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October 29, 2020

Waiting for Menno de Jong

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Hello everyone, sorry for being away for quite a while but I had a very annoying flu last week that drained all my energy; luckily I have been better in time for an amazing Halloween party…but I will tell you about it later…

Now, the main event of this upcoming weekend: yes, Trance Gate 10th Birthday!!! I already wrote about it, but what about a little chat with Menno just before we can meet him at the party next Saturday? I bet you would love it, right?
So here for you, he took the time to stop by for a quick interview:

Menno de Jong 1

J: Hi there Menno,how and when did you start making music?

M: It started when I was really young, my dad had a keyboard and I would try to play things I heard on the radio on there. Eventually I started to take piano lessons and when I made my way to high school I had a classmate who was making music in an MS-DOS computer programme called Fasttracker. It was a very primitive bit of software but a fun way to start learning!

J: What are you working on at the moment?

M: I’m working on a new vocal single as well as a new collab with my friend Adam Ellis. I’m also collaborating with my management to bring In Trance We Trust and Menno Solo events to various new locations around the world.

J: Did it ever happen something funny or weird with fans during your gig?

M: Nothing weird really ever happens with fans (fortunately everybody is always very cool), however plenty of weird things happens when touring. One day I was accidentally dropped off at the wrong terminal in India, and because the driver was gone I had to take a Rickshaw to the other terminal. Because the person driving it did not understand a lot of English (and how much of a hurry I was in) he stopped to help someone with car trouble on the way over. I had to explain with sign language my flight was departing in 40! minutes.. Fortunately we got on our way and I made it to the terminal / gate seconds before cutoff time. Thank god I checked in online!

J: What are the ups and down of traveling so much?

M: The ups: playing the music you love for amazing crowds and meeting cool new people as well as seeing new places. The down: jetlag and missing your friends and family at home..

J: How was your ADE experience this year?

M: It was amazing, we organised the first In Trance We Trust ADE party and it was packed. The vibe was also awesome. Can’t wait to bring it back next year!

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