.


‘Armada Invites’ is a recurring event in Armada Music’s own in-office club in Amsterdam, comprising exclusive showcases from some of the biggest and/or most talented artists in the world. The event continually reaches a worldwide audience through its livestream on Armada Music’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. The likes of Erick Morillo, Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies, Andrew Rayel, and Gareth Emery served as headliners for the previous five editions of ‘Armada Invites’.


Cedric Gervais brings over fifteen years of music industry experience to the table. The French House Music pioneer won a Grammy for Best Remix in 2013 (Lana Del Rey – ‘Summertime Sadness’ (Cedric Gervais Remix)), churned out several multi-platinum selling singles, and hit the Billboard, UK, and ARIA charts Top 10 on multiple occasions. Every month, around 2.7 million people listen to his music on streaming service Spotify and the Miami-based DJ and producer continually reels in amassed crowds with his electrifying performances all over the world.


Approximately five months ago, Cedric Gervais launched his own record label Delecta Records, together with Armada Music. Since, the label has seen a slew of stunning releases, including Cedric Gervais feat. Jack Wilby – ‘With You’ and Cedric Gervais & Willy Monfret – ‘Make Me Feel’. Cedric Gervais’ new single, ‘Skin on Skin’ (feat. Luciana), was released last friday on his own Delecta Records imprint as well.